Friday, March 29, 2013

Our son Mio is here;=)

Hi all,

For those of you who haven´t got INSTAGRAM, might not have seen the news yet, but yesterday morning at 10.19 mine and Johan´s son named MIO was born;=)

4115 gram and 54 cm tall and so perfect;=)

Everything went ok and me and Mio are still at the hospital but Johan went home to be with Nemo tonight. Nemo met Mio tonight and he was so nice to him, giving him his pacifier, so he seem to be happy to meet Mio finally.

I am aiming to go home tomorrow but let´s see how we both feel. I had a big surgery so need to take it a bit easy but I am up and feeling ok.

Here´s some photos from our INSTAGRAM if you haven´t seen them:


Marekos said...

Congratulations Anette! Greets from your Polish fans :)

Laura said...

Congratulations to you and Johan on your happy, wonderful baby boy! I love the name Mio! I bet Seth and Nemo are excited to have a new baby in the house! Take care and can't wait to hear more happy news from the happy family! :) <3

Aries said...

Congratulations Anette for another healthy boy!!!! So happy for your new addition to your family! Get well soon and many happy thoughts and positivity in your life and to allow your family members!


FAQing Amazing said...

Dear Anette, everything went just as I prayed for, I'm amazed of how strong you are but I'm also happy as HELL! I thought of you the moment I woke up yesterday and at that time, you were in the middle of the surgery if not momets before it. I was like 'aghh... I'm so sleepy-- OMG ANETTE!' And I thought of you and the little angel all day long and sent you the best vibes. I was also checking Instagram like crazy so everyone at college was like 'hey drop the phone already!'

Tell me, were you nervous? Did the spinal anaestesia hurt? (I've heard it's kind of terrible) How did it feel to hug your little angel?

For now, that is something I can only dream of. I would love to be a mother but I need to give my baby a good life first!

I can't wait to see future posts and pictures :) your blog makes my day happier and warmer.

Hugs and many kisses.

Unknown said...

First of all:

Welcome to the world, lovely MIO! :)

Dear Anette,
I am very happy to hear that everything went good and that your son and you are fine.
I hope you two can go home soon.
Many hugs and love to you 2!!

With love,

Thaisinha23net said...

Glad to know everything is fine and so are you and Mio. Congratulations, you deserve it. May God bless this little angel!

Thaisinha23net said...


I'm really glad to know everything is fine with you and Mio. You deserve it.
May God bless your family!
I always read your blog but it's my first comment, I think it's already time for it.

Greetings from Brazil.

Kaoru said...

Congratulations!!! Your baby has a beautiful name. So it's another boy, isn't it?

Micha said...

Ooh Congratulations you both (or you 5 now).

I am happy to read that everything went really well.

What´s the babys´name?
I mean the pronaunciation...
Is it like mAYo oder like mEo.

Oh damn it´s really hard to try to explain a pronaunciation, I hope you understand, what I want to ask.

Well, sleep now in peace, as long as you still can :D

Unknown said...

Oh my god! Nettie congratulations... Mio looks healthy. Bear hugs!

L. O. V. E.

Nalon said...

Evening Anette and Johan,

It´s so true Mio is a little perfect boy. And he chose a wonderful family. :)

It is always better to stay a day longer in the hospital. To be sure that's all right. The greater is the joy, when you can go home.

Enjoy the first time with little Mio:)
For you a little good night song;)

Sleep well, Anette.


Logan said...

congratulations for both parents and child ;)

Anonymous said...



Tom :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Anette!!

I hope you get get some good downtime with your new child!

Love from chicago

migi said...

helloooo dear anette and sweet little mio :). oh anette i`m so happy for you! i can`t find the words. it seems like yesterday that you told us about your pregnancy and now he`s there, your angel :). i sawthe photos yesterday on your instagram, but i haven`t an account there. i just want to say... Congratulations!!! all the best for you and your whole Family. i send you a lot of big hugs from switzerland

Rosana said...

