Monday, March 04, 2013

Home from the hospital;=)

Hi all,

For those of you who follow me in INSTAGRAM, you already know that I´ve been in the hospital since saturday and today I finally came home;=) I´ve been ill since last wednesday and it got worse and worse and on saturday evening I had 39,6 Celsius in fever and typical flu symptoms. They wanted me to come in since I had had fever for many days and it didn´t go down with pain killers and when having a baby inside it´s not good to have a high fever.

So, after these days and one day in "isolation" due to them believing it was the severe flu (which it luckily wasn´t=), they believe it was a kidney infection and I´ve gotten strong antibiotics injected and also with me home. My values are still showing I have the infection, but they are going down and I wanted to go home and they said it was ok. So now some more antibiotics until the baby is out and since it´s only 3 weeks left, I am sure all will be ok now;=)

No fun to be so ill for so many days but now I feel better and I thank the great staff in our hospital, who are just so kind and good at what they do;=)

So now you know that and that I´m home and it feels great! Home is just the best place to be and since I will be at the hospital in 3 weeks, it feels good to be home again!

Sleep well now all of you and to all of you who wished me well in here and in INSTAGRAM - THANKS!!! You are the sweetest and kindest ones;=)


Unknown said...

Hi Anette, I am happy that you are fine. :) I hope your family and the little one are fine too. Love you :)

Unknown said...

The hospital is not a fun place to be. Good that u r home now:)
Enjoy the rest of your day

Anonymous said...

Ah, so sorry for you. Fever is so extremly annoying. But I'm grad you're almost fine again!

Wishing you well,


Betty Blue said...

My dear one, I am so glad to hear that you´re better! I was starting to worry about you and the baby... But good to hear that you´re home again ;-)
So now relax and take it easy and make your book be released in Germany xD
Love and hugs to you and your family!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello from Michigan, Anette
Glad to hear that you are recovering and i hope you heal completely.
Wishes sent out to you and your growing family :)

Katharine Rv said...

Hei dear!
It's great that you feel better now. Get well very very soon! ♥

Have a good rest and sweet dreams! =*

saskia said...

So nice to hear you are well again. I have seen your photos at istagramm but I cant do a profile there so here and know: best wishes and take care hope you were fine soon and everything is okay with the baby!

Anna said...

Hello dear! I am so glad you are at home already:) Hope with the little one everything ok and you are both will be totally fine soon! enjoy your evening and rest a lot!

P.S. Is that Seth or Johan in this photo with Nemo??? Just interesting...

Karin said...

Soooo happy you are feeling better, and that you are home :) and I can just imagine the feeling when you got out in the sun!
And of course your sweet boys are releived that you are home and ok.

You put nice photos again from when you walked home, and from the playground, and the trees, and the sky: I can almost feel your happiness:)

Kramar av Karin

Kaoru said...

Hi, lovely!
I'm glad you've got better! Make sure to rest well so your baby is perfectly healthy.
Love from Spain!

Rebel said...

ooo my dear thats SO good that your illness is gooing away. I missed you here. i hope so that you will soon enjoying great weather outside, just like i did today :) great spring weather with blue sky and warm sun :)
take care and see you soon
kisses and hugs to you and your family. Sleep well

Serafim said...

Oh poor had so high temperature:-(
What a relief that you are much better now and at home already!

Lots of kisses and hugs to you and your family

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you are feel better! ;-)
I really was worried, when learned that you are in the hospital!
Take care! :)
Love and hugs ;-)

Palm said...

Dear Anette, great to hear that u R better now, hope the baby is gonna be fine too, take care!

eskoplja said...

Glad to hear everyhing is ok :)
It's best to be at home for sure :)
Take care dear Nettie, wish you a nice evening. Sleep well to, wish you good night and sweet dreams

Ena :*

Mads Bjerre Henriksen said...

Glad to hear you're better :) We can rest easy now ;)

Don't outstress yourself now, relax and take it easy, which I'm sure the doctors have told you to as well! :)

Sleep well :)


Anonymous said...

great! get well anette (: we want to see you fine ! :3

Victoria said...

Hi, Anette ;) I hope you're gonna be entirely fine soon. I wish you a very speedy recovery! ^^

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

That are great News your are free again;).
With 39.6 degree fever should never be taken lightly.

You you have more than one guardian angel by your side. (And a little angel inside you.)

Now I wish you a restful and relaxing three weeks.;)

Sleep well.

Unknown said...

Hey Anette. Good that you feel better!
Hope you can enjoy the next weeks until the birth of your little one. So take care :)

Sleep well, Anette^^


Kriszti said...

