Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This will hurt...


Did this again and today I pushed myself and did the whole video 3 times! My stomach is already dead since I had a cardio and ab workout yesterday too;=)

BUT my body will thank me later, haha! Not now though=)


Unknown said...

I was very bored after school ended and I didnt know what to do,then I finded out about your blog and I saw some amazing workouts and then I started to work out.Every day I do 2 videos of workout and I walk 2 miles.
Greetings from Croatia.
(PS. I wonder,will you have concert in croatia after you release your album?)

Unknown said...

Anette ... you are very strong and warrior is admired by so many people! Music is his golden armor, his voice is the spirit of love for the cause, the stage is where you win the battle and every drop of your sweat is worth all our love, respect and willingness to feel the warmth of this beautiful star! First human, imperfect as we all dependent on the love, pain, and subject to the action of time, ... and owner of one of the most beautiful voices in the world! Anette ... we are his fans for being so you! May God always for your domains!

Unknown said...

the knee ups and jump lunges should be done faster. they're plyometric and used to build explosive power in the legs. the v sit ups the arms should be kept still with legs also still but always off the ground. as for the plank with knee reach...there is another similar exercise...the peak out (in the middle of the first flow) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VddTcl7fUSs crazy and hard but fun work out. my mad methods does kettlebell work outs too. ;)

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
So... I follow you and I do my first exercise today for a long time ;) I think I will be painful tomorrow ^^ but I'm really happy because I started ;)
I'm really happy than you started do your new album, You are strong women, so you can do it ! You can do everything ;)
With Love Kinga

Izabella said...

in Poland this girl is very popular now, the work out is called Killer and indeed i was dead after first try(she speaks in Polish so you can skip the beginning and then just do what she does)

Duskclaw said...

Anette, if there's one thing I've learned through my musculation classes at school, it's that you need to give your body some time to recuperate, or else things will only go downhill. So yeah, preferably, don't work out the same muscles two days in a row :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I hope you and all your family are well and happy! :) Sorry I haven't written a while, been burning my candle at both ends lately lol :).

That's impressive hey! 3 times you did that, I probably wouldn't manage one lol. I totally agree with what you said about the body, after a work out it seems to hate us but later it appreciates it.

Thankyou for being so inspirational to me in so many ways. Tkae care keep well an hope to chat soon

luv bren :)

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
So... I did this exercise and I can say, this was the hardest 8 minutes of my life ^^ I do exercise everyday and I hope so I'll looking and feel better