Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Nothing for me...

So, I told you I had bought Fifty shades of Grey since my friend recommended it to me. I have now read half of the book and wanted to quit several times since I just think it´s so bad and now after reading some more, I have to say, I give up. It´s not my cup of coffee. It´s really not interesting, the story is lame, I am not into these books at all. So if there is a Swedish blog reader, who wants it, send me your address and I´ll give it to you;=)

I took out another book to read this afternoon instead - Vampire Academy - Frostbite. My kind of book;=)

But it´s good taste is varied, isn´t it? Think if everyone liked exactly the same things, how boring;=)


Nika. said...

I looove vampire academy series! I have all the books in the series and even all 3 books of Richelle Mead's spin off series - Bloodlines. They're great!
What did you think of the first VA book? (I suppose you've read it:))
Have a nice day!*

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I also have that book, but translated into different languages​​.
Two days ago, so when a man (?) Committed suicide: (I was going to ride, and I had to go to the stables by train. I came out of the train, and I crossed the railroad bridge., I was just a bridge on top when it came to the train., It let out a terrible sound when coming, and I thought that it just warns you that is coming. then saw, when a man jumped directly in front of the train, and stayed under it. train tried to brake, but stopped only about 100 meters away. railway was just awful looking, and I was just panicking. someone else called the emergency services, and I continued my journey., it was a moment that can not ever would like to encounter.
Have a nice day! And sorry for the bad English :)

Blondie said...

I totally agree with you, Anette! It's one of the worst books I've ever red, if not the worst. For me, it's just a very long harlequin with pseudo-BDSM elements. I don't understand why it's so popular, but, as you said, tastes are various ;).
Have a nice day!

Mariana said...

And you have no idea how glad I am you didn't like it, dear. I think it's horrible and plenty erotic books are way better than this one. Besides, the fact that this book used to be a Twilight fanfic makes me puke because it praises everything that's wrong with our post-modern society... Ok, I'll calm down LOL. I'll be checking the other book you mentioned. Have a nice day! (ñ_ñ)

*Escapist* said...

I loved the Vampire Academy saga! I've read them all (actually, I'm waiting to receive number 2 of the spin off series which was released a while ago!) :D
And I share your opinion on 50 shade...

Anonymous said...

Hii Anette,

I think it's people their opinion if they like the books or not :-) I'm not a fan of such books. I like to read historical romans. Especially those of Philippa Gregory. She wrote the book about the Boleyn sisters :-) I'm now reading my 4th book of her and I so damn love it :D

Daria Grishaeva said...

I haven't read Fifty shades of grey, but Vampire Academy is great! I read all the books and for me it is so touching:-) Get well soon and enjoy your book!:)

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hi nettie!
I confess that It made me laught a little bit! Hahahahaha I never read teh book, but everything that I read about it made me think thats is not a cool book...
have you ever read a book for Jose saramago? He is a portuguese and he is wonderfull.. read, or see the movie, for Blindness, ist about a society that from notthing, everyone get blind, but a woman.

Wish you a better day anette :)

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! I'm glad to hear you were'nt impressed with this book. I've heard so many people going on and on about it that it just annoys me now. When I ask what it's about they talk about some woman who likes to be tormented by some older guy? Who would want to read about that??

I will probably read this myself eventually just so I know what the fuss is about. However, I just read a book called "The Gargoyle" and I enjoyed it! Anyway, hope you have a lovely day and that all is well with mum and baby. James x

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, how are you? I hope you are ok :)
I laughed so hard when I saw the picture. Really made my day :)
I also like Vampire Academy. Which parts have you read? When you finish it, tell us what is it like :)
Here's one song for you

Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Kriszti said...

Oh I'm so relieved you didn't like it, I for one think it's awful and the writing is crap, even I could write better. I know there are others who like it, that's fine, but I don't. So yeah, I'm glad you don't either :D Have you read J.K. Rowling's new book? It's for adults, so don't worry :D I haven't finished it yet but I like it so far. The title is The Casual Vacancy. I hope you're feeling better now and that the stupid fever is gone and won't return!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie, how are you?
My friend recommended this book me too, but I don't read it yet. And I don't know did I want ;)
Take care
Hugs and kisses to You sweetie :*


Laetitia L said...

