Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An intense night...

...full of weird dreams made me sit down immediately this morning and write a song, this time with Swedish lyrics;=)

It´s a melancholic song full of sadness and I hope I can record it really soon to see if it´s a keeper and if I will use the Swedish text or should re-write it in English. Writing in Swedish is something I haven´t done since early Alyson Avenue days, so it´s quite challenging. There´s something with writing in my native language, it feels harder to not make it sound "cheesy" if you know what I mean?;=)

But every challenge to develop is a GREAT challenge, right?

Now time for cardio exercise! Here´s a song from my time with Alyson Avenue about dreams, so suitable after my dreamy night;=)

ENJOY this day my dear ones!


linnea-maria said...

Hoppas att det inte var något som oroar dig eller din familj som gjorde dig melankolisk. Det är verkligen skitsvårt att inte låta fånig på svenska. Jag tycker att Jocke Berg mästrar det här med svenska texter alldeles ypperligt.

Aline said...

Hi Anette !
Congratulations for your new song ! I can't wait to listen this ^^ I miss your voice ;)

I hope you can record this soon ^^

Have a nice day you too !



Betty Blue said...

I know what you mean. It´s way harder for me to write poems in German. In English, it´s no problem... but when I start to do it in German it gets so, yes, cheesy... Guess it´s always the same =)

Unknown said...

Anette ... my late grandfather used to say that dreams are messages, alerts, God found a way to communicate with many people at once and to understand - we need them to be simple, innocent, small. That your dreams are ways for a good future and happy! Good luck with the lyrics! Kisses!

Unknown said...

Cylene; hi! Yeah, I do believe in this too. I believe it´s our hidden inner self telling us things, maybe warning us or alerting us to take care of ourselves, or listen to our inner self when things go fast. I took my dreams as a sign of taking it easy today and reflect inwards, so that´s what I do. I even skipped my exercise. Take care now!

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I dream a lot... and some mornings I have to wake me up really early after a weird dream too.
Your challenge in swedish is great, I'm sure that you'll do it well (even if I don't understand swedish).
I always love to listen some Nightwish music in finnish because we can hear your accent...
Take care

Carol Misokane said...

Hi dear Nettan..
This past night was too bad for me too. Since I knew a very special one is going to Portugal and will stay there for three months, my heart broke and I'm bleeding and crying everyday. Today I'll say my last goodbye to him until he gets the airplane and go..how I feel mourn right now, is like a piece of my soul is going together, a big hole is in my chest, I can't find my heart anymore. To be sincere, I never felt this way before about someone, he is just a friend and teacher, nothing else, but is like I know him since my past lives and the notice he is going killed me.
For this, tonight I had a very interesting dream, with you singing a song I never heard before, I don't know if it was just images and sounds of my broken mind or if it was a sign I should try to write and send you, so I'm doing this and I hope you like.


Your beautiful light shine upon me
It's like I'm in Heaven when you are here
I can't let you go

My tears are falling since the day you left
I didn't come here to stay without you
Your beautiful is everything I need to stay
Please, don't leave me all alone
In the cold storm

Your beautiful
I need you to stay
Since the day you're gone I can't see the light
Beautiful, why can't you let me go with you?

The days seem like years without you
I count the days to see you again
I don't know if I will
I just wander if I cross your mind sometimes

Can't stop baring the hope to meet you again
It's beautiful the way you touched me
But how hard it is to let you go

Beautiful, come back to me
My knees are too weak to stand without you
Your beautiful, catch my hand, I can't stay here anymore
Bring me the light back
Bring me your beautiful again.

Dear, it was something like that, of course I can't remember every lyric, because it was a dream, but I remember like it was you and me singing and playing together, and I still hear the word Beautiful clearly. It was really beautiful.
Honey, please, send me good energies, because I can't imagine how it will be when I meet him tonight to say my last goodbye. If I could, I would catch him in my arms and never let him go. I know it's a short time, but time is painful when we love someone and this one is going.

Thank you for everything.

Love, Carol

Siren said...

Hi Anette! If You need some months ago our official polish fanclub for Nightwish (www.oceansouls.pl)made an album with all Yours outfits from DPP and IM, if You need photos for Your outfits check this link
Take care and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Coincidentaly I also had a few strange dreams during the early hours of this morning. Out of the 3 of them I remember 2.

One of the dreams was rather disturbing as I was trying my hardest to beat a patient to a pulp whilst he was lying on his bed :-( Which is strange as in reality I would never ever do anything like that as I'm really nice to my patients.

In the 2nd dream I was wandering around an empty building where all the lights are on and it's night time outside as I walk past all the windows and I think the building was having maintenance work done to it on the inside as well.

