Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Pain in Ukraine

On saturday June 8th PAIN is playing in Kyiv at Rock & Sich festival, so if you live close-by, go see them:-)


Serafim said...

Wow..it's cool :-)

Océane said...

Is johan going ?
I wish I could go there but its really too far :(

Oh and I thinks theres something wrong on your blog, at the end of your post its written "anette olzons vintage store" as if you were posting from this blog and not the normal blog.

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Océane; Hi and thanks, I have fixed it now;=) And yes, Johan is going;=) Hugs back!

Dalma said...

It's because if you have a profile you have one single name and one single self introduction.
I hate that because I wanted to make two blogs, but as they would've been about different topics I wanted different self introductions. And that didn't go...
And I don't want my name to be visible in neither of them but I do when it comes to comments in other blogs. An impossible and annoying situation... :D
Only escape is to make several profiles, as far as I know.