Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Just spread your wings and taste the sky

Hi all,

And hope you have a sunny tuesday, like we do here in Helsingborg;=) Nemo must have been a bit disorientated cause he woke up at 4.50 and went to our couch and then feel asleep there some hours more. Hehe! Guess he thought Disney Channel is on 24/7;=)

Last week I was at a nice store we have here in my city, called CIRKUS for a special evening they held for their customers. I was lucky enough to get a goodie bag and here´s one of the nice things I got. They have their own brand called FIRA and this big scarf is from that brand. I love the text on it:


And I have forgotten to show you my new vase I talked about, with some lovely flowers in it, so here you are;


And then, the bread I baked yesterday, so yummie and healthy

Ok, time to do some shores here and get out in the sun later on;=)  



Baru said...

Oh I really pray for sunny days. We have huge floods here in Czech republic, it´s a disaster. :/ We need the rain stop right now and let the sun shine and drain the wet houses and Prague zoo, too.
I have the same flowers on my table, making me at least a little bit happy, but in dark pink/red. A piece of spring.

eva fliesaway said...

In south Germany it is the same thing as iines said. We pray for sun - it's been raining cats and dogs for more than a week now and so many people have to be evacuated because of the huge floods and need another place to stay, their houses are damaged and everyone hopes this all will stop :/ it really is a desaster..

But of course I am happy you have sunshine, enjoy it and maybe send some warm thougts ;-)

Hugs, Eva

Unknown said...

it's wonderful here. sunny, warm and a fresh breeze. been for a long walk with Bailey. longer than normal. so we're both tired. he's sprawled out on my floor next to me at the moment. no deer today but we did meet a cute puppy.
rest of today is going to be relaxing...maybe give my feet some tlc.

Unknown said...

Here, in my city, we have sunny day also ;-)
Beautiful vase! The peonies are my favourite flowers ;)They grow in my yard.
Have a nice evening!

Anonymous said...

Hi dearest one!

Here is africa its sunny but still very cold seeing as it is winter:). The flowers look lovely,but you have always had good taste,i feel they really bring out the best in the vase. Your bread looks so good maybe you should try to write a cookbook? Food and lyrics lol. It would be a best seller.

All my love!

Unknown said...

Hi my dear Anette!

I really love your voice and personallity, so I thought, I draw a portrait about you :)

Here you can find:


Have a nice day!
Best wishes from Hungary