Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Last outfits

Hey all,

Hope all is well! Here its stressy but I´m holding up and looking forward to soon having some x-mas vacation=)

Last sunday I was in the studio again and this time I recorded vocals for a ballad for the album me and Jani Liimatainen are doing=)

Got 2 more new songs today in the e-mail and they sounded as good as the others so longing to record them soon!

Here are some of my latest outfits in INSTAGRAM where you know you find more from me if I´m not in here=) Today I´ve been working all day and then passed out in the couch so no Instagram today but that´s life=)

Sleep well my dear ones!

Fake leather skirt and hoodie from ZARA, boots ACNE, stockings GINA TRICOT, blouse MBYM

Leo jacket from ZARA (last season), shirt BY MALENE BIRGER, leo top GANNI, leather pants GUCCI, boots PURA LOPEZ 

jeans REDONE, blouse RIKA STUDIOS, boots ECCO


Hep-Hep Steff said...

everything look nice... :) and the model is gorgeous. ;) <3
i hope you received my email about the bik bok jacket...
i heard carola's last album today, thanks to your post some time ago.... i loved it, it was so beautiful. thank you <3

Paula said...

Hey Anette!
I've known you since you were the vocalist of Nightwish and I recently learned about your blog. I already started to follow you :) I'm from Argentina and blogger too.
I am happy to know that you are making new music, staying active in what you are passionate about is a sign that you are alive.

I hope you come to visit my blog, and despite being in Spanish, leave me a message or follow me :)

Em said...

Your sense of style is amazing Anette! I always love seeing them on your instagram.

Unknown said...

Such a gorgeous sight. Smart and beautiful.

Unknown said...

Love the outfits! Do you think you could do a blog showing off your tattoos and talk about their meanings please? I think that would be super interesting. Have a good Christmas :)