Hi Nettie, thanks for giving us your opinion !
Have a good evening :)

Andrea said...

SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS i thought i was the only one who felt this way >_>; literary pornography for teens. UGH. CANNOT EVEN.

Taaja said...

I haven't ever thought of reading it since I read the plot.. a terrible book.
Vampire Academy is nice to read.. you can easily get into reading, in my opinion:)

Hope you're having a nice day!


Anonymous said...

I never read this. I heard that the writing is so extremely bad. I don't know why it is so famous, since there are enough other "sexy" books on the market.

Have a nice day

orion said...

hello anette , i don't like this book too , a question , do you like the books of camilla lackberg , not the same kind of books i agree :p

orion said...

Hello Anette , i don't like this book too , a question do you like the books of camilla lackberg ?? not really the same kind of books :p

Anonymous said...


I love all of the books in the Vampire Academy series, and the sequel series- Bloodlines is really good too! All of Richelle Mead's books are super great :)

I've been feeling ill this past week too, just take time to drink lots of tea and relax so you feel better. I thought I was feeling much better yesterday, but when I went to my yoga class I realized that I was not a well as I thought I was, I got super dizzy and had to leave early :(

I hope you get well soon and that you're taking things easy.

Love and Hugs,

XxBriannaxX said...

Hehe i agree with you,not so good book. ;-) i tried reading and just couldn't. Definitely not my thing. But yes I need to find a really good book to read... could you recommend one for me? :-)

Rest Calm said...

I even didnt start reading's too dirty and bad for me! Like you said, it's not my book too:)

Unknown said...


I hope you get to feeling better again. After watching my sister the last weeks of her pregnancy, I know there is always a lot to be done.

I am glad to know that there is someone else that is not interested in this book...but Vampire Academy may be one I need to look into. LoL

I hope you, Johan and the boys have a peaceful evening


Karin said...

I have heard so many bad comments about this book, that I will not even try to read it !
I read a lot , and now I have this thing with Swedish, and Norwegian authors :) I like the feeling in those books, and they are "cosy" to read.

I am so happy you are writing this book about the NW-years. Or have you wrote it already? I am so curious: do you have any clue about the timetable, when will it be out? :) I think it is so good you will give a small glimpse into the world you were in with the band .
And now when I am into it I just want to tell you that I am not really that interested in the band anymore: I "found" NW, when you joined, and now I lost interest when you are not there anymore. Well that's enough about that :)

Take care of yourself now, We want you to be healthy and strong soon, when you will be giving birth to a new human being into this world :) As I 've told you before: I think it is so exciting! This waiting for your baby :)

Micha said...

This book is so on top in my class, even my family, my teachers and people in my village read this.

They are so fascinated by it and talk about it all day long.

I didn't read it and I don´t know any other man who did

Unknown said...

Love Vampire Academy :) Enjoy it!

Mattia Vismara said...

Well, I'm not a Swedish reader, I'm Italian, but I study Swedish. If you would like to send it to me, I leave you my address:

Mattia Vismara
Via Oberdan 84,
22040 Arosio (CO) - Italy

Can I ask you something? Could you write 2 lines for me in the book? I would be very very very happy :D

Dalma said...

That’s so sweet of you. I don’t like this kind of books either but as you know I learn Swedish and it would be a good way to practise it. I usually read anything that is in Swedish no matter what it’s about. This is the best way to learn a language, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t live in Sweden but further away so I guess it's more complicated to you to send things here. But still you’re cute. =)

Get better soon,

Unknown said...

I have the same opinion as you. This kind of book should be avoided by every women in the earth, it's only about submission and insecurity.
You women are much more interesting than this =D

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Anette!
Hmm,I totally agree with you on this. This book is beyond bad. I'm a brazilian english teacher,so I bought the book in english,also lead by a friend. I regret that deeply! The most useless R$25,00 I've ever spend! There's no story,the caracters are poorly constructed,it's just...bad. Really bad! My copy is sitting here,waiting for someone who wants it (if any brazilian blog readers read this and it's interested on the english version of this book,contact me,I'm also willing to give away;=)
I'm clueless about why this book became such a fever all over the world. I guess different people,different tastes in literature,right? :)
I've also taken on a new book,a couple days ago and I'm loving it! It's a very famous book,at least here in my country : The Metamorphosis,by Franz Kafka. It's a short story,only 80 pages,but it is very worth re-reading several times,at least,for me,it fits perfectly my literature taste;=)

So,wish you a lovely day! Sending you get well soon vibes! Hope the boys and the baby are alright!
love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

I hated it. I was surprised I even finished it. It was too hardcore for me. I love the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (I've seen every episode probably 10 times) and everything this book was about, my mind went, "yeah.... no." I'm the only one out of my friends who actually hated it. Good thing I'm used to being the "different" one out of the group. Lol. :)

paniina said...