Congratulations my dear for your beatiful family! Hugs from Brazil

Mariana said...

Awwwww This is so amazing!! His little feet are adorable ñ__ñ Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you.

Thank you for sharing important moments of your life with us, it really means a lot as a fan :D

Painhead61 said...

Hi, Congratulations to you both!

Unknown said...


Congratulations on the baby, all the best to you, is another boy in your life.

Health and love to all of you, stay with god.

raffaella - Brazil

Unknown said...


Fabio M. said...

Fantastic! Greetings, Mio and congratulations, Anette! Wish to all your family all the best and happiness together!

XxBriannaxX said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy ♥ Big hugs to you both and I hope you feel lots better soon! I'm sure little Mio takes your mind off the pain ♥ Lots of love to you ♥♥♥♥

Betty Blue said...

Once again, congratulations to all of you, and welcome little Mio!
Anette, dear, take as much time as you need until blogging again, just relax from the surgery. We´ll be patient!
Love to you, Johan, Seth, Nemo and Mio!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Hope both you and the little one are okay and may you have a lovely, happy life with your beautiful family =)

Unknown said...

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you, Johan, Nemo and Seth. So precious.

Much love to all :)

Unknown said...

anette congratulations for your baby..
god bless you and whole your family :) !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

anette congratulations for your baby..
god bless you and whole your family :) !!!!!!!

Unknown said...

It's a boy! I could have sworn it was going to be a girl hehe.

And Mio, what a beautiful name, I love it!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moments, it means a lot to us :D

Congratulations to all the family, I wish you the best in this new phase of your life!

Unknown said...

anette congratulations for your baby..
god bless you and whole your family :) !!!!!!!

Katharine Rv said...

Congratulations, sweetheart!!! ♥

Unknown said...

Hello dear Olsson and Husgavfel tribe!

Celebrating the very special event that recently took place in your family we would like to present you guys our little video postcard which can be found right next to these very words:

Congratulations on your little one! Be healthy, wealthy and wise!

Folks from

Mia said...

So happy for you Anette!

A Baby Boy’s a Blessing
A Gift from Heaven above
A Precious Little Angel
To Cherish and to Love.

Congratulations <3

Farandra said...

Welcome to Mio :)

Nikki said...

congrats on your beautiful new boy!

<3 Nikki from Seattle, WA, USA

Unknown said...

Hello Anette,

Wonderful news and congratulations!

IAN:) said...

Anette, a very big congratulations from the U.S. I am very happy to hear that you and the baby are doing well :) I bet you are very happy to finally meet your baby boy after all these months of waiting. You are such a great mother and all of your kids are lucky to have you and Johan in their lives. I like his name as well. Does it have any special meaning? Wishing your whole family the best of wishes tonight from Kansas.


A few of my favorite things said...

hello Anette, Congratulations You & Johan and welcome little Mio on world!
Regards, Magda

Océane said...

So happy for you :)
Hope you can go home very soon with your little one!

Oh and it seems they serve really nice meals at the hospital! :D

Have a great day, both of you :)

Love and hugs

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I saw the pictures after I wrote my last comment. But why did you inform on Instagram first, before on your blog?

Anyway, I´m still so happy for you and once again...


To you and Johan for your third son. Again no little princess... hmm, maybe the next time? If there will be another one? :)

But I think at the moment you have enough to do with little Mio. I´m so happy for you and I´m sure you will be glad to come home again :).

I´m so happy that everything went well. I´m looking forward to hear again from you, nice to have you back again at the blog :).

Take good care of yourself now please and I´m so happy for you :).


Cleo said...

Welcome little Mio! Lots of kisses to you and your parents!

saskia said...

And again congratulations.l It great to hear everything is fine. And wow Mio is really a tall boy ( I love hs name). All the best for his live, an also best wishes to you and the rest of the family, nice to hear that Nemo likes his little brother.
love and hugs

C. said...

My dear Anette,

I already knew this by checking your Instagram,but didn't comment since I don't have an account there, but now I can tell you, I'm really REALLY happy for your little (now broadening) family, sincere congratulations! Little Mio is a strong one, isn't he? XD I'm pretty sure he's a gorgeous baby!

