Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Auction - leather dress from Tiger

So, time to sell this sexy leather dress I had on stage in our DPP tour in USA;=)

Soft leather, short with detachable straps so you can use it either strapless or with straps.

Size is Medium and here´s the measurements:

Bust: 90 cm measured on the fullest part straight over the bust

Waist: 78 cm

Hips: 90 cm

You send me an e-mail with your bid and the highest bid (buyers within EU) will get it and as I told before, for every purchased item I donate a part of the profit to CHILDHOOD and I send the buyer this CHILDHOOD bracelet:

. I have a lowest bid on this item and that is:

80 euros

Happy bidding;=)


Unknown said...

That is a very pretty dress:)

KEEP IT NWOBHM!!! said...

Nice leather dress, you looks very good in it!!! Cool!!! Cheers, Gabriel

SuperCherie said...

Hej Anette! I just wanted to post few pictures of that leather dress you're selling. It brings a bit more character to the garment when knowing its "history". Like with those pants and red dress you sold earlier.

Soulmirror said...
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Soulmirror said...

fro a NW singer to a 2nd hand seller. just go for it! ;)

Unknown said...

And I dont have any money:( I'd spend it on cds and other bandmerch:(