Anette !
About the book, I really enjoyed it, even though it took me a lot to read it. I started it onoce, but then after 100 or so pages I quit, and restarted to read it like a year later and loved the three books :)

But yeah, Vampire Academy is so much better ! I've read the six books like three times each, and loved them every time :)

I you start to read another book please let us know, I love to read!

Have a nice day/night :)



eva fliesaway said...

Hey Anette!

First of all, i am so happy to hear you'll have a baby. I wasn't able to leave a comment the last months cause I'm very stressed with school and things but I always have an eye on your blog to see what's happening with you, dear :)
Abou the book, i did read it, too, but i really did not like it. I like books where there is some kind of action going on, i mean, you can count the pages on whose there's something going on that has not to do with.. ummmh.. with the fingers of one hand. I'm not into that kind of books ;)
Have a nice evening, take care!
Love, Eva

Kay said...

I read the first chapter and give up.

Philippa said...

I'm not surprised you didn't like it, I hated it myself. It's just such an uninteresting story and as you put it: lame. But you don't know until you try, right? :)

Unknown said...

Hey Anette :)

Well, i understand you. This novel is also not my cup of tea^^
But that's fine, everybody has a different taste :)

Wish you a nice evening and take care :)


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,

It's nice to give your advice about this book. In France it's a best-seller, but I don't think that I'll read it... Not my cup of tea.
I'm reading a norvegian book written by Anne B. Radge, I don't know the name in english or swedish maybe the "Neshov Farm". I love it ! It's really interesting.

Good evening, hugs

migi said...

Good evening anette, i'm sorry to hear that you're still ill :(. Hope it gets better soon. One of my favourite books is still "interview with a vampire" by anne rice. I read it a few years ago. And i read it again and again. The last books were twilight. In my opinion the books are much better than the movies. At the moment i read "song of myself" (walt whitman). Someone ;) said it's pretty good. Wish you a nice evening. And some special warm hugs. :)

Beatrix said...

Oh, ok, thanks for sharing your view on it. I was considering to start reading it as it is everywhere.. all bookstores are full of with it... but now I decided to pick something else. So thanks again!
Hope the other book will be better! ;-)

Also, I hope today you did not have fever again!
Take it easy and rest a lot! You need more time to recover when being that pregnant. The little one is out soon and then you can have nice long walks with her/him in the beautiful weather... best timing to have a baby actually! ;-)
Kisses to you and the boys.

Izabella said...

just like Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said Jose Saramago is a great writter and know how to do it.

Izabella said...

just like Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said Jose Saramago is a great writter and he knows how to write. you should check him out if you find some time

MM said...

Hi dear Nettie =) I hope that you are ok now.
I've just finished reading "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles". Did you read it? And should I read the VA? Is it good?
Kisses and hugs to you, and your family =)

Anonymous said...


I'm SO happy you disliked 50 Shades of Grey. LOL. Those books are awful, boring, poorly written. When you first purchased the book, I thought, "Anette's going to hate it! How can she like this, it's so terrible..." Thank you for restoring my hope in the world. Hahahahahaha!

Take care,
And enjoy your new book,

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
well, I warned you. hahahaha
this book is horrible. I also did not read to the end.
I have not had the opportunity to tell you, I was so worried about you. Wish you get well soon. I will pray for you.
Hugs ♥


Anonymous said...

I am quite taken aback with the negative comments regarding this book. It would be one thing for people to say that it’s just not their cup of tea, yet another thing when they bash it because of it.

Perhaps it has something to do with its popularity – I can definitely see how all the rave about it would raise expectations.

