Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creative spin

Hi all,

I´m in a creative spin at the moment and I love it;=) Today I´ve done lyrics and melodies for 3 new songs. Not totally ready but ready enough to do some demo recordings;=) So thursday I´m heading to Niclas and the studio for some hours of working!!! Fun!

And all the time while I sit here and sing, do lyrics back and forth, Mio lies in my lap sleeping. He loves to hear it and that makes it so much easier. One song I did today is for Alyson Avenue, my old band and Niclas and me has started to work with some songs and I like to do that for them;=) I hope the band and singer will like it;=)

Here´s some outfit photos from the last days:

Saturday, going to mum for some barbecue

Shorts Golden goose, black nursing top H&M, grey tee from Jfour

 Sunglasses from H&M

Military jacket from Nolita


Pink blouse from Custommade, white nursing top H&M

Jeans from Gina Tricot


Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello dear Nettam, how are you?
Its so nice to hear about you and your music.. And it seems so nice you still doing stuffs for alyson avenue! Even you out of teh band, still a respect and work... Something that other bandas (and I'm not speaking only about NW) happen...
I can't wait to listen you solo songs!
Hope you boys are fine :) ANd I loved this outfits...

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
I'm very very impatiente to listen your news songs !! I can't wait !!

I love your outfits as always ! You're very beautiful ! Mio is so lovely He leaves his mother work :*
Have a great evening dear !
With love
Kisses & Hugs :* <3

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
I'm sure the guys of Alyson Avenue will like your work for them.
Mio is so cute. I think every baby likes to hear his/her mum singing. I loved it when I was young and for that still love to hear my mum singing. :-)

Steffi <3

Anonymous said...

Hi dearest one!

Havent checked your blog in a while but i must say i love your shades. Your really an inspiration to me! I've been listening to your colabs with NW non-stop for the past few days,cos my band fired me for a female vocalist:(. I really cant wait to hear your new solo stuff,but i wanted to ask,if it is permitted,is it better to be solo or in a band cos right now i've started giving up hope on music. Anyway i'm glad that baby mio likes his mums vooice,he might grow up to follow in his parents footsteps!


TheDeadUnicorn said...

You look amazing!Ugh your legs are so beautiful they make me want to cry.Sob.
Also,it's great to know you're back to music!I'm so,so,so happy!Will we have to wait much longer for your album?I guess so,right?Well,I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
It's so sweet to see how you keep in touch with your old band.Adorable!
Have a great day,

Taaja said...

Yay, new songs... :D

Karin said...

Hi Anette,
Yesterday I thought of you and I 've been meaning to ask you about your singing :)
I think it is so good to hear that you are writing songs, and also for your old band :)
Do you feel ok nowadays for leaving Nw? It was certainly a bitter feeling then, but how about now ? You have Mio, your super lovely family, you have your own songs , your writing...Your own career on its way ... ? :) Do you think all has a meaning, that it is meant to happen, if you know what I mean ?
We all learn something from every "adventure" we go through. What do you feel?
Sorry to bring up this, but I am so happy I "found" you and your voice from Nw. Nw was also a big thing in my life when you were there, but not anymore.
Your voice makes me happy, and calm , and warm inside , and I am so waiting for your own material.
You are a bubbling person , and it is always interesting and fun to read your blog about bits and moments in your life, and your clothes :) thank you for that!
I was in a writing-mode here, as you can see :)
Take care dear Anette, and enjoy the days of summer !

André Verwijs said...

Fashion queen :) looks great. You look great in anything you wear

and i hope all work on your album goes well.

with love,

Anonymous said...

good luck nettie :3 i want to hear you very soon!

reub2000 said...

You look hot in those hot shorts.

I heard Sweden was so hot that male train drivers in Stockholm decided to wear skirts. I thought it was cool that no one seemed to care.

Beatrix said...

Hei Anette,

Wohoo, good news! Can't wait to hear the outcome!

I found something cute what I wanted to share with you. I am sure you, mother of 3, will like it.
It is a song from Anneke (ex-The Gathering) to her son:


Hope you have some time to check it out.
Sleep well! :)

Natalia Blum said...

looking HOOOT!

Unknown said...

Zander; Hi! So sorry to hear they fired you;=( That´s not nice to do no matter the reasons they had. But I am sure you will find a better path and when it comes to your question it´s hard to answer cause there are positive and negative things about both situations. I like being in bands to have friends to lean on and have the friendship and get the musical exchange interacting in the music, but I also like being solo since I like to have a saying in everything and in a band you´re one of many and therefore need to do what the others want in many situations. So there are good things and bad things with both things and I can´t say what is the best. Most important is to know what you want, your style, do own songs or co-write with others, get a good agent or manager and believe in yourself;=) Good luck;=)

Anonymous said...

Yay that are writing songs again! I think I like the second outfit more than the first one. Very spring-y and bright! That and the pink blouse looks great with your hair too! Enjoy your evening :)

Yanna said...

3 songs, wow you must have had a lot of inspiration !
Mio is sooo lucky to hear you sing songs ! (and to have you as a mum !)

Love your sunglasses !

Have a good night !

Unknown said...

I'm sooo exacited!I can't wait to hear them!To be honest with you I'm even happier now because you are the one who's writting the lyrics, not others,we can hear your own stuff,your own creation.You really are the queen of fashion, I wish you would be a fashion designer,you would create the best fashion lines ever.Love your tattoos, looks great on you and the sunglasses.Have tons of fun working on demos and keep up the good work!Hugs, be blessed

Mistress E. said...

You are so beautiful, my queen! You look like an angel. Love u.

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
it´s nice to hear that you write new Songs:D!
And i think Mio is happy to hear your singing;)
You look real relex on your Outfit photos Anette and sexy.;)

One of my fav bands was last Weekend in Ukraine too, but I´m not sure it was the same Festival, where was Johan´s Band too.

There a Video from the band.
I can not wait to hear your Song´s Anette. I agreed with you by yur Zander Comment:)
I know from so many small Band there have changing the member so much. Only from two bands i know, they Disconnect in the dispute. Most member rom the another bands must go about privat things. But this is another story.

For Zander:):
Take the matter is not so much to heart.To be in a band to being alone and always has advantages and drawbacks. Now enjoy your time as a break and not think what was. Thinking about the past helps no one.

That was enough from me;)
Sleep well and a energie morning for you Anette.