Thursday, June 27, 2013

20 minutes...

...was the time it took me to write down my morning lyrics after the nightmare night...

So now I´m all up for and ready if Mr Nightmare comes tonight again;=) More songs will be created then!

The song I wrote today will be recorded on sunday and I´m longing already!

Tomorrow I´ll try and find some time to blog my wonderful bread recipe that I refined today and NOW Johan and me agreed that it´s a masterpiece;=)

AND today Mio has turned 3 months and I sang a little song for him this morning. 

Here it is!

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Oh, and my blood pressure is perfect! 130/82 and a pulse of 57. The nurse also said I look SO young! I thanked and embraced that and did little "hoppsa-steps" when leaving the building. Here you can see what a hoppsa-step is:

With that I bid you all, my dear ones, a good night!


Paulo said...

Hey Anette!

Please, post the recipe. I will give it to my mom and ask her to give it a try. She usually buy that kind of breads from the supermarket and they taste like sh*t. Haha
It's always better when made at home.

Off topic now: There is this Tarja interview published today where she was asked about you. Hope I'm not opening an open wound posting it, but her answer was nice. :)

Quick translation: Interviewer: What's your opinion on the sudden leaving of Anette Olzon in Nightwish?
Tarja: I have no opinion, I hope she's fine. I don't know her yet, but I would love to.


July said...

Really 3 month?? the time goes so fast!! I'm happy for Mio and for you, I bet Mio is very healthy and happy! and how not if his beautiful and talented mom sings for him! =)

Enjoy to your baby!

Duskclaw said...

Speaking of bread, is it the recipe of which you uploaded videos on Instagram? What kind of bread is it? You see, I am an amateur cook looking for recipes to do. If you would, could you please give me that recipe? I'd be interested in trying it out!

nodoubtaholic said...

haha! that's funny. In the US we call that 'skipping'. I think I might just call it Hopsa from now on.. :D
Love your videos on instagram!!! Keep them coming! Can't wait for this music you constantly tease us about! ;)
Lots of love
Desi from Missouri

Henk said...

Happy 3 months Mio! And it so great to hear your singing!)

Unknown said...

Paulo: Hi and thanks;=) That´s so kind of her and I am sure we´ll meet each other soon. Have a nice friday now and hugs!

Unknown said...

I so love your voice! Thanks for video ;-)
Glad to hear that blood pressure is normal now!
Love and hugs to you ;)

Unknown said...

Anette i hope you do meet Tarja and get along. her fans that have been saying nasty things for so long (and continue to do so) would look rather stupid then.

what are the lyrics for Mio's 3 month song?

the hopsa in english we call skipping. so glad you're blood pressure is healthy. :)

Duskclaw said...

Thanks for the recipe, Anette! And it would be really interesting if you and Tarja got to meet each other!

Duskclaw said...

Also, can we expect to hear your more "witchy" voice in the upcoming album?

AlessandraWilderness said...

Is that Mio's voice in the background? *_* swedish lullabies are better than italian ones xD thank you for this video!!

AlessandraWilderness said...

oh no,'s not a lullaby, but "happy birthday" in swedish...isn't it..? xD