Friday, March 15, 2013


Hi all and a very happy friday!!!!

We´re heading down to Malmö to do some shopping and just getting some other sights than Helsingborg. I also love their Zara kids department more than ours we have here, so hopefully some nice clothes for all 3 kids today;=) Got some for the baby yesterday since I have seen that Nemo´s old clothes are more summery and now when having a little march baby I needed more long sleeves and so on. I´ll take more close up photos later on for you;=)

Nemo got a new book. We always read a lot of books every day and this one was fun. It´s about two friends where Ester is always angry! For everything;=) And then Daisy is the opposite - always totally happy!;=) Fun book and a good thing to show that we are all different and see things differently;=)

For me, I got new nail enamels and stones to fix my nails. Fun hobby but lots of work when doing it on yourself. But some practise and I´ll get a hang of it;=)

And then yesterday´s outfit. Sorry for a bit sunny photos, it´s hard to take good photos when the sun is shining in but here you go:

ENJOY your friday now and see you later!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

Though I didn't realize it was Friday until you said so :-) As I work a stream of non-stop shifts I sometimes lose track of the day's :-)

I have to go and get ready for work now :-)

Have a nice day in Malmo today! :-)

See you later Anette! :-)

Laetitianne said...


How are you? And your little one in your belly? Is it party time for him?

Please, can you show us how you do your braids please? Thanks!

Have a nice afternoon!


Unknown said...

I've often thought that you seem so relaxed, even though you've got a little child to look after and a very big belly... and who knows what other projects are going on at the same time. I haven't half as much on my plate (only one little boy to look after), yet I find it really challanging. Maybe I should go get things for myself too ;) All the best for the birth! xxx

Unknown said...

Have a good day, Anette :)

Unknown said...

Helllo Anette, nice clothes, I like it very much :)thanks for cool photos! Have a nice day with your loved ones :*
hugs, Radka

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you had a nice time! I like your yesterday`s outfit ;-) So unusual ;-) And I like ear ring shaped skulls :)
Enjoy this Friday!
Love and hugs ;-)

Henk said...

Hi dear Anette! Looks very beautiful.
Here is nice song for Eurovision 2013 from Russia. Really liked it.

escapeofthedoll said...

I really want to get eventaully! :) Which other OPIs did you get?

Anonymous said...

I love your dress! It looks so pretty! I like looking on Pinterest and those pictures of different nail polish and designs. I would love if somebody did that for me, but going to a salon is out of the question. I have limited movement in my hands and fingers, I think I would freak the ladies out with my hands. Getting a pedi is also out of the question, my feet are ticklish! Lol have a good day! :)

xxkblackxx said...

You have great dress and look great at all :) It is a pleasure to see, that woman in late pregnancy still want to dress up in nice things and look good.
And of course, and maybe the most important, the best wishes for you and your little angels ;)

kerosene said...

This is the most beautiful pic i have seen of you during this pregnancy. Of course you always find your own way to look very pretty, but this time... WOOW :)
Good luck with this cold weather, are you better?
Greetings from Mexico City.

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I see your day was nice, that's great :) You must have much fun with Nemo and reading books and it's nice when you also find time for yourself. Greetings from Slovakia and have a nice day & weekend too!
P.S. I really like your dress :-)

saskia said...

The book looks cute.
I have always love reading books,as child and now. I always had a LOT of books. two shelves as child. Now I have one big shelves, of course with other books.
Have a wonderfull weekend

MM said...

This look is AWESOME!!!! I love the skirt!

Killer Queen V said...

If I could only send you a message and say how much I like you and your work =/
But that's ok, I hope the baby is fully health and bring happiness for you :)