Sunday, August 10, 2014

LOTS of new items added to my vintage store!

Both accessories as well as tops and dresses!!!

Hurry there and get yours!=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, i just love the flower dress and the skull top, too bad i have hard time with my money since a while... the dress wouldn't fit me (especially on top), but i'ms ure i could be able to wear the skull one.... if only you could trade it..... ;)
i wish you a nice afternoon, kisses & love <3

Unknown said...

Anette ... beautiful pieces! Here where I live, most women have trouble getting rid of the clothes and accessories and end up accumulating many things. Loved the tiara in her hair is beautiful!
Know what music you love to hear singing? Ave Maria ... a talented mother singing a miraculous mother, it would be lovely! What do you think?
Kisses and hugs for everyone.

Pascal said...

Hej and good luck for the selling of those things! :).

Enjour your evening and hopefully you got beautiful weather :). Here in South of Germany it´s grey at the moment and last night there was a storm with rain that lasted until today in the morning. So not nice, I hope in Sweden i´ts more beautiful though :).

Hugs to you!

XxBriannaxX said...

Would you be willing to ship anything to America? I would love to have a bracelet or something to wear of yours, it would make me so happy! :) I will be sure to pay good for it

Unknown said...

Brianna: For sure=)

Unknown said...

Anette ... I worry for the translations, I say this because I do not speak English and use a translator to write the internet for you. I think the words are getting the translation to the letter, are not having the sense that I wish they had, so forgive me if some strange phrase out. Kisses and hugs

Pascal said...

I wanted to wish you all the best for your vacation that starts tomorrow. Have a good travel, lots of fun and please take always good care :).

Enjoy it and come back healthy!