Sunday, March 31, 2013

All is well...

...but those of you who have gotten babies know that there´s not much time for anything more than taking care of the little one the first weeks and so is the case here too.

We are getting to know each other and Mio is just a lovely little person. He sleeps a lot and no wonder, being just 5 days old. He wants to lie on me all the time, night and day and it´s like it were with my two other son´s - he is my boss now;=)

Some photos from my INSTAGRAM:
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Some have asked about his name and where it comes from and most of the guesses have been correct. It comes from Astrid Lindgren´s book "Mio min Mio" in English called "Mio, my son". Here´s a link to Wikipedia if you want to read more:

I have always loved the song Mio min Mio, listen here:

We have had visitors the whole weekend but only the closest family. 

I am ok after the surgery but lost a lot of blood so a bit tired and of course still a lot of pain. But I hope I can take us out for a short stroll with the pram tomorrow. But it all depends on how much sleep I get. Mio is, like he was in my belly, a night owl...;=)

So, a little update and I hope you understand that updates will be much less for some time now, but I do put some photos in my Instagram every day.

Finally - a BIG thanks to all of you for all congratulations in Instagram, in here and of course to my dear family and friends for lovely gifts and congrats! 

Love and hugs and sleep well dear ones!


Betty Blue said...

Oh darling, that´s alright. Just take your time and spend those precious first days with Mio and of course the rest of your family. That is SO much more important than blogging. We all understand <3
So again, happy Easter!
Love to you all!

Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,
Whenever you have a little time for a short update we are happy, but it is natural that life is about your 'new boss' now, who obvoiusly does not care much about blogging, only milk and warmth! :)
So thanks to Instagram we can see that all is well and are waiting patiently for Mio to allow mum some more time. :)
Kisses to the whole family! Take care!

Unknown said...

Hi dear Anette, I think that Mio is very cute name :-)I´m so glad that everything is ok and your little son is healthy and strongly boy :-)
Happy Easter to all of you!

Taaja said...

I'm happy to hear that both of you are good! :)

Best wishes,

Vicky ♡ said...

That's totally fine and I guess everyone understands that you have now less time!

The song is beautiful by the way, thank you fro sharing it with us, I didn't know it before.

Oh and Happy Easter! :)

Take care! <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, you sweet, sweet person... I´m SO incredibly happy that you blog again. I knew that you wouldn´t stop your blog, but honestly, I worried a bit. So good to see you back again. Thank you, thank you so much!

And of course, we all understand that you don´t have that much time and that at the momenent you can only make updates from time to time on the blog. That´s ok :). I can´t write comments on Instagram, but you shall know that I will follow and read it as long as you will have full time for your blog again. But take your time, we are ready to wait for you because we stand behind you Anette... for ever, for alltid :).

Once again, have a nice (rest) easter sunday and sleep really, really well :). And about the congratulations, you are welcome for sure. We thank YOU for sharing all those wonderful news with us :).

Take good care of yourself please and see you :).


Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

You has wait very long for your little Mio;)and Nemo, Seth and Johan.

And I understand very well that you spend a lot of time with your little night owl.;)
From my friends i know the first moth are the beautiful time ever with a Baby.

In the name I remembered the film Mio my Mio.^^ I know hardly one thing, he not grow up with stories of Astrid Lindgren.
OK, I know the movies more than the books. But I've started to read the books.:)

And thanks for the Music-Link;).

Sleep well, with the Little night owl on you. (or lie Mio on Johan *whistel*)


Alexstrasza said...

Good evening dear Anette,

First of all, a big congratulations to you and Johan. I am so happy for you both, as well as the rest of the family, and I'm so glad to hear that all is going so well <3. I'm sure everyone here understands that this is a time focused on family and most importantly the newest member, so I just wish you all so much love and joy, and that this will be a beautiful time for the entire family.

I love your and Johan's choice of the name Mio; it is a beautiful name and I think it goes very well with Nemo and Seth.

I'll enjoy your Instagram photos and your updates here when you find the time to do so, but more than anything I will enjoy knowing that you and your family are so happy.

Much love to you all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

It's nice to hear that you and Mio are fine and that you are enjoying spending time with him :-)

Best wishes to you and your family at this very special time! :-)

Anette, you are a very nice mum!

Take care Anette! :-)

Yanna said...

It's perfectly normal that you don't come on your blog eveyday. As long as we know that you and your family are fine, it's okay !
Just take care of you and your baby, and have some rest.

Mio min mio is a very beautiful song, and I definitely love the name ! But wow, already five days old, time flies ! The only thing bad is that he can't eat chocolat for his first Easter ! Too bad ! I'm gonna eat some for him ! (: (Good excuse).

Send you a lot of love and goodnight ! ♥

linnea-maria said...

Nämen jösses !! Grattis!! Massor med kramar till dig och familjen <3

Kriszti said...

Once again congratulations! I'm glad you're home with family now with the little one. I figured you wouldn't have much time for the blog now and that's totally understandable. I'm so happy for you! A little baby boy and aww he's so cute and tiny! I hope you'll feel better though, being tired and in pain isn't fun. Happy Easter and get well soon :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Totally understandable honey!
I love the name Mio,and I love the song. Very cute. ;)
Im very glad to hear both of you are doing well and getting to know eachother! He sounds like such a sweet boy. :-)
I look forward to your picture updates on Instagram and I hope you feel better and get some sleep with the little owl. ;)
Happy Easter and big hugs to you and the new little honey bunny!

