Friday, July 10, 2015

Red soles make the world go ´round

Today I went to the crematorium here in Helsinborg to take my photos and this is a lovely spot. Calm, peaceful and even if its a place for memorials it has a light feeling to it and lies beautifully in the forest.

Taking my Loubotin shoes for a walk in the high grass felt good and perfect for a lovely friday.

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Bag from PRADA (on sale in my store

Top Dolce & Gabbana

Jeans Dsquared2

Lip gloss Make up store

Sunglasses from MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm


Pascal said...

Hej Anette!

That`s a wonderful outfit, beautiful as always :).

And today I wish a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Seth! May he have a lovely day with his lovely family :).

Hugs and light and have a super nice day, dear Anette!

Padilla Boris Ferdinand said...

hello beautiful amazing Anette where you took your pictures further with the dress you're wearing very casual for the moment, as always your charisma reflects all the joy to follow, very good !!!!!!

Pascal said...


I just wanted to say that your new hair looks amazing, Anette! You can wear both, blond and black, and it looks beautiful as it is now :). Let´s celebrate it with this song whose title is fitting just perfectly :D.

I wish you a good night and wonderful dreams! Lots of hugs to you :).

Hep-Hep Steff said...

hi sweet anette, i have a question for you. what would you do against some bullyers who called themselves "christians"? i've been one of their target on caitlyn jenner's wall, because i believe everyone have the right to live their life as their true self, and to love anyone they want. it's been days and days it's happening, but tonight it went to the point i was feeling suicidal, hopefully i have the help of a wonderful, loving friend, and it's better.... but i know it will happen again, they feel the duty to preach on us with hate and call us names.... i've blocked some of them, and i will do it in a near future, but what could i do against the bullies? i've been bullied most of my life, and i still don't know what to do to fight them....
hugs & love <3

Pascal said...

@ Hep-Hep Steff:
Sorry, I hope it`s ok for you when I comment on your post. It`s sad that this is happening and I guess I, as someone who also went through bullying times, can empathize with you.

First of all, those guys arefor sure no real christians, because then they wouldn`t do stuff like this. I am a christian myself, and no religion, not the Christianity, not the Islam or whatever does in fact tolerate or support bullying. Someone who truely believes in the spirit of light and in god, doesn`t matter if you call him God, Allah, Jahwe or Odin, knows that. What I want to say is that those who bully you there are in fact weak and that is why they use religion as a flag to make themselves appear brighter in a way, to earn more attention. If you keep this in mind and remember yourself of it, you will recognize that they aren`t as strong as they claim and that you are more powerful.

I don`t know your religious attitude, but let me tell you from my point of view that God doesn`t go along with bullying, he is on your side. And there is a good wisdom that Anette once posted on instagram, it was like: "If god brings you to it, he will also bring you through it"...and even when times are sometimes so dark that we can`t recognize this, it is like that!

We chatted on Facebook some years ago if you remember. I`m sure you also have other contacts you can reach and I`m also not in FB that much, but if you feel you want to talk more about this, just feel free to write me there!

priya said...

this is beatiful post and nic...i like ur post and thnxx u:-)