Wednesday, June 26, 2013


When I´m not so active in here you always get small updates in my Instagram, now also with short videos;=)
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migi said...

Good evening dear Anette,
How are you? Thank you sooooooo much for the videos in your Instagram!!! :D i always read your blog but i visit your instgram just from time to time. Because i don't have an account there. So thanks for the information. I'm very very happy to see you and hear your voice again. Yesterday i watched imaginaerum for the first time...i guess i cried the half of the movie. it touched me so deep. And you look so gorgeous in the red dress. I would like to know, is there a E-Mail adress or something where we can send you private messages or photos? It's just a question. I wish you a wonderful evening. And big hugs as always :D

Taaja said...

Sooo cute on videos:) And I like your voice.


Taaja said...

.. I just want to ask where did you buy this top?
I liked it from the very first time that I saw it on you.. it's really cool!


Beatrix said...

...and when you are not active for a while neither here nor there we usually start to worry... ;-)

linnea-maria said...

Aww, va kul att man kan lägga upp små videoklipp :D

Unknown said...

migi: send it to:

Taaja: I bought that in USA, I believe in New York, in our DPP tour, the very first one;=)

Unknown said...

ooh videos! <3 :D
i nearly fell off my chair laughing at the "it's raining like hell part". we call that summer here in britain. it always rains when Wimbledon starts. i'm not complaining cause it should mean that i get juicy strawberries.
looking forward to seeing more videos. :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... I loved the black dress and pink! Your baby is very cuddly, cute! My kids call everything that is fluffy and cute: "biluquinho!" So you guys are very "biluquinhos!" Hugs and kisses!