Saturday, March 23, 2013

Red hot

So today it´s saturday and the last saturday as being pregnant and therefore my high heels needed to come on;=) One thing I´ve always felt is that being pregnant makes me feel so much of a woman and I am blessed to have a man who thinks I am just sexy and beautiful in this state;=) 
Embrase the belly, dress up, put on lipstick, make up and feel wonderful cause carrying another life inside is for sure just a MIRACLE;=)

Me and Nemo had a little bit of a disco in the kitchen and were goofing around so here are some of those "crazy" photos too;=)

And then some more "serious" outfit photos for you;=)

Red top from Vero Moda, jeans from People (bought at Greta & Anna) and high heels from YSL. Best shoes if you´re going to invest in a high heel shoe. Comfy and I´ve been rocking them on stage several times the last tour!

Belly week 40!!! 3 more days!

 Stars on the pockets in the back of the jeans are a plus!

 Old hair band on today. Think it´s from H&M:

Red lips!

 I´ts going to be ancle short jeans this season and these are perfect!

And my wonderful YSL shoes bought in USA. They are the ONLY high heels I have that I can run around in on stage without getting any pain or stumbling. I recommend these to everyone!

Now time to enjoy saturday and some food! Lots of love and hugs to you all;=)


Anna said...

Hello dear!!!
Oh my... i see Nemo's forehead and half of his eye!!! How cute you are here!!! And i like the red lipstick/shoes are gorgeous:) enjoy your food and last pregnant saturday!

Svanhildr said...

This outfit and your attitude are really stunning! The photo with Nemo made me smile :)
I was reading today that denim turns 140 years old this year, and it's incredible how it still looks so modern! I was thinking of buying a pair of shorts later for the Summer, and the ones from Chicy with the crosses you showed yesterday could be a nice idea. How about a post about denim clothes? :)

Enjoy your Saturday evening and take good care!

Misi said...

Rock on Anette! You look wonderful. Good luck next week!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
You look really pretty in red and I very lakie your crazy photos ;) I think a little Nemo look a little like you, I have a right? ;) Little beauty sunshine, really fantastic boy :)I'm a little envy to you, I always want have a boy, but girl is really ok too ;) :D
I wish you all nice evening :*
Hugs and love, love and some more love ;)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Ohhh so wonderful picture ! You're soooo wonderful !!
Ahahah and Nemo who make like you is sooo adorable !! Lovely Child !!!
I love you're Top !! So beautiful red and Red suits you perfectly !!!
I like you're shoes !

Océane said...

You guys had a crazy moment! Ahah thats cute to see Nemo doing the same pose as his mommy!

And yeah you look sexy! Johan is lucky! :)

I love that outfit! The shoes looks awesome but couldnt walk with it! I would be afraid about falling down! Ahah!

What food are you going to eat?!
Tonight I go at a friends, dont know if I'll be able to eat what he'll prepare with my baby stomach! ^^ but we'll see! Oh and I've lost 16kilos :) but I'll start being happy when i'll lost 30 kilos! Maybe soon! :)

Lots of love & hugs!!

Océane said...

Almost forgot, tonight Epica have a show in holland to celebrate their 10th birthday as a band and its going to be on live on the internet! Will you watch it?! We will! :)

Love and Hugs

eskoplja said...

These photos really made me smile :)
You look so happy, so lovely :) and I can see Nemo too having fun with his mum ;)
I wish that all goes well when you get into the hospital, I am sure everything will be ok :)
And thanks for the tip for shoes...
I tried high heels only once...and then boom, I fell..Yeah..I am really clumsy :P I can not walk in them at all
I hope you are ok
Ena :*

saskia said...

Love the crazy photos of you and Nemo, they really make me laugh.
I have to say you really look amazing

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Wow, I must say your outfit is really great. It suits you well, beautiful and wonderful woman :).

Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate that. But please tell me, why didn´t you answer to my second question too? Was it not ok maybe?

Take good care of yourself please :).


Pascal said...

I forgot to mention, you look like a queen in those pictures. And that´s what you are for me :).


Laetitia L said...

My reaction : "wow ! Adorable !" :P
The red color suits you so well
And Nemo is taking fashion pics with his mummy aha
Have a nice week-end Nettie <3 <3

rainy said...

Hi Nettie :)
These photos are so adorable!!! :D
I'm so happy that you and your little one feel good :)
And Nemo, haha! He has beautiful blonde hair :D

Rosana said...

You and Nemo looks fun a lot! :) You have a beautiful family ... Thanks for sharing photos fun. Take care

Betty Blue said...