Oh my, I didn't know it was this bad! I'm so glad you're feeling better now and everything is okay with the baby, you gave me quite the scare when I started to read this post. Huh. Damn that illness for picking you though duh. I hope nothing bad will happen now and everything will go well!

migi said...

hi dear anette, i'm glad to hear that you're ok again. I send you some special big big warm hugs. Take care of you. Have a nice evening :)

Unknown said...

Take Care of yourself Anette. Your family needs you. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Unknown said...

Don't know if my last comment went through. Here we go again...

Take care of yourself. Your family needs you! I'm glad you're feeling better.

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
thanks God u're better, I hope a baby is okay? You must be carefull about you and a little one.

My little princes was ill too and I always must get hit it all from her :)
Love and kisses for you and all your family.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Anette I'm so sorry to hear this. As you know I work on a hospital ward and I see a lot of illnesses first hand and the effects they have on people. Kidney infections make people feel very ill.

Here in you're blog Anette it seems we're all taking it in turns to be ill and use antibiotics..he he!:-) I've read a few comments off people during the last couple of months who are ill and on antibiotics. Myself, I was very ill for 3 weeks back in January with an upper respiratory tract infection and sinusitis.

Seriously though I hope you get better very soon Anette! :-)

Look after yourself and take care! :-)

I'm sending you lots of get well thoughts and get well hugs! :-)

Sleep well my favourite lady viking! :-) x

Vivien said...

Hello, Sunshine!
I'm so glad to hear that you finally came back home and you're fine!
Recently I've found some videos on youtube and I just need to share it with you.

This one is mystical, beautiful and ...little scaring (for me)))) Anyway, this guy is very talanted composer. I think it would be great if he wrote some beautifull melody for your future album. Just joking))) But who knows;-)

And this one is one of the most inspiring songs I've ever heard:

Recover soon! Spring is coming!
With best wishes!

Beatrix said...

Hi Anette,

Welcome back to the blog. I was worried about you and the baby and missed you from here. (Too bad I have a Windows phone thus cannot comment on Instagram).

Thank God, it was not the flu, but kidney infection does not sound good either. Good to hear they take things serious there and took good care of you even over the weekend... here, they do not even do a blood test on weekends...

Time is flying and the baby is out soon and I am so curious if it is a girl or a boy! :) Anyways, health is the most important, of course!

Today I was on leave and took my son to the zoo to see the newly born baby elephant. She was so cute! I am in love now! :) Also, the weather was wonderful so we could take a long-craved D-vitamin cure as well. :):)

Healing hugs and kisses!

GLEG said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better- it cant be any fun to be so pregnant and so ill.
Very best wishes for he next few weeks

Unknown said...

Anette so sory to hear that you were sick :( so gad that you are feeling much better.....praying for you and the little one, and for that matter the whole more sickness, perfect health Lord for Anette and the entire family, give her the endurance she needs, and be with her during the delivery and birth of this precious baby.... in the name of Jesus Amen!!

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette!
I'm glad to read that you're better now!
Time 3 weeks we will know your baby. I think that you will be happier in hospital that this time :)
Sleep well you too!
Take care of yourself and of the little one inside you!
Kisses and hugs to you ♥

Pumpkin said...

I am sooo sorry to hear that you have a kidney infection! Those are so painful. :( I have had a few in the past!
I'm glad you are getting better and that it did not get worse! Hope all is well now for you, baby, and family! <3

LindaS said...

Winter has a lot to do with illness. It's so yucky and depressing outside. But Spring is on it's way dear Nettie and you will welcome it with good health and a lovely new child! Get better soon sweetheart.

Unknown said...


I haven't been online in several days and had no idea you had been sick. I am so glad that you are getting better and are home until time for the little one to come. Sometimes, being home with loved ones is the best medicine :)

I hope that you had a relaxing evening with your boys. Good Night


TheDeadUnicorn said...

Oh,that sounds awful.I was kind of worried!But I'm glad you got the rest you needed,and I'm grateful the doctors have given you meds.Hopefully you'll be ok soon!Poor you and poor baby,what a stress it must have been.
Hope today was a good day,

Herta said...

Dear Anette,

it's great to hear that you are home from the hospital and feeling better!!!!! must be awful being in the hospital...I have never been in a hospital in my whole life, only for examination or visiting and I hope it stays like this many more years!
take care of yourself and rest a lot, so that you get soon perfectly healthy again :D!
sending you lots of love, GET-WELL-SOON hugs and greetings to the whole family ♥♥♥ :*:*,

Taaja said...

Oh I'm sorry to read that you were in hospital.. I really do hope you are feeling much better now!

Best wishes,

~MidnightFairy~ said...

So glad you're feeling better Anette! XOXOXO hugs!!!!!!

Love, Alena

Unknown said...

Im so glad to hear you r ok and the little one we all love you here in scotland. Hugs

Unknown said...

Take care, dear Anette! I'm still following you and I always will!
Many hugs ;)