Monday, March 25, 2013

A cover on our Eurovision winner...

...that beats the original by FAR according to me;=) And these talented guys are from HELSINGBORG;=) Extra proud now of course..hehe!

Outtrigger - YOU:


eskoplja said...

I would rather chose this version that the original too ;)
As you beats the original 100 %
I love it! The guy sings so good and the music is great.
I hope you are ok :)

Ena :*

Anna said...

WoW!!! He is much better then the original!!! Thanks for your recommendation!!!
Enjoy tour evening:)

Anonymous said...

Agreed! :-) It is better than the original :-)

You wouldn't think it to look at him that he could scream that hard :-) Though he is a swedish viking from Helsingborg! :-) He has viking blood running through his veins! :-) And vikings are tough and hard! :-) hehehe! :-)

Cheers for sharing Anette! :-) My favourite lady viking! :-) x

Unknown said...

Tom; Haha, yeah, he is a Swedish viking for sure;=) And thanks, I try to be a STRONG viking too, even if I don´t growl...haha! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Your reply made me chuckle Anette! :-)

And you ARE a STRONG viking Anette!:-) Probably not as physically strong as Eirik Bloodaxe, Leif Eriksson, Eirik The Red, Harald Hardrada,
or Asterix...hehe! :-) Though you are strong on the inside Anette and also in your mind! :-) And to me that's more important :-)

Although being physically strong does have it's advantages for example such as when you're trying to remove a lid from a jar! :-) hehe! :-) Or you could just ask Johan if he could do it! :-)

Take care Anette! :-) My favourite lady viking! :-) x

Mary said...

OMG! This is so damn good *_*
Love it, love it and yeah, it is better than original... Especially love the chorus :)
Anette, thank you so much for sharing this ;) <3
Greetings from Croatia