I send all my hugs and kisses to you, Johan, Seth and Nemo, and of course Mio!

Take care both of you!


Eleonore Saiga said...

Congratulations !!!! :D :D

How did you choose that lovely name ? :)

Take care, I send you all my love and support :*


Lucinda said...

Congratulations to all of you, and especially you Anette =)
Mio is an original name, I hope you'll tell us how it came up to you.

Now take it easy, enjoy the newcomer and the rest of the family!!!

Vilma said...

Vilket fint namn er son fick, ett stort grattis till hela familjen!

MAN70 said...

Hello Anette, congratulations to the happy parents.
I hope it went well for you and the baby are doing well.
Now, we must regain strength to go home. I think the two big brothers should be very happy!


Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Congrats again :D I'm glad all went well!


Unknown said...

My best congratulations! I want to wish your son and your family a looot of health! :) And a lot of happiness to you;) Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anette,

Congratulations on you and Johan's new son. :-) I'm happy to hear that everything went well in the delivery, and I give you many blessings for you, mio, and your whole family. I'm very happy for you Anette. Take care.

Greets from Orlando. :)

Unknown said...

I'm so happy for you! :D

[Maybe you already said why you chose Mio as his name but does it have a special meaning? I've never heard this name before. :S]

Oh dear I wanna hug you all because I'm probably almost as happy as you are! :'D

eskoplja said...

Happy to hear you both are ok :)
Congrats to you once more. Kiss little Mio from me.
Wishing you a lovely day

Ena :*

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette!
Great to read that you and Mio are ok :) This is the most important thing!
Mio's little foots are adorable. The best photo to see and start this day!
Have a nice day,take care of yourself and Mio and give to Nemo a hug from me

AlessandraWilderness said...

Congratulations again my dear Nettie =) I wrote that I couldn't find anywhere the news about Mio but I forgot your Instagram xD I have not an account on it, so I didn't thought about it...oh the photo of Mio is so sweet *_* thank you Nettie for sharing this moment of yours with us everyday!! We love you and enjoy with you!!! I send lots of kisses to little Mio above all, to you and to the whole family!! Hope you'll be back home soon :*** enjoy your day!!!

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hello Anette! I'm glad everything is well spend!!
Enjoy its precious moments!
Yet all congratulations!
I send my congratulations to the members of Anette Olsson Love Forever. :

Melanie Végh: oooo congratulation for Anette :) good luck :)

Leann Williams: Yay!!! Congratulations

Laura Florence: Congratulations!

Marilina Martin: Noguera so cute!!! it means "mine" in spanish, so beautiful anette I love her so much, congratulationes!!

Jean W. King: I was just wondering when she was due to give birth too lol! Well, a huge CONGRATS to them!

Mike Ferderber: awesome congratulations that is good news.

And I had me : All my CONGRATULATIONS to You & Johann !! I hope Nemo & Seth are so happy !!
I send you some love, kisses and hugs for You, Johann, You're sons and you're Little Mio :* :* :* :* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Innocent Owl said...

Congratulations Anette and Johan!! :D Love and best wishes x

Unknown said...

Hello Anette:
Congratulations, beautiful mom.
I'm so happy for you, and your family.
It is a very healthy and strong baby. And you're right, my mom had cesarean with my 2 brothers and long recovery process, but I'm sure you will recover fast n_n.
My blessings from my family and me. For you, Johan, your children and Mio.
Greetings, kisses and blessings from Argentina, beautiful mom.

Welcome Mio.

Sanna said...

STOOORA grattisar till er! :) Oh, Mio är ett så gulligt namn! Inspirerat från Astrid Lindgren eller någon annanstans ifrån? :) Hur som helst, hoppas ni mår bra och sköt om varann <3

matotu said...

Great news!
Kiss him from me :-).

karin said...

