Thursday, March 07, 2013

Todays music;=)

Music of today is Johan´s choice - IN FLAMES and their album "Colony". ENJOY!!


eskoplja said...

I absolutely LOVE In Flames! They are one of my fav bands :)
Thanks for sharing their music.
An about the movie "Red lights", all I can say that it's amazing. I've watched it with my mother and we both liked it :)
Wish you a lovely day
Ena :*

XxBriannaxX said...

Love that band! I saw them in concert once. ;-)

Daxtirsh said...

Good tastes B-)

Unknown said...

In Flames!! I love them!! \m/

Unknown said...

Nice choice :) A Finnish lyrical soprano just released her video for her song "Save Me" and I think you might like it.

Taaja said...

Great choice! ;)