Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday exercise (tough one)

So, me and Johan just finished our sunday exercise. Johan on one side of the living room and me on the other. A tip to get focused and determined is to get your partner with you in the exercising. Motivates you to do it the days you feel tired and lack motivation;=)

Todays workout is 12 minutes and oh my, hard!!! Same thing as before - 50 seconds and then 10 seconds rest.

Go get them!!!


Océane said...

You're so cute :)
I really have to go back to the gym ! :/

You dont use youre treadmills anymore?

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

bodyrock? check out Zuzka Light. she does similar stuff after she left bodyrock.
personally i like going through the nutrition section...i have to omit whey powder due to my anxiety. i also like that she listens to fans, is honest and encourages others as well.
i find Bailey, another one of my dogs is a great motivator..we both love going for walks in the woods or along the trails on the cliff tops and if i don't take him out for a day or two he gets rather moody with me.

Robermifernes said...

hey :)
this is move from last year (exactly - 2/06/2012) Ursynalia Festival in Warsaw :) it was awesome!
do you have some memories from Poland?

eskoplja said...

You loo so cute, love the second picture! So sweet :)
Will check that exercise.
Have a lovely day


Ena :*

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette!

I am handicapped and I am starting physical therapy next month. I'm really excited because everything in my body feels like jello. Lol. I've been out of therapy four I think almost seven years. So I'm expecting pain for the first couple of weeks. I am a very different person when it comes to finding motivitation to do things such as excerise. Growing up, I was really jealous over my mom and sister having HUGE muscler caves. I didn't, but then again that kind of goes with my disease. Everytime I did therapy in school, I would draw inspiration from them to keep myself going. I do have muscles in my caves they are very small. Over the last year, I kept complaining of pretty much everything in my body hurting. My mom tried to find information to get me back into therapy. Last August, even though we never found out an exact date to when I'd start. I already had an inspiration to help motivite myself through the pain. Now that it's almost time to start working out. I now have two inspiration. My first and now you. :)

Sorry for rambling. I didn't think it was goin to be this long. Keep up the good work and Johan too!

eva fliesaway said...

Hey Nettie!

Cool you started sports again! This is so motivating for me, you can't believe it :)

When do you think you'll start selling stuff in the vintage store? I am so looking forward to it! to Wich email adress will the requests have to be sent? :)

Have a great evening! Love,

Unknown said...

Is that a tennis skirt? Kinda sexy must I say ;)

Gretchen said...

I cannot believe how amazing you look, Anette! Beautiful. Hot mama!

Taaja said...

That's so nice that you exercise together.. and you look cute!


Unknown said...

Hi Anette! you look great!


Matias D Andrea said...

you look so great anette, really beautiful!!! my album is almost finished, the lyrics and music is inspired by you, im so happy, is a dream come true for me, de titel is "ETTENA" (i hope you like it) well, i send you some material soon, a big kiss from argentina!!!

Unknown said...

HI Anette,

you look great! :)


Micha said...

Hey Anette,

taday it kept on raining in Germany and the government declared a state of emergency.
So many towns and villages are underwater....and it won´t stop raining.

But I am happy that the schools are closed tomorrow :)
In every tragedy you can find a positiv side.

Elmas said...

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Unknown said...

Annette, you look amazing wow