Thursday, September 03, 2015


When I drive home from my university I drive through such beautiful sceneries with deep forest and lakes and today I drove into the forest to take my photos and the forest was calm, totally green and smelled amazing! What a kick=)

Had to play peek-a-boo all alone of course…hehe!

Knitted vest GINA TRICOT, blouse DSQUARED 2, pants and boots ZARA, bag MIKAEL KORS, sunglasses GINA TRICOT 


Anonymous said...

Good evening my favourite lady Viking! :-)

The forest looks great and so do you in that outfit.

Good modelling stance and nice photos. Looks just like something out of a catalogue.

I bid you good evening! :-)

Pascal said...

Hej Anette!

Haha, you are sweet and funny :). Those pictures are great, it´s a wonderful forest and the outfit looks amazing once again!

Anette, about the syrian boy you wrote about today in your instagram... damn, this is really so sad. Me too, I totally support the idea that we must help the refugees and offer them a place where they can lead a safe and good life. And for this reason it´s so nice and honorable that there are people like you who spend money like you did. I will also do so, so that I can at least contribute to a more fair and helpful world. Just as you said, it´s time to show humanity!

I hope you will have a good night and a great day tomorrow :). Lots of hugs and light to you!

Karin said...

You look so chic! Thumbs up :)