Dear Anette and family , congratulations with you're sun and little brother Mio ! I wish you all a lot of happiness and a wonderfull time together .Enjoy ! Love Karin.

vesna said...

congratulations dear, to you and johan as well! so happy it all went well, so now you have four boys at home :) take it easy and get a lot of rest,big kiss to you and the little one

Anonymous said...

Aaah! :) Congratulations!

Glad everything went well. Wishing you guys all the best.

Such a sweet name and cute feet :)

Mary's said...

Amazing news! Big congratulations and wish health and hapinnes all your family! Kisses!

Unknown said...

Grattis till hela familjen, visst är det underbart att tillsist få den den som gömt sig inuti en.Kram.

Unknown said...

Å Glad Påsk förresten

Unknown said...

Hi Anette:-) and Welcome little Mio! ♥♥♥ Gongrats, happy parents!
I seen yor photos in Instagram yet, but I can write no comments :-/
so, I´m so happy with you and take care, dear :-)
hugs and kisses,

~Night*Star~ said...

Congrats to you, Johan, Seth and Nemo! And the whole family of course!
Get some good rest!

Unknown said...

Congrats Anette! Many happy returns X

Vinga said...

Ohh Nettie, Congrats!!!!!
I'm really happy for you and little Mio :) And you see, everything was all right :) 3rd son, oh wow big cluster in your home now :)
Big kisses and hugs for you , children and proud daddy :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Nettie, and welcome to your little angel! I'm so happy for you and I wish you both and Nemo and Johan a good health, and all the happiness of the world! Big kisses!
A big fan of you from Kabylia! ( Northern Algeria)
Love, Sabrina <3

Unknown said...

Congratulations Nettie, and welcome to your little angel! I'm so happy for you and I wish you both and Nemo and Johan a good health, and all the happiness of the world! Big kisses!
A big fan of you from Kabylia! ( Northern Algeria)
Love, Sabrina <3

Aleksandra said...

Such cute little feet! But how do you always come up with such names? I would really like to know. :)

Dark Kitten said...

Congratulations to all your growing family! I'm so happy for you:) I hope you and little Mio are OK;)

Karin said...

I am so happy for all of you and I am so glad you share these news and happenings with us!
Mio is finally here, and you are okay. That is so wonderful!
Congratulations again, and have a Happy Easter with your family :)

Unknown said...

Congrats on your baby boy. May God bless him with a long, healthy and happy life.

Celtiberians said...

Hi Anette, I'm happy for you :-)

Now time to rest, and that you take good care you two :-)

A big hug from Madrid


Veronica Lorenzo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! may God Bless him and fill him with Joy and wisdom in this Adventure called Life! :) <3 Lots Of love. you guys are blessed ^^ take Care.
From Veronica Rage and her band Nox Aternum.

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Congrats, Nettie! I read the good news yesterday evening on Instagram and was so happy. I already love Mio, he's so cute and just adorable. He's a lucky baby to have such a loving family and a caring mother like you.
Anyway I knew you would get another little son. By the way Mio is a sweet name. Is there a reason why you decided on that name? I still remember the story how you chose Nemo's name because of a movie, a book and a song... ;-)

I hope you all are well and enjoy the time together.

Love and many good wishes,
Steffi <3

July said...

Oh Mio is very very cute,and I'm very happy that everything it's ok! Thanks for share this moment with us. I bet Nemo, Johan and Seth are the men more happiest on the world!

And yes,you have to relax and take it easy and you'll see in a few days all will be right. =)

Ohh and I have to ask you something, what is the meaning of his name?

Enjoy to your baby Nettie!

The Wayfarer said...

Congratulations! So glad to see everything went so well.
I have a question, how did you come up with the name Mio? :3

stratoula_kwn said...

Congrats on the little one my dear!!!!And what a great name you chose for him!!!!I'm so happy for you and your family!!!

Unknown said...

Ohh he is so cute <3 Good luck!!! :D

Catherine said...

Good luck in this journey.

