Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last days outfits

Hi all and a very happy tuesday to you;=)

I´ve slept quite ok and we´ve been up a while and are sitting by the breakfast table drawing with Nemo and having a nice family time. Seth is ill so he´s resting, poor little one;=(

I have taken some outfit photos for you the last days and maybe not the best photos but here you go=) Soon the belly will be gone so let´s appreciate it while it´s still there;=)

Baby is still sitting up in my belly, so it´s good we have a planned c-section already. Going for an extra ultrasound today due to me having gotten preeklampsia again. Had it all my pregnancies, unfortunately. 

Black dress and maternity leggings from H&M;=)

 Warm and cosy boots since it´s snow and cold here still;=(

Bracelet from Hérmes and Top shop;=)

Old top from All Saints and a cardigan from Hunky Dory. Warm for a long forest walk;=)

Love that the top has such a colorful skull on it;=)

Belly week 39 - measuring 39 cm;=)

A "kisses" top from some seasons ago, but still I love it;=) Makes me happy!

 Wearing dark brown suede leggings from Branting, favorites in the closet;=)

Preppy hair band from Forever 21 in New York

ENJOY your day now;=)


Meghan H. said...

Here's hoping Seth's feeling better soon, and I hope you're feeling ok today, was rather concerned when I actually read what pre-eclempsia, and eclempsia actually are...

You also look so gorgeous in your pics ;)

Hope you have a nice day, and everything is fine with the check up for the baby

Take care Nettie xo

C. said...

You're really a beautiful mom!

Too bad if you're in for another c-section...a friend's mother had 4 children, and all were born by c-section too. Well, as long as you and the baby are all right, it doesn't matter, does it? I can't wait for you too make the announcement of this wonderful news.

Take very good care,


Betty Blue said...

So good to see you smile, dear :-*
This question goes to everybody who feels the need to answer it...: Do you think that it is possible to force yourself to like someone who you naturally really don´t like? I am trying this - my best friend´s boyfriend is a guy that I really can´t stand, but for her I would like to, well, like him a bit. But it´s so hard... Do you think it´s possible? And if so - how???
*sigh* I need help in this matter ^^
Love, Betty

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette!
Today we have finally a sunny day! Thanks God! Now I go to the bank and then I go to a coffee with my friend. We will have a nice chat. hehe!
In the afternoon I have to work and in the evening I have training. So, full day!!!!
I'm preparing my things for my next trip. The next week I'll go to visit my friend who lives far away because of her work. I'll be there 10 days and I'm sure, we will have fun :D
Enjoy your day too

Anonymous said...

Love all your outfits! A teacher of mine said "you have to dress yourself really pretty when your pregnant. No baggy clothes". I believe her ;-) You always look really stunning.

Soon I leave for Prague for a week and I'm not really looking forward to it. It's the same trip we did last year with school and all the activities we do are almost all the same... Really dislike it. So I'll be happy when I'll be home again.

And I also feel a bit depressed. I don't want to go to school anymore because everything that happens in my class is so boring and I just hate it to sit here. Oh well, 3 months to go.

Oh, before I forget! I'm looking for some nice stage outfits for Graspop Metal Meeting :-) I'm a DJ this year together with my BF. Do you know some good and cheap sites where they sell beautiful stage clothes?

Enjoy your day sweet angel!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette and a very happy Tuesday to you also! :-)

I'll try to have a happy Tuesday even though I'm not looking forward to going into work this afternoon because I'm worried it's going to be short-staffed again. Hardly anybody on this afternoons shift when I last looked at the rota and I'm fucking sick of this! This is worse when you've got two physically violent patients currently on the ward.

I'm sorry to hear Seph is ill. Hope he gets better soon! :-)

And all the best for when you go for your ultrasound today Anette
:-) I didn't know you suffered from pre-eclampsia. So, my favourite lady viking, please take thing's as easy as possible :-)

Bye for now Anette! :-)

MAN70 said...

hello Anette

it's my first comment in your blog
you are a fantastic women!!
huggs of french!


Anonymous said...

Betty Blue - I was in the same situation and you cannot force it. It won't work. You can be polite to your friend's boyfriend and try to understand his point of view, but if you don't like him, you don't like him.

Anette - You're looking beautiful! Good luck with your health and your family.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette, say hello to Seth, poor little child, I hope that he will be healthy very very soon!
Do you have exact date of your c-section now?
Have a nice day, dear :-)

eskoplja said...

You look so adorable on the last picture :)
I like your floral skull shirt. Very hippie ;)
Good luck on the ultrasound
I hope you and the little one are ok

Ena :*

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
I hope you are well.:)
I want miss you belly^^´. I know that sound strange, but you look so good with a belly;)

I like your boots.

Have a nice day, Nalon

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
You're beautifull but you look so tired !
Good rest for you're little Seth !
I hope is better now for you're pre-eclampsia !!!
I wish all are OK !!! For you like for the baby !
Take care of yourself more, more and more !!
Love dear Anette !
I send you more positive energies !! Big hugs ! And so many kisses !!!
Take care again !
I waiting a good news !!!!
I wish you a good news !!

Tiffany Toland-Scott said...

Best of luck Anette! I had pre-eclampsia with my son and it was horrible. They told me it's not likely to happen again, but I guess you are proof that's not true! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi anette :)

you look beautiful, i like the leggins and the top with the kiss it's cute. Have a wonderful day a lot of love and health for you and your baby, i hope everything is ok, take care

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty! I know I say it everytime, but I mean it. :)

Unknown said...

Gorgeous as always!

I specially liked the skull shit, it reminds me of the mexicans skulls from Day of the Dead :)

Have a great day, Anette!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous as always!

I specially liked the skull shit, it reminds me of the mexicans skulls from Day of the Dead :)

Have a great day, Anette!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette,
Hope Seth gets well soon!
Lovely clothes, as always :) Bit of a girly question but, what foundation are you wearing?

Enjoy your day! X

Beatrix said...

Get well soon, Seth! :)

Hope everything was ok with both you and the baby at the check-up.
Rest & drink a lot and please take care, preeclampsia can get seriuos as I heard, so it is better to be careful.

I am just home from a stand-up comedy show, where I laughed my head off. :o)
Btw, I very rarely check comedians on you tube, but lately I have just seen this guy, Russel Peters. His parents are indians, but he was born and brought up in Cananda and he can imitate different accents and tipical behaviours of other nations so well that I really recommend him in need of a good laugh! :)

Hope you already dream sweet dreams! It's time for me to go to sleep as well. Hope to see you here tomorrow! :)

Pumpkin said...

Hi Anette!
I always love all of your outfits and accessories!! Thank you for sharing them! You seem to have lots! :) I also have a lot of clothing and accessories, but my boyfriend hates it due to the "clutter" it causes. Do you think you could share some organizational tips? I never know how to store everything.