Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exercising yesterday and today!

Oh my! Just finished my cardio for today and if you want a great sweaty exercise, this is the one;

Remember - do every exercise fully and no cheating and do as many as you can! (this is not an exercise for beginners, you should be a bit in good condition)

Yesterday I did my upper body and I did push ups agains my couch tabata 20 seconds for 8 rounds, shoulder lifts to the side and in front of me with small weights for 20 seconds x 8 rounds, lying on my pilates ball I did flies with small weights same thing: 20 seconds x 8 rounds and then bench press 20 seconds x 8 rounds too.


Done with 5 days of workout and tomorrow it´s my resting day and eating day;=)

Longing already;=)

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