Wednesday, September 09, 2015

All black

Yesterday I wanted to have all black on, a bit gloomy some may say, but black always work, any season and any day and since I went to the studio rocking´ a fun song this outfit was the perfect choice.

Jacket DOLCE & GABBANA, jeans FILIPPA K, blouse HUNKY DORY, shoes ZARA, ear rings LILY AND ROSE, bag RIKA


Vibeke Stene said...

Lady in black and red lipstick
you are a pretty queen *-*

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit photos my favourite lady Viking! :-)

From an abstract point of view I can appreciate why you've choosen a graffiti'd wall as it makes a stylish backdrop for your latest outfit post.

Generally speaking though I have to admit that I really don't like graffiti :-( Take Stockholm ( or anywhere else ) for example, where you'll find some great looking architecture, and while you're admiring this great piece of work, suddenly, your eyes register some Scandinavian graffiti that looks so out of place and ruins the appearence of this marvellous building :-(

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i love it! it look so good on you... :) <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Wow, your outfits are always nice, but this one is especially elegant. And I´m curious about what song you recorded, I´m looking forward :).

Today I will phone with my bank to order a replacement card since I have no clue where mine is, so that I can donate money to your fund. I totally respect it if you can´t offer another possibility like transferring the money as I asked for in the last comment. I´m sorry if I appeared intrusive with this, it´s only that I wish to do something as soon as possible and I just feel somehow guilty and ashamed that it has to wait, because this is an important and serious thing and I respect and appreciate a lot what you do and want to support you with it. But I hope it won´t take long until my new card is there, and be sure that you will receive my first donation then :).

I wish you a very nice and beautiful afternoon and lots of hugs and light to you!