Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Todays workout

So, I need to share this exercising video with you that I did today. It´s great cause it takes 21 minutest including warm up, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and cool down and stretch.AND it is a really sweaty and burning exercise;=)

I did this and before that my tabata with boxing exercises.

Now I feel good but quite dead;=) 



Unknown said...

be a mether, singer, housewife, woman,... af! Just doing a lot of exercise, and a lot of love and dedication. Congratulations on the results, you inspire me! Kisses!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi dear, good morning.
Uau, I hope you've enjoyed the excercise day and I really can't imagine how painful you're feeling now, haha..but don't give in, you are strong and will win!!

About the summer break for Seth, how great it is. So soon I'll start my "winter break" because here in Brazil we are in a kind of winter, because suny and hot days are very common and I hate it.
I remember six years ago when you entered in the band, Seth was just a little beautiful child and now he is a little man, how time passes and we just don't see. We always think we have the tomorrow and we can do everything we want because we all have "a lifetime before us" but we don't and that's a prove =).

So, I hope your day be fulled of love and light.

Love, Carol

Micha said...

It looks way too exhausting for me O.o
But nice that you like it :P

On Tuesday you wrote that you had a creative soin and wrote some lyrics. If someone would send you some lyrics, would you give your honest opinion to it?