Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last day for this summer

Today was my last day for this summer at my dear summer job and it´s been a great summer once again there=) I love working with the elderly and ill people and I learn so much for my coming job as a nurse being there so I am so grateful to have this job.

Tomorrow it´s time for school and I´m also starting at the hospital in the coming weeks and I´m thrilled and excited to learn more!

Learning is fun even if its also so hard and the older I get the harder it gets but "to move mountains" by getting over hard things are what life is about.

I learn in my job every day to cherish the days we walk here, the days we are healthy and able to live without illness and pain and most important is that FAMILY and LOVED ONES are more important than status, things and living a life where we are not happy.

When it all ends - was it all worth it?
Did you do what you loved or only what you hated?
Did you listen to your HEART or only your HEAD?

Serious things to think about - we only get this life - so live it as YOU want it to be.


Hep-Hep Steff said...

you're so right....
good luck with your studies, sweetheart.
hugs & love <3

Arianna said...

Good evening Anette,
i'm happy for you that you will star this job. :) Then will you tell us how it's going? I'm curious! :)

About you question:
- If it's an important thing, YES it was worth.
- Regarding my past job, yes, fortunally i always did that i liked, but i also would have done that i didn't like. In life it needs to accept anything if you want to live.
- Good question! It's difficult to answer to this but i can tell you that i listen both of them.

Good night dear! Hugs

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I´ m so glad you enjoyed the working period and I already now wish you a lot of success at the hospital work with new experiences :).

And well, I once heard these words: When we are ill we mourn, but when we are healthy we take it for granted. Yes, sometimes I think we underestimate the danger of being terribly ill and that there are people who have to suffer like that. There are so many things that mankind pursues, all the materialistic things like money, but often we tend to forget that without healthiness, all this can become worthless very fast.

I think this what you wrote here: When it all ends - was it all worth it? That is a good question and I believe it´s one of our all superior aims to be able to answer this question with "Yes" when the time has come. And for this you are right, it´s important to listen to our heart. Sometimes you can hear this inner voice inside you speaking to you and telling you what to do. This voice is your heart and it will guide you the way :).

Anette, I appreciate it a lot that you speak about such serious topics in here, because I consider them important. And there would be a lot more to say about this, but for now I wish you a wonderful evening that you can cherish and enjoy with your loved ones :). Thanks again for talking about things like that, it shows how wise you are and what an incredibly lovely person. Thanks for always being there!

Lots of hugs and light to you!

Unknown said...

Anette ... you know, sometimes I think that old age is unfair. People spend their lives working to achieve happiness and then old age arrives and leave them weak and sick, it makes me sad. How people deal with it where you live, as older people are valued so they can have a good quality of life? Kisses and thanks for listening

Anonymous said...


I could'nt resist commenting on this issue. So I'm using it as an excuse to check in to say my circumstances have'nt quite returned back to normal yet. However, last month I experienced a sudden, drastic improvement regarding my physical health. It's not like it was before where I was in constant pain/extreme discomfort. I still get bouts of pain and it's still a bit uncomfortable. Though it's nowhere near as bad as it was even if it's taken 16 months since the operation ( quite a while ) to get to this point. I want this trend to continue...

I have a friend who's a mental health nurse who reckons the job would be perfect for me as the patients are all mobile and self-caring ( there is physical restraint but I'm reliably informed this does'nt happen all the time even though it does happen. With my double-sided inguinal hernia problems starting to be on the mend by the time I arrive on psyche ward/unit the psyicality will hopefully be less of an issue ).

So starting next week I'm attending night school to gain a better Maths qualification. This will be for two nights per week, for the next nine months ( quite intensive ). I'm actually looking forward to this because, like you said Anette, learning is fun and I'm going to be studying statistics & number, number & algebra, algebra & geometry, and probably more. I've spent the last 13 years running around physically very heavy nursing homes / hospital wards so mental health is totally new to me. When I get to psyche ward I'm going to go in as a nursing-assistant to test the waters to see how I fare at it. If I decide it's for me, and if I feel I could handle the role of mental health nurse ( the clerical/adminstrative side is a very big issue for me. I'm intelligent but I actually can't read or write properly. I know it's very hard to tell... ) then I might go to university to become a mental health nurse. That's why I'm doing the Maths as it's the only thing stopping me from gaining entry should I decide to go.

I want to go straight to psyche ward/unit now but for the last 6 years I've put my life on hold for the sake of financially supporting a family member who is up to their eyeballs in debt. I'm not going to go into details but if I did'nt do it there are very strong implications for this person. Without me they're career ( and recently their health has become an issue ) would be ruined. It's still a little while off but thankfully this is beginning to come to an end now.

Anyway, your questions Anette, reminded me of a quote I read when I first went to university 9 years ago. I can't remember it word for word ( I actually tried an internet search for this but I still could'nt find it ) but it went something like this:

' Everyone experiences life. Though each person's experience of life is different '

This quote, whoever wrote it, appeared on the front of a frontispiece we had to attach for a case-study essay we were assigned to do. I don't think it's the grandest quote ever but there's something about it that I find fascinating and I think that's why it's stuck with me ever since. And I think, maybe in a quirky sort of way, ties in with your three questions which raise the issue of duality of human existence.

You're looking in great shape Anette! :-)