Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So, good morning dear ones;=) 

I hope you slept really good and are having a nice blue sky and SUN as I have here in Helsingborg;=)

One blog reader wrote yesterday that she wanted me to write more about my music activities and stuff instead of just IKEA and so on. Well, like I answered her, there´s not much music plans going on at the moment, since I am having a baby, and for those who haven´t been pregnant, let me say that the last weeks of being it is a period where the mother normally "sets her nest".

Which means nesting for the baby, such as getting new shelfs, new furniture, new lamps, new pillows, cleaning frantically and well, you get the idea;=)

So today I am continuing and now it´s time to get some new pillows!!! haha! 
Here we go:


Lilys-Garden said...

Thank you for posting the link, where you found the pictures!:)I will buy some picture, so great colours!

It's normal that you are concentrate on your family and tomorrow on your baby. It's so amazing a new life! <3 Can't wait for my baby number 2!
I wish you all the best for tomorrow!!:)

eskoplja said...

The pillows are sooooo cute! I love the owl one. Stylish little birdy ;)
And tomorrow is a big day, I hope everything goes well :)
Big hugs

Ena :*

Unknown said...

Good Morning Anette!

how are you today? I'm in a tiered mood today. I'm lie in my bad and relax a little bit.
And yes,we have a blue sky and the sun is shining,but it is so cold and windy outside. So it is better to stay inside ;-) How is your pregnancy go? This week the little one came out or was it not this week? I like the pillows. the one with the birds is so beautiful. I hope you have see the nice baby things which I have posted for you on instagram. I hope you like it. Maybe you want follow me there. I would be very happy about it. Have a nice day.

Greetings from germany :-)

Betty Blue said...

Good morning, dear!
I don´t know if I have a different view on all this - since I am not a "music-fan" but adore you as a human being - but I think the way you communicate with your fans is something that goes far beyond the state of "on [date] I will release the next album, buy it here, bla, bla]". You are not collecting fans that you want to adore your music - that´s what a lot of musicians do, and what I always find so very annoying. What you have created with this blog is way more than a singer-fan-relation, and I feel it is a privilige that you show us so much of your life. Different from other singers who just blog about their music andd work, you allow us to see a bit of the person Anette, not just the singer. And that´s what I loved about you from the first time I stumbled over your old blog. I though "Oh wow, this is a woman who takes care for her fans instead of just collecting them."
Of course I understand that the fans of your music want news about your music, but I think what you give us here - this friendly, open place and everything - is worth so much more than music-merch...
Oh, and the pillow with the dove is simply amazing. I´d buy it if I was you ;-)
Have a great day!
Love to you and your family, Betty

Aries said...

Oh my goodness! The fox, the owl and the parrot!!! (Well I think that's a parrot or a parakeet) They're adorable! I like the green pillow about the world as a book because that's very good philosophical insight. Well it's 3:00 AM here in AZ and I have a 13 critique page paper due in 8 hours so looks like I'm going to sacrifice some sleep for this and those pillows look soo comfy. Have a good day Anette!

P.S- Procrastinating is such a bad habit! >;<

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

All the best for you and the Baby tomorrow.

And Thanks for all the nice pillow:D
I love it.


Anonymous said...

Those pillows are cool and unique! But why is it when I see white pillows I can also see a big red stain on them? Because you can't exactly put a cover over them. I can see little Nemo accidently spilling juice right over them. Lol sorry! :)

mimmuli said...

Hi Anette,

are you going in tomorrow? Is it going to be a planned c-section? Bet you are feeling good, finally meeting the new baby and getting rid of the belly. Last weeks with the pregnancy are not so nice ;) All the best to you and your boys, it's going to be an exciting day! Nothing feels better than having a newborn in arms for the first time. I just love the scent of a new baby, give him/her a big sniff from me too <3
Hugs, Mia

Dalma said...

I enjoy reading about IKEA stuffs. And if there’s nothing new about music you can’t write about that. I’m sure if something happened, the first thing you’d do is to share it with us. I don’t understand what the problem is with that.

Anyway, that’s not exactly what is happening here. We have a nice grey sky and lots of snow here, in Central Europe. Which is great because we have Easter holiday now and I still prefer this winter weather to summer. The longer the winter is, the better I feel. =)

And it’s just started to snow again. Awesome! I’ve noticed that your place, though being higher up is often warmer in winters than mine. But not in summers. =)

Have a wonderful Tuesday,

Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

Where I am in the UK the weather is not as nice as yesterday but at least it's not snowing! :-)

Lilys-Garden and eskoplja are saying all the best for tomorrow so I'm presumning tomorrow is the day of your planned C-section :-)

I have to go and get ready for work now but if tomorrow is the day of your planned C-section then I wish you and Johan all the best for tomorrow! :-)

Best wishes and take care! :-)

MightyLambchop said...

I like that you write about everything. But I do get jealous over the the cool things you show that I can't get here in the US!

July said...

Hey Anette!

I like a lot those pillows, the design it's very nice and groovy. The quotes make them more special.

And the new baby will have a special bedroom for her/him? and oh yes another question, in your country make partys for the new babies? in México and in other countrys for South America and USA, those partys are called, baby-showers and those parties the moms received many presents for her baby, and organized some kinds of game related with the born of the baby.

Have a very nice nice day, and you know enjoy these beautiful moments!

Serafim said...
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Unknown said...

Very nice pillows:) Unfortunately I am not having a good day:( I don't feel very good, I have school(college) and my laptop is fucked up and extremely slow and keeps malfunctioning. I need technology and cannot live without it. My laptop keeps me entertained. Luckily I am in the process of sound something about it. Idk what yet
Sorry for complaining. Life doesn't require technology. I know how lucky I am to have it and that many people are less fortunate. I'll stop complaining. I guess it's a good thing I was born at the end of the 20th century.
I'm also excited and waiting for your baby. I can't wait to find out...

(I'm bad with words. Hopefully what I wrote makes sense)
Enjoy your day

Beatrix said...
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Philippa said...

Well said Anette, it's your blog so you're the one who decides what you write about :) Right now you need to concentrate on the baby's birth and it's normal to feel the urge to start nesting etc. Music can wait till later :)

Dermot-James said...

I personally love that we see this side of our idol Anette :)
We can learn music news from anywhere but no other artist shares so much with us as you do and we all appreciate it :)
it makes us feel like your friends and i hope the blog never changes :)
And Best of luck for the next few days :) Very Exciting!

Océane said...

I, personaly love your posts about your daily. I cherish it cause its so rare that an artist is that close to fans and share some part of her life. It can be Ikea, pillows, curtain, forest... Anything!! But I take it :) we are so lucky to have you in our lives so i'll never said im tired about that.
And about your music, thats how we get to know you, but there someone beautiful behind the voice, so what you want to share with us is as much important as your music.

And your real fans still be there in some months, even years and wait for some new material to listen too. I'll always be by your side as fan and support! :)

Have a beautiful last pregnancy evening & night!
And huggies to Johan too cause hes surely stressing out about tomorrow!

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Also I forgot to say this earlier: I don't care what u post about on your blog. I like that u post stuff in general. Everything u have to say is interesting. U r a nice and interesting person. I read what u write every single day even if I don't always comment. I like reading ur blog
Sorry for complaining earlier, I'm having a bad and awkward day. Coming to ur blog makes a bad day not as bad tho