Monday, June 24, 2013

Last days exercising;=)

Hi all,

So the last 3 days of working out has been this:

Saturday: weights and kettlebell upper body. I always use my tabata so I do 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest and total of 8 rounds.

My exercises on saturday was: push ups against my couch, should lifts forward and to the side, flies lying on my pilates ball, bench press with weights lying on my pilates ball and kettlebell swings

Then yesterday was my cardio day and then I did this video: (hard one)

And now I just finished my weight exercise for today and it was upper body, tabata style and the exercises was:
push up towards my couch
shoulder lifts forward and to the side
shoulder lifts with weights to the side and doing little circles
tricep lifts behind the head
flies lying on my pilates ball
bench press lying on my pilates ball

Tada! 3 days done and 3 days to go before my resting day;=)
ENJOY this day and go get them!


Unknown said...

Anette ... you are living a great summer! Do not like winter that arrived in Brazil. My country is going through a time of change, millions are on the streets asking for what is fair for everyone. Me, one thing does not change, my admiration for his work and his beautiful voice! Hugs!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie, how are you?
I'm today really sad and angry because my wedding ring was stolen in the train :( This is my fault ecause I fall in sleep and now I'm angry as hell. :( I hope so you have a nice day, and I have a question to you how excercise you doing for weight?
Sorry for my "english" I don't have a mind to wrote today :(
Love and kisses

Lina said...

Hello! Ugh, Mondays are the worst! Lol. One more week and then I am OFF TO FINLAND! Aahhhhhh!! Scared and excited too. I am gonna try to make it over to Sweden as well...


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello dear
these exercises are really good
morning I ran along the beach. I feel so good after surgery haha
Now it's time to relax, watching you on my tv =)


Karin said...

Oooohh, finally an internet-connection !!!!!
I am at my summerhouse in Ingå, the Finnish western coast. I so wanted to congratulate you on your birthday, but I couldn't.... But now this problem is fixed, and I can now wish you a Happy Birthday:)
You are now one year older, but I can say, you are in a great age ! You know yourself, you know what you want, you have courage to do things, you appreciate your life. You have a home, you have love. Life is good, isn't it ? :)
And of course, you are super to take care of yourself, I like that! A lot of mothers forget themselves when they are busy to taking of the children, and relationsships, and that is of course understandable... Keep up the positive energy around you! It has been said here before: but it really is enjoyable to read your blog :)