Oh dear, you look so very, very beautiful!
The "crazy" photos are so cute, espescially with the parts of Nemo we can see, he´s adorable! My brother had just the same hair colour when he was Nemo´s age if I remember correctly.. Everywhere we went my mother would be asked "Did you name him after this movie? "Der Kleine Lord"?" (I don´t know the English title.) And my mother would always go mad because she hates this movie so much and definetely named my brother NOT after the little Lord ^^
You look so good in red, it really suits you!
And thanks a lot for your answer to that Easter-question! We do it quite the same way over here, it´s really strange that some fests are celebrated in the same way and some others - like Lucia´s day - we don´t even have in Germany...
Have a good evening and enjoy yourself!
Love, Betty

MM said...

Wow! You look so pretty and hot in this red top! The photos are really funny! Especially the 2nd one))) It made me laugh =) You're so adorable! Good luck, Nettie =) =)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos, you really are a queen dear Anette and always with a sweet smile. Kisses from Peru!!!

Beatrix said...
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Nalon said...

Evening beautiful Lady in Red;),

You look really fantastic and Happy!

The same to little Nemo. In three days he is a big brotherand Seth is then a big big brother:D.
Anette your Johan is a great man, he can cooking;)

Enjoy this Evening!


Anonymous said...

Good evening Anette the dancing queen! :-)

I've always enjoyed a disco and there are certain disco tunes that have their own special dance routine such as Whigfield's Saturday Night :-) Though I've never took the time to learn them. After one of my colleagues got married last year there was a disco and Saturday Night by Whigfield was played :-) And there I was stood in a line and I was watching what everyone else was doing and basically copying them as I didn't know Whigfield's Saturday Night dance :-)

It looks like you and Nemo have got a little dance routine going
:-) I'm very curious to know what tune it was :-)

Enjoy the rest of your evening Anette! :-)

Karin said...

Nice saturday-discofeeling ! The photos made me smile :)
Little adorable Nemo will be a big brother in a couple of days. It is so amazing, and yes, life is a miracle !

Are you nervous of wednesday, Anette ? Or happy.... Or releived ? Maybe all of those feelings ? :)

XxBriannaxX said...

Oh my gosh,you look damn good!
Hot momma ;-) hehehe
I love these pictures so much,shows that even
When pregnant you can still look amazing. ;-)
Enjoy your day!

Henk said...

Hi dear Anette! Looks great! Best wishes and great weekend to you too!:)

Cleo said...

Fantastic shoes! I want your secret! To be 9 month pregnant and wear 10cm heels? You are my own Godess^^ You don't have backache??

Baru said...

You look so hot!! The pregnancy and huge belly makes you even more beautiful! Enjoy your last days and we will think of you and keep our fingers crossed for you dear Anette!

As I can see your happines during this time, it´s seems so easy and comfy to be pregnant. You are like an advertisement for a happy family. And NO PROBLEMS! :)

Unknown said...

Dear Anette :)

Your Outfit is really great and you look very pretty. And your man is absolutely right to think your a sexy and beautiful because it is just truth!

I wish you all good for the next time and i am happy to hear when your sweet little one is born^^

Take care!!
Many hugs and kisses to you,
yours Jade

Unknown said...

Hello Anette!
How are you? I love your outfit. You look so great and happy. Oh and Nemo is also there and making crazy things with you ;-)
I have a little question. Would you follow me on instagram please? I would be very happy about it :-)
Greetings and sleep well

Dark Queen said...

Oh Anette! You almost killed me, because you're too sweet! Great to know that you and Nemo have fun every day :D You always tear me a smile.
Your belly makes you even more beautiful than always. And great. in few days you will meet you baby! I'm soooo happy to you, to daddy and of course for the big brothers :) Best wishes to you all!
Now I can go to sleep with a smile on my face :D
Good night, dear! Sleep well♥

FAQing Amazing said...

oh I see little Nemo's angel hair and angel eye! aaaaahhhhh *dies*

Anonymous said...

Anette - You look super cute! Red is a GREAT color on you.

Take care,

Nora said...

Wow...great photos, my dear!!! :) And once again I thought your belly is a "girl-belly". And I am so curious if I am right....! ;)Also I think it was not very easy to find a name for the little one. One that also kinda fits to the names of your 2 boys. :) Have a nice sunny rest of the weekend, my dear (the sun is finally shining in my`s cold though....but at least the sun brings some happiness). :)

Farandra said...

I love these crazy moments with my children too :)

July said...

Hey Anette!

The countdown begins and you look very adorable and healthy! I'm very happy for that =)

And really your red outfit it's very suitable on you and I'm very sure Nemo will be very fashionist, he looks very cute!

Look this quote:

Enjoy these beautiful moments!

Anette Olzon Argentina said...

Hi! If you love the red color, so will like you the new covers for facebook of this moths!

Anette Olzon Argentina said...

Hi! If you love the red color, so will like you the new covers for facebook of this moths!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, and hello cute little Nemo :-D thanks for nice photos, you look great! :-) red colour is nice for you, too...when you have date of your c-section?
nice evening :-)

Anonymous said...

red is definitely your color! a very sexy look!