Friday, August 12, 2016

Wedding anniversary outfit

So me and Johan celebrated our third wedding day this wednesday and for the evening we ate lovely sushi and sat down and talked about that great wedding day where we surprised everyone, including our family by getting married on the baptising day for our kids=) It was a small and familiar wedding and we had the party at home and so relaxed and nice that I must say everyone should get married in that easy matter=)

Here´s what I wore for our anniversary:

dress H&M, shoes RIZZO and necklace MARNI, belt LARA BOHINC


Hep-Hep Steff said...

happy anniversary, sweetheart. :) <3

Anonymous said...

Straight up sexy as hell! You look better than ever! Congrats on all your success and of course your anniversary!! :)

Arianna said...

Happy anniversary and sorry for a delay!

Big hugs <3

Macapá - AP 2014 said...

Very Nice Anette 😍

zerry ht said...

Hey, this is just amazing wedding anniversary outfit. I love it a lot. We also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary at one of our favorite Malibu beachside venues. It was a romantic evening that we spent without our kids. Truly had unforgettable time after a long time!