Saturday, March 09, 2013


No, despite my six votes for Ralph he didn´t win tonight;=( Buhu!

Here´s the winner - Robin and his song YOU:


Anna said...

No! I really like Ralph! Its really pity he didn't win, this boy have a nice voice too, but I think many singers have this kinda type of voice, so l am a bit sad now((( thanks for tell as dear Anette! Sleep well and have a sweet dreams)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

oh no. But maybe next year.
yes, I'm still here =)
the winner is also good. I liked his voice, the vocal extension is great.
oh God, I can not choose a photo for the profile. I have so many pictures of you hahaha ♥
Jag älskar dig ( I still try to pronounce it )


Unknown said...

Bed on fire much more beautiful!! Ralph and his voice is very nice and great!

Taaja said...

I also prefer Ralf.. too bad he didn't win.

Have a nice day!

Micha said...

I like Robins´song.
It´s not one of a kind but its cool. I like the screaming part. It´s always a highlight in songs :D

Germany will send a song that sounds nearly like Euphoria >.>