Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hi all,

Yesterday and today I had this on. Harder and harder to dress stylish yet comfortable but I do my best;=)

Yesterday when going to IKEA I had this on. Love my sneakers;=)

And then today, just being at home, taking it easy a lazy outfit;=)

Have gotten myself a new mascara to try out - L´Oreals False lash wings effect. As u can see the endings of the lashes are like butterfly effect below so it does work;=)
 And today I started using my sun powder as rouge to look less pale when the sun shines. Feels so much better with some color in my face!

New nail colour from OPI "Suzies hungary again":

And yeah, belly is heavy now=)

And as I told you some months ago I use a brand of schampoo´s and conditioners that are vegan and really good for my hair. This time I got myself this schampoo from the same brand - Pureology - but this is for more brittle hair and now when I am soon starting breast feeding, I know my hair will be dull and horrible so this can be the saviour for my hair=)


escapeofthedoll said...

You look beautiful as always! I love your make-up. :)

Betty Blue said...

You look beautiful ;-)
Thanks a lot for sharing the photos, it always makes me happier when I see photos of you and read your posts, and Lord knows I need a little cheering up at the moment ;-) Thanks a lot!
Love, Betty

Dark Queen said...

Anette, you are beautiful! I can see joy in your eyes :)
You belly is sooooo bid and it means that your baby is ready to come out!
Can't wait to know if you will have a baby girl or boy :)
Take care of yourself and the little one inside you!
Kisses and a really big hug to you ♥

Unknown said...

I like both outfits! And your make-up is wonderful ;-) You look so young and pretty ;)
Have a great evening ;)
Take care :)
Love and hugs

Serafim said...

What a nice smile!!! ;=) The photos are as if they are lively )))
Enjoy your evening, dear!
And thanks for making MY evening =)

Anonymous said...

You definately look VERY pregnant Anette :-) Now there is absolutely no way you could disguise it in the pictures as you did a few months ago before you told us you were pregnant :-) That belly sure does look heavy :-)

Nice outfits Anette :-) Despite what you say about it being more difficult to dress stylish you still do well :-) Those shoes are fascinating! :-)

Take care Anette! :-)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
Beautiful Outfits & make up like always :)
Have a so wonderfull & peacefully day<3

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're so beautiful Anette! Your belly is pretty bigger and beauty! I hope that baby bring to you joy and happiness (actually, I believe that this baby brought to you since the beginning of pregnancy!)

Kisses and a big hug to you. I'm from Brazil!

Nalon said...

Happy Thusday Anette,

You look really good and fresh;)I love your Monday Outfit.

Thanks for your tip for the Hanneli Mustaparta Blog:) She wear really nice Outfit:).

I think that knocks your baby too have frequently, that it will finally see his parents and brothers.

In Germany, the winter has again reported back. And i´m happy about this :D.

Enjoy your day!

XxBriannaxX said...

You are just so beautiful! I can definitely tell how happy and excited you are,you just have this beautiful glow on your face that makes me smile. Im so excited for you! I hope you have a great day! And i love the outfits!

James Oakes said...

Heyy hunny, how are you doing? I love how even when pregnant you manage to stay fashionable ;) My gosh though, you look like you're ready to burst! How long until the little one is due??

You look lovely in the photos btw, have a lovely evening! James x

Unknown said...

Your outfits are always cute and fun, love your taste in clothing, rock star and casual, glad your feeling much better and you look beautiful
Enjoy your day, Anette :)

LindaS said...

Anette you look so beautiful as always even when dressing for a lazy day ! Me, I don't even get dressed on those days!

Kisses and hugs to you dear Nettie. Have a wonderful evening !


Daxtirsh said...

2 french brands/words in one post, so ... We may be good at cosmetics :)

Sakura said...

you're beautiful!when born your baby?

AlessandraWilderness said...

soooooooooo beautiful Anette!!nice outfits!! A thing that I really like of you is that you look always nice even at home, I think it's very important to feel good with ourselves, and for we as women it takes only a little make up to feel happy and look nice!! oh the belly... =) the baby seems to say "I'm ready mum!!let me out!!" heheh :* have a good evening and a good night!! kyssar!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your outfits! Pregnant or not, you're still a beautiful woman who can still dress well. Not a lot of women can and/or want to dress like you day after day. At least that's my point of view. I have finally decided I need a pair of those skull leggings. Even though I already have a pair a skull pants. I think my dad would have a cow if I bought more. Lol :) Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette!
Hope you,the boys and the baby are okay;=)
I must say you are a very pretty pregnant lady! I've always believed in "pregnancy glow",something that everybody talks about,and you seem to have that! Always glowing!
Hmm,I LOVED your outfits! Specially today's one. Where/what brand is that lovely skull pants from? On a closer look,the skulls on the pants actually resemble the one I have tattoed on my chest,except mine has roses around it;=)
And the shirt is also very cool!
Wow,now we can see how much your belly has grown! Definitely a big baby on the way!
I wish tons of health to the little one coming,and much joy and love the family,specially to you and Johan,the proud parents! Hope your day has been amazing! Have a wonderful week,take care!
Much love from Brazil,

sarahsnake said...

Wow that belly sure looks uncomfortable, but you look great so it must not be too bad =). I use vegan shampoo and conditioner too, its nice knowing that they aren't tested on animals. I cant wait to hear about your baby when he/she arrives.

Océane said...

You look so great! I love your hair! :)
And I want your spiky jeans so baaaaad! Ahah!

Have a great writing day!

Love and Hugs