I hope you, the baby and daddy are well. God bless the family and I wish a lot of happiness, health and good moments together.


Wérleson Alexandre said...

Congrats Nettie :) Mio is a beautiful name, means "mine" in italian :D Wish the world's best to you and all your children :)

Laura said...

congratulations!!! And what a beautiful name :). And a lovely picture offcourse :).

TheFriendzyZone said...

Welcome to the world Mio! Congrats to the happy parents :)

Much love <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anette! I'm happy for you :)

Beatrix said...

Hope you are at home by now and that all of your dear family are doing fine. :)
Kisses and hugs!

Vivien said...

Sorry, I am little late, but still I want to congratulate you on the arrival of your new beautiful baby boy!
God bless you and your son!

With best wishes!)

Unknown said...

Congratulations Anette! :) I'm so glad everything went well and I hope you are feeling all better soon.
Mio is a really nice name. Why did you choose it? :)

~MidnightFairy~ said...

Congrats Anette! :)

Serena said...

That baby is so big! :D
Take it easy Nettan!
Just curiuous are you breatsfeeding him ;)

ArenaSkies said...

Congratulations! I'm happy for you and your family :) Now you can put "mother of three children..." in your description. :P

IsaWolfheart said...

Oh so cute bravo Anette and Johan :-)


MusicOfTheNight said...

Congratulations, dear Anette!
A proud mom of three boys!

Baru said...

First of all-congratulations!! I am really happy for your family.

I don´t know if you remember but I wrote you few days after you told us about your pregnancy, that it´s said, when the mommy is still beautiful durinng the pragnancy, she is having a son (and I said I´m sure it´s a boy for you, beautie) and the daugters steals the mommy´s beauty. So it really works! Haha :-)

shay said...

Omg..thats so great.... good news indeed... im sure hes the cutest baby....i love his name..... so cool...

Lu said...

Parabens annnete i luvu you sua vozz estou ansiosa para seu retorno sou BRASILEIRA E SOU MUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTO APAIXONADA POR SUA VOZ BJJSSS

Unknown said...

Congradulations:) That is great news

James Oakes said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You must be thrilled! I'm glad everything went well and both mum and baby are good :P

Mio's a cute name; very interesting. Does it mean something? What made you pick it? The only Mio I know is from a game called Fatal Frame - Mio Amakura

Congratulations again, and may little Mio grow up to be healthy and strong just like his mama :)Night hunny. James x

Anonymous said...

Awww so amazing!! Crongrats to you and Johan!!!

Michael said...

Congratulations my dear Anette !
I'm so happy for you and your family !

Michael said...

Congratulations my dear Anette !
I'm so happy for you and your family !

eliete said...

Congratulations Anette and Johan! Welcome Mio, have a happy and healthy life.

Niwi said...

Congratulations Nettie!

Im very happy for you! I wish the best for Mio and you! The family grows, and the happiness too!

A big hug and congratulations to You and Johan! Wish you the best!

Enjoy the time with your baby :)


Anonymous said...

My congratulations to you and your family! :-)
Have a nice easter time!

Anna said...

Congratulations my dear Anette with your newborn son Mio!!! Hope you all slept well tonight with the little one:)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Congratulations, dear Anette! Have you seen video, that Nightcom had done for you? I'd also taken part in this work! Hope you will like this vieo. Have a nice day with your sons!
With Love,

Taaja said...

Congratulations, Anette! I wish you all very best!

Have a nice day!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello Nettan..
It's been too long since I've last wrote you but my life is not easy right now, the only free time I have I use to sleep =(..but of course I had to find some time to pass here =).
I just want to say to you CONGRATULATION, my dear!! I wish you and the family all the best in this world. Sometimes bad things happen to us but one day we shall see the good things they brought us and now is your time!!
Thank you so much for everything you gave us and now it's the time for you to be happy with you three beautiful children. I hope God bless you all and may the love guides you everyday.

Love, Carol

Paulina - Lamia said...

