Thursday, March 21, 2013



eskoplja said...

So true words :)
And the picture is very pretty. Lovely chandelier :)
How are you today? I hope you are ok :)
Than you for liking my works on Instagram ♥

Ena :*

LindaS said...

This is so true Nettie.

Have a beautiful day and hugs to you and the little one inside you.


LindaS said...

This is so true!

Here's to you and the little one inside you having a lovely day !


Betty Blue said...

Yes, but the woman who walks alone ends up alone. She who walks with the crowd has people around her to comfort her.
...sorry, I`m quite down at the moment.
Hope you and the boys are okay in your freshly cleaned up flat ;-)
Love, Betty

karin said...

So true, but sometimes so difficult to do. Have a lovely week and don't clean too much :-)
Lots of greetings from Holland.

Unknown said...

Betty; Hi! I don´t take the words like that. For me, he means that it´s better to dare to go your own path in life than listen to much to others and just follow. So I dont think he means "walk alone" in that sense, but it´s of course no one else than Albert who can know what he meant;=) I hope you soon feel better! Hugs!

Karin said...

So true !
It is much more interesting to walk alone ...and find life and adventures along the road .

You are building your nest there :) Cleaning the whole house:)
Imagine, next week you won't have that belly anymore, instead you have a little person there, dressed in those lovely clothes you have showed us ! Exciting !

Betty Blue said...

Thank you for your kind words, Anette! I am so very thankful for this interpretation of the quotation. I didn´t think about it in this way before.
Thanks a lot!

PorkStar said...

Nice, good and inspiring!

saskia said...

I really like those words. Its true, its better to life your live like you want than life it like the other wanted you to do.
Have a wonderful day today.