Sunday, March 10, 2013

Full action

Hi all and a very happy sunday;=)

Sunday´s are for me a resting day and today I feel that I am quite tired. We went to mum´s place yesterday where they looked after 3 little kids and with Nemo joining it was an intense afternoon with 4 kids running around and having fun! When we came home Nemo passed out in the couch, hehe, and today he also seem to be a bit tired=) But it was fun and he loves to play with these kids, they get along super good!

Here´s some photos from my INSTAGRAM from yesterday:

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I am also tired due to me having that "late-pregnancy" snoring sessions all nights...ehum! Yeah, this night Johan even woke me up begging me to try and stop snoring..haha! Well, since this is my 3rd pregnancy I know that it won´t go away until the baby is out, so as my mum said today - Johan needs to use ear plugs for two weeks;=) 

Snoring also makes me sleep quite bad and I guess that´s why I am so tired now. But heading off into a shower and then I´ll try and take myself and Nemo out in the car for something to do. Maybe the mall, IKEA or just a car wash. My car is totally dirty again! I long for summer when there´s less salt and stuff on the roads. But today it´s minus degrees again so no spring here yet!

I wish a nice sunday for all of you and hope you get some nice rest today;=)


XxBriannaxX said...

Awww hehe poor snoring Nettie! And poor Johan! Hahaha. Yea Sundays have always been my lazy days cuz after all the weekend fun,i just wanna lay down and sleep on sunday! Hehe. I hope you and Nemo get to go do something today,that would be fun! :-) lots of love and hugs to you and your family!

Henk said...

Thanks Dear Annette! Sunday was awesome: a lot of sleeping, skiing and great food. And yes, winter is continue to here in Russia too. Have a nice week:)

Anonymous said...

When my father was alive Anette he'd snore so loudly that you could hear him throughout the house :-) It sounded like there was a monster in the house :-) hehe :-)