Congratulations for You and Johan!!!
Welcome on the world Mio!
And Happy Easter for you Anette and your whole family!

Kisses from Poland

Kriszti said...

Congratulations! So a third boy :) I hope you're doing well as well as the baby. Best wishes to you and your family! :)

Gary said...

Congratulations to the both of you!!!
Wishing you the best.
lots of love,

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Such a lovely name you chose, too. Hopefully you're all doing great now. Hugs and love to you all C:

Unknown said...

Congrats from Italy for that cute baby!!
Wish all the best for you and your family new-entry!!! =)

Unknown said...

Congratulations to you Anette!!! Also send Johan, Seth, Memo, and the newest little blessing to the family Mio big hugs (love his name)…… So excited for you as you begin this new chapter in life as mama of three little boys!! Make sure to get me time, and lots and lots of rest as your body heals. Enjoy every moment getting to know this little guy, and watch in amazement how perfectly he fits into your family!! God bless you, thinking and praying for you often!!
By the way nothing is more precious than newborn baby feet!!! LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Félicitations!!! Congratulations!!!! :)

I am really happy for you and your family!!! Welcome to Mio!!! ♥ I wish you all the best and a nice and happy life to dear Mio!!! :)

Warm thoughts from Montreal!

Sophie xoxox

Unknown said...

Congrats Anette! That's great, I'm happy for you. Have a nice time :)

Unknown said...

Hey Anette and family! I am so excited for you guys and I just want to hug you :) Rest easy and keep up the good work <3

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I understand that you surely have a lot to do with your new little one. But I beg you, at least please post a sign of life, some easter wishes for us, here in your blog. I mean, in your Instagram account you were active yesterday too and you informed about your son there first. I can only imagine that it´s easier to make a short Instagram post than to write on the blog and I understand it, since you´ve had lots of stress the last days. But please don´t forget that not every blog reader has got Instagram and we are waiting here for you. So please, just a little post for easter, ok? :). I´d be so glad and surely I´m not the only one :).

I wish you a very nice easter sunday with your family. May the day be filled with joy, good food, eggs and some nice presents :).

Take good care of yourself please and I´m looking forward to read again from you :).


Helminen said...

Dear Anette,
I'm so happy to read that everything went fine! The measures of the baby sound perfect, so congratulations to you, to Johan, to Nemo and Seth and the rest of your family!!


Yanna said...

Congratulations Anette !!

I'm so happy for you and your family !
I'm sure Mio is already a lovely boy ! Those little foot are so adorable !
And I love this name !

Have some rest and take care of you !

And Happy Easter !

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette!How're you? And what about Mio? =) I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter!! Enjoy your day!! Kisses :*

litaford said...

grattis lovely Anette! :D and also congrats to the lovely father :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
Happy Easter and congratulations !!
and well, I thought it would be a girl haha
Mio is a lovely name =)
great day for you and your family
Jag älskar dig ♥


Clementine said...

Congrats :D

Wish everyone is glad and that Mio will bring you a lot of happiness !

Happy easter to you and all your family <3


Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear Anette.
Best wishes and much happiness to you.
Greetings and kisses from Peru!!!

Betty Blue said...

Good evening, dear!
Just wanted to wish you and your family a happy Easter! :-*

Anonymous said...

congratulations anette & johan for the baby :)

Lucky_spirit said...

My congratulations! This is so beautiful... :-)

Nika. said...

A bit late, but still from the heart: congratulations! I'm very happy for you and I like the name,it sounds so Swedish :)

Anonymous said...

Grattis hela familjen : )

Anonymous said...


Piadora said...

Congratulations Anette!!

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello Anette ♥
Congratulations angel. I wanted to give millions of kisses in Mio, but since I can not, I send my kisses for you for it.
Aw, he's so beautiful.
Kisses = *
# Isabella

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Anette & Johan!!! :D
I'm so so so happy to know everything went well and Mio is such a wonderful boy!
My best wishes to the whole family and a big kiss to little Mio ♥