But this public awareness towards it, imo, is a very good thing. Whether it is a well written book or not (which I have yet to find out but is beside the point), I’m glad that it explores a different side to sex (I fail to see the problem in delving into its S&M aspect; after all, we’re talking about consenting adults) and that, indeed, it brings attention back to erotic literature in general. I am quite certain that there are a lot of quality writings out there, whether in the S&M genre or otherwise; one just needs to know where to look, but hopefully the better works will get their due attention at last.

There has been too much censure and too much inhibition thrown over what is a natural act (and this also goes for the perception of the human body in general). So in that respect alone, I appreciate the popularity this book has gained and would not be too harsh to judge it.

P.S.: For anyone interested in some good S&M literature, I’d recommend the Sleeping Beauty trilogy, by Anne Rice.

Unknown said...

Dear Anette...i'm sorry that you are not feeling ok..i really hope you get well as soon as possible!A big hug for you!:-)

Unknown said...

Dear Anette..i'm sorry that you're not feeling good..i hope you'll be better as soon as possible!A big hug and take care..:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

I remember when 50 Shades first came out last year :-) As most of my colleagues are female they were all reading it and talking about it. There was even a copy behind the nurses station :-) I remember I got a lift home one evening and she had a copy of 50 Shades in the car. She let me have a little read :-) I only read about one page and a half and it was just like a porn movie in words! :-) If I remember correctly the little bit I read involved a snooker/pool table and flirtation revolving around the refering of snooker/pool cues indirectly to male anatomy! :-) hehehe! :-)

Sorry to read that you're still not well Anette. Though don't worry :-) I'm sure you'll be well again :-)

Sleep well Anette! :-)

Deliah said...

I love you, Anette. You're way too awesome because you say 50 Shits of Gay is lame xD You had me scared for a while since you said you were going to read it :) Ever seen the youtube videos of Ellen Degeneres and Gilbert Gottfried attempting to read the book? They're so hilarious. You should watch them if you want a good laugh xD Also if you want to read an excellent book, read the Wicked series, if you haven't already :D It's one of my most favorites, being a Wizard of Oz fan and all.

Be well, darling! :D

Karolina Black said...

First of all I'm very happy that you coming back to "health shapes".
I also did find nothing interesting in this book, similary to you I gave up to read it very fast. I'd prefer diffrent kind of books eg. detective stories especially by Swedish autors Hening Mankell and Stieg Larsson. Another kind of books I like are psychological. This year I have matura exams, most of them I have to write but I have 2 oral exams too. I had to choose topic of the polish anguage exam and I've decided for 'Mental illness and madness in the literature." It's a great theme, and I olso got wonderfull book " The Einstein Girl" written by Philip Sington,this is a story I can recommend for sure.
And what is more I havn't time to write you smth earlier - for a longer time I knew that you're pregnant - maybe I didn;t know but suspected because you stopped to write abuout runs and work outs, so it is time to say GONGRATULATIONS for you and Johan.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one, Anette. What a pile of rubbish this book (and series) is. Not only is it incredibly misogynistic and depicts a very abusive relationship (which has nothing to do with the BDSM sex), but it's one hell of a boring read, too. Why does she include details like what the characters like to eat, or what colour they pick for their new house? While such content might be appropriate for Facebook or a personal blog, it definitely doesn't belong in a novel!

I'm an English student at university, and a writer myself, and all I have ever learned about storytelling--both from reading many books and discussing them in class, as well as writing them--is that novels ultimately serve a purpose. Whether that purpose is to convey a message, or simply to entertain, if it doesn't fulfill a purpose, it's useless as a novel. There has to be a point, or why read it? A novel has to be realistic and relatable, but it can't be TOO much like real life...otherwise, why read it? We already experience real life every day, there has to be a point to the story if it's going to get our attention. I have a lot more thoughts on 50 Shades, but I won't bore anyone further with them here. :)

Annia said...

Vampire Academy series are the best. It will be a movie from these books soon.I think next year. If you are that kind of book reader i recommand House of Night series. The story has vampires too but its different. I love Vampire Academy and House of Night.

Anastasia said...

Hi,dear Anette!
I've read this book month or two ago. I started to read it just because there were so much talk about it. I'm very capricious as for literature and I thought I would found sth interesting in this book... But there is always a but... I finished first book after that I finished second one.... nothing... It's too much... I can't call this book "Literature".And when I find out the history of this book I was wonder HOW and WHY it was wrote.