Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Oh, hi there!

So, already wednesday and I am so happy cause today I´m going to my dear BFF Linda to color my hair! I think we´ll do some highlights but let´s see what we decide on when I´m there! So longing for some time to chit-chat with Lindis and get some pampering;=) She works in an all organic hair salon now so it´s also the first time I try hair coloring with organic products. I nowadays only use organic hair  schampoo and conditioner, this brand: John Masters organic, and it´s great products! 

With nursing the hair turns really bad, compared to when being pregnant. The shiny thickness is exchanged with flat, non-lustrous boring hair so I am used and know that it will suffer these months. But some color can improve it and I haven´t done any coloring for a year so I think it´s ok now;=)

Yesterday I did a bad ass workout with lots of exercises for the abs and my behind and let me tell you that I am so soar already;=) Today I´m focusing on my arms and weights. I do one day more cardio and one day more weights.

And yesterday also was the last day in school for Seth, now it´s summer break so lazy glorious days for him now;=) I still remember the lovely summer breaks and it´s so good for the kids to get some days at home.

Enjoy your day now;=)


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
Oh is great ! Have a wonderfull day with you're friend !!I want see the result of your new hairs colors :)Whitch color you have choose ?
Have a Good exercices !
Happy Holidays to Seth :)
With love :)
Kisses & hugs <3

eskoplja said...

I am going to color my hair too today :)
My hairdresser will make it more red.
Show us the new result, I am sure you will look very lovely with any color you put :)
Have a nice time


Ena :*

Nora said...

Good morning.... :)

Going to get a new haircut sounds really nice...I wished I could go to a hairdresser too...! :/

How many weeks does Seth have off of school? In germany summer holidays for pupils last 6 weeks. I couldn`t find anything on the internet about that. :)

Have a nice day, Nora.

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette :)
I'm glad to read that you're happy. It's every time nice to meet the BFF. My BFF lives so far away form me and I miss her a lot :( I would give my everything to meet her only for 5 minutes and hug her. Distance is really bad :(
Anyway...have a nice day and show us your new hair :)
Kisses :*

Unknown said...

Nora: Hi! They have 2 months off here;=) Starts again august 19

Anonymous said...

Sounds nice! I don't color my hair. I'm really against it. I see a lot of young girl who color their hair and it's broken all over. One of my class mates does it each serviral weeks in another color. Now she's since a few months blond but her real hair is brown so you can see it now. I prefer wairing wigs :-) You can put it on whenever you want and in a period of time it's much cheaper than go to the hairdresser to color your hair... we'll that's my opinion. Perhaps later I'll have to color my hair...

I still have to do 2 exams and I'm finished with high school :D I'm so looking forward to that! Although I'm gonna miss it :( Yesterday I had to do a important presentation and I was so nervous. But I think everything will be OK. I have to be optimistic!

Enjoy your day my dear!!

Nora said...

Aww...lucky Seth. 2 months off is awesome. Bet he'll enjoy each day! :)