Karin said...

The song is absolutely beautiful:I had a cd with songs from Astrid Lindgrens stories and movies and so on, when my children were small, and we played it a lot . I loved this song.( There are no one better than Benny&Björn. They are masters of composing wonderful melodies) Maybe you could sing it some day? Or maybe you are singing it to your little Mio , there at home :)
You now are there in your "baby-bubble" , but that is how it should be:) That little boss of yours have a strong will, and you must do what he says and wants :) Enjoy this time with your baby and hope you can get a desent sleep once in a while. Time goes so fast,as you know, soon you have Nemo and Mio running around there and doing all kinds of stuff :)
All my best to all of your boys , big ones and small ones, and you of course. Take care !
Greetings from still so snowy Finland ....

AlessandraWilderness said...

Good morning Anette =) we know that it is hard to you to update your blog every day now, so don't worry!! We'll be always in touch again when you get your strength again and have time =) So I'll check your Instagram even if, as I told you, I have not any account on there at the moment; maybe I'll have one in the future, Im thinking about it! Mio is a cute name, so particular! =) and it's funny for italian natives as I am because "mio" means "my" (masculine, singular) xD and "Min Mio" in swedish is even funny for us, because it would be " mio Mio" in crazy :D Thank you so much again for updating and sharing these moments with us, thank you for thinking about us, considering that you've so much things in your make us feel so important for you, and this just makes us happy! I wish you a wonderful day, kisses and hugs!! :***

TheDeadUnicorn said...

No need to feel like you *owe* us updates!We're here because you want to share little pieces of your life with us,but,after all,it's your life,and you are free to do whatever you want.Besides,you've got a new baby now,and he's your priority.I can't imagine how tired and busy you are!So,sleep well,rest,and cuddle with your little one.
It's so interesting to know the origin of his name!Cool.
Hope you're having a great day,

Unknown said...

happy easter nettie
congratulations on mio send my love to your family xxx just to note i have never posted a comment on this blog before but i still read it so hi xxx from me
my best freind said congratulatios again so take care nettie xxx
hugs and kisses from the united kingdom

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie ,
I wish You and Your family happy Easter. This first days are amazing and really hard, and we understand this. When little baby is in home we don't have a time for anything ;)
Love and hugs for all of You :*

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hello Anette!
I'm glad to see that all goes well! For you and the boy! I hope you can come out tomorrow and your pain less quickly!
Relax as much as possible!
I send you all love, kisses & hugs for all of you're familly !

Gretchen said...

Wonderful! I lovet hat song, but have only heard it on a movie called "The Land of Far Away". I haven't seen that in forever! Time to look it up. I hope your family is having a wonderful time adjusting to little Mio.

Niwi said...

Hi Anette!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

I hope Mio are Ok. :)

Hey, do you have read "A child's World" by Diane Papalia? Is a psichology book about the human development, from the infancy to the adolescence. I think you may like it! :) I read that book to the university and i fell in love with that. Its simply amazing, and helps you to know more about your child.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day with your childrens and husband :)

A big big hug!


Nora said...

Hello Anette and congratulations on your little baby boy (a bit late but I haven`t forgotten you). :) It is good to hear that you and Mio are fine. Mio is such a great name...I have actually not heard it before but loved the name instantly. I wish all of you a nice time now....! - And I bet that Seth and Nemo will be great big brothers to Mio.´

Hope you`re having a nice and sunny Easter, Nora.

Svanhildr said...

Dear Anette, I wish you a good and fast recovery and, of course, it's understandable that you're not updating your blog that often these days. I'm sure that, even if these days are challenging for you, that 'lovely little person' is worth anything! No wonder that his name comes from that book, since you always said you are a huge Lindgren's fan :) I think it's been a good choice.

Take good care over there!

Laura said...

Hi Anette,

Good to hear that everything is ok. Last summer I got Indy also with a C-section. So let yourself spoiled by the other men in the house and rest a little bit when you can!

Have fun with the little one.
Big hug and lots of fun!!!
A maybe a good night :), but it has his charms :)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that all is well! Mio it is wonderful name :) great choice! Send my positive thoughts to you! Love and hugs

Andi said...

Congratulations to your new born son. I wish him good health and joy in this world.
I hope you are getting better every day after the surgery.
Enjoy this time, children grow fast :) I think everybody understands that you are now other focused and don't have much time for the blog and everybody can check instagram without having an account (except she/he wants to comment).

Take care, Andi

July said...

Hey Anette!

Ohh yes, I don't have babies, but they requires time and attention. But I'm sure you are very happy to have Mio in your home.

Thnaks for explain us the meanning of the Mio's name, I think it's a very nice and cute name for him.

Have a very nice nice evevning!

Betty Blue said...

Oh dear, I need to thank you for sharing the beautiful photo of yourself and Mio on Instragram. It is really an honour to see it! Love at first sight indeed, I can see it in your face and in the way you hold him... The whole picture is so perfect, so ... I don´t have an English or German word to describe it, in my family we call something like this nydelig. I think it´s Norwegian or something like that... Ought to be, my mother speaks Norwegian and talked to me in this language when I was a kid. But I don´t remember much of the words.
Thank you a LOT for this special photo!
Love to you all and have a good day!