Friday, March 22, 2013

Time to get a new...

...arm chair for our living room. The one we have is not looking good anymore so it´s time to get a new and I really like this one. Maybe in another colour or fabric but the style and everything is perfect;=)

¨Need to go and check it out, this is a perfect nursing chair and also reading chair too. Now I just need to find a nice reading lamp to match it with...maybe this one?


Meghan H. said...

Hi Anette, hope you're having a good day :)

I just wanted to ask a question, I'm hoping you can answer to some extent for me. When you begin to release solo material, are you planning on touring much? I haven't had the chance to see you live, so I'm hoping I do get that chance, regardless of the cost.

Would really appreciate an answer.

Have a lovely day Nettie :) xo

Unknown said...

Meghan: Hi! I actually dont know anything at the moment, not even if I´ll sing so much or not. Let´s see what time will tell but at the moment I wont travel anything. Take care!

Meghan H. said...

Thank you for answering :)

I figured it would be pretty vague with the little one still on the way, but I really hope you do keep singing and do some shows, I missed out when you were in Australia in 08, so here's to me just hoping I do get the chance to see you perform, that would just be beyond amazing for me.

Thank you, have a lovely day :) xo

Anonymous said...

That lamp shade looks great! :-)

Having seen a few pictures of your living room I think you are a person who has a very good eye for details, colours, and what looks good with other furniture :-)

So the lamp shade would probably fit in very well with everything else in your living room Anette :-)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

this arm chair good choice:). But I think you need two arm chair;), if your boy´s want to sit in it too.

The reading lamp look not so safe:/. The lamp stands not safe. Can it be that during Nemo play knocks down the lamp.

This is a good lamp with a big "Foot", So they can not fall over so easily.
But that's my opinion. But I know what happens when such a lamp falls over while playing. And it was not pretty.:(

Have a nice day.


But have a nice day.

nachtschatten said...

hi anette =)
I have a question too. I've heard your song "falling" and it is great. But there's only a version with an sudden end. Have you a good version with the end? And where can I hear it?

p.s. sry for my bad english, I'm german =)

Lucinda said...

Anette, that would be very sad if you stopped singing. Of course I know you won't have plans other than taking care of your baby for the following year (or even more), but I truly wish you will come up with some material for us to enjoy (even if there's no tour). You are truly missed and this would be a pity if you didn't go on your career!

But for now, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and good luck with everything!!

Svanhildr said...

Very nice armchair indeed :) your "furniture blogposts" always make me think how much I'm looking forward to visiting Ikea again, as soon as weather gets better. So many lovely things there, and I always wonder how good they would look in my ideal house!

I send you all my positive vibes for these last days of your pregnancy :) take care!

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
The lamp looks great, I love the design. I mean, it can´t best Georg Jenssen, but who wants a living room completely filled with Georg Jenssen ^^ Would be very ... cold, I´d say.
I hope you had a good day and you and your family are alright!
I´m way better today, lots of sleep and good antidepressants always do their work ;-) Feels so good to be in better mood again!
Have a good evening!
Love, Betty