Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Happy day;=)

Today it´s cooler here and thank God for that! It´s been so hot and exercising has been so sweaty the last weeks but today I could breath easier;=)

My day is filled as usual with lots to do and today also business stuff, paper work and so on but also things for the party on saturday where both Nemo and Mio will get their names in  our church.

Here in Sweden it´s common to get baptised in church but more people choose to have a name-giving party at home without the church involved so it´s up to each parents to decide. For me, I want my children to be baptised and welcomed to our church but then it´s all up to them in their life to choose to believe in God or not.

The procedure in the church is that we sing psalms, say prayers and wet the children´s head with water. They get a candle from the church and then that´s it. Then we have a party with good food and cake afterwards.

Here you can read more about the baptising tradition in Sweden:

Now time to cook some lunch! 

Enjoy the day and oh, is there any interest among you to buy shoes from me? I have designer shoes as well as cheaper ones that are to small. My feet is much bigger now after two kids;=(

Let me know, cause then I´ll put up some more bloppis sales soon


Betty Blue said...

In Germany we have the same tradition, I think. But it´s been eternity since I´ve been to a baptism.
Haha, I´d love to buy shoes from you - if you have some in size 7 1/2, that is :D Otherwise I could just buy them and then put some plants into them... I just have too big feet. But hey, I´m tall anyway, so better to have big feet, too :D
Have a great day, darling!

Unknown said...

In my city today hot as yesterday :(
I want the rain :)
In my country baptising traditions is similar to traditions in Sweden.
Of course, I want to buy shoes from you ;)
Enjoy this day!

Selkeä said...

The procedure is the same with the one we have in France, I see :) I've been baptised, I went to church as a child, my family is catholic and I respect all religions & people of faith, but I think I never really believed... God was never my best friend ^^

Océane said...

Same in France! :)

Yes I think we are still interested in buying stuffs, clothes, shoes etc from you!

Love & Hugs

eskoplja said...

I hope the ceremony wents well :)
I am very interested in buying shoes, but my foot is big so if I find anything that will match, I will definently bid on them :)
Big hugs

Ena :*

Meghan H. said...

Have you had someone look at your feet? You've got me wondering whether or not you might have oedema (fluid retention), though this is possibly something I'm simply not familiar with so far in my nursing studies. I would say to be safe, possibly do some research, this just sounds odd to me.

Much love from Australia

THK said...

Hehe, so what's your size then? :) Would be nice to take a look at those shoes. I buy size 38 usually, sometimes 39. But high heels and me is like bambi on the ice... :P

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Nettie,
about the shoes...: I LOVE shoes!! So I'm definitely interested, yes! If you have some in size 39...? I would definitly watch out for the cheaper ones. ;-)
Seems that my sense of fashion is very much inspired by you. A few days ago I found a studded sweater anywhere between the rest of my clothes that looks very much like the one you put in your vintage store. Made me smile when I re-found it. :-)

Have a nice evening.
Steffi <3

Anonymous said...

I think my feet are too big for your shoes :-(

Taaja said...

I'm happy that you will let them decide if they will be a bigger part of this or not.

Have a nice day,
Taaja !