When I was a child there were a number of occassions before a dream would start I would always feel like I was floating up towards the ceiling and then I'd float through the ceiling and my dream would start :-) This stopped at about the age of 7. I have a friend who used to be into spiritualism and he told me that it was my soul that was floating up towards the ceiling on the number of occassions it happened

Have a nice evening Anette! :-) And sweet dreams tonight! :-)

Unknown said...


Cheesy xD, I Have a Lot Of Time That I Don't Listen To A Song In Swedish, Every Day I Listen In Spanish, English, Latin, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, French, Just To Name a Few...

Singing In Spanish It's Funny, One Day You Should Try To, Even If You Don't Speak It, As Ailyn Did In Sirenia, She Didn't Knew English, Just Singed It haha...

Dalma said...

No, keep it Swedish, please. =)

I listen to the Swedish version of songs like Spirit - Jag är fri and Modig - Fri som fågeln but I'll hear your originally Swedish song in English??

Actually, I'm not following. Why should it be harder to write in your mother language?

Maybe it's because I don't speak English fluently but for me it's indescribably harder to write in any other language than my own. In my language I can do such things... I can play with words as a cat with a mouse. I can express the same thing in dozens of ways. I can play with suffixes creating words, which don't exist yet are easy to understand. I can choose the style of my text. I can express emotions and the smallest details with the smallest differences in such a way... How could I do this in any other language than my dearest? Even this text I'm writing would be so much easier.

I was always good at literature. So maybe it's the language itself? Hungarian is said to be expressive: "Simply because through this extraordinary, ancient and powerful language it is possible to precisely describe the tiniest differences and the most secretive tremors of emotions."

Sometimes I wish you understood my language so I could write in a comfortable way here. =) But if I want to speak to the world I have to use its language, right?

Now I stop because I feel that I just haver here. So anyway, how is your book? It'll be in Swedish, won't it? I so looking forward to read it (and practise with it). :D

Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!
Good luck in recording your song=) We passionately wait for it!)

And about "I am", it's my secong favourite song of Alyson Avenue after Without you love...I love it))

Nalon said...

Evening Anette,

good to know i´m not the only person the world, they had weird dreams. Ok this dreams ending most in nightmares.:/

But yes some one it´s great to write they down for poems or a Song.:)
Sometimes I had the idea to publish my poems. But then I thought, what if others misunderstand my poems. Even if they do not know me.
This sounds a bit silly to me.
But you never know what others think or mean to see into the text.
That's why I still hesitate to send my poems to a publisher.

I hope you has baned your Sadness in this song. So it will let you in pace forever now:)

Enjoy this Evening/ night.


FAQing Amazing said...

Dear Anette, I believe our dreams are incredibly important too! Bad thing is I can never remember what I dream of unless it's something super amazing or a horrible nightmare, so something I used to do when I was feeling confused or overwhelmed about things, was putting an alarm clock early in the morning, so I woke up 5 minutes then went back to sleep. In that time in between until you get out of bed, you can have MANY wild, very revealing dreams that help you think. But you need time for that, and I don't think littke Mio would allow it :P

And about the cheesy writing, it always happens with native language :P that's why I can't stand most of the lyrics in spanish I hear nowadays, but it's funny because you can choose a very good english song, translate it to your native... and it's suddenly horrible :P

Take care and have a very nice day

Taaja said...

Uhh.. I'm so sad when I read that some songs won't be recorded.. and in Swedish it would be cool to hear. :)

I hope that those that you won't record you will at least share lyrics with us.. I'm really interest! I want to write songs myself, too, but don't I don't succeed in writing them. Poems aren't that hard to me but something more "cheesy" as you say.. is a no-go sadly. But, will keep on trying;-)

Have a nice day!

Marcio Evair said...
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Marcio Evair said...

Hi, Anette.
Im brazilian and made a tattoo and i wanna show you. Cannot send in this comment. :/ Can i send the picture to your email? Can u tell me the email address?
With luv, Marcio.

matotu said...

Hi, Anette!
I wish you the best for another year of your life. Lots of happines, love and fun! I wasn´t conected to the internet last days, so I write later.
I understand your "language problem" :-).

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hi dear
I think dreams are warnings. Hope you have better dreams. =)
this song and Tonight Is All You Get are my favorite songs of Alyson Avenue
you wrote?
I always thought the reason the european bands write songs in english. Then I heard a song in finnish and thought: well, it's hard to form a good sound to it. Haha, but I like it. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan sounds so good.
writing songs in english seems to be easier, almost all brazilian metal bands and pop singers do it too.
Hugs, jag älskar dig ♥