Monday, June 03, 2013


Last days outfits has been mostly dresses since it´s summer;=) I love wearing dresses and here´s my two favourites at the moment. One from Odd Molly (I have worn their dresses on stage too) and one from Paul & Joe Sister. So cute and I love to pare dresses with my boots for autumn so I will wear these a lot;=)

I got the lovely Acne boots on 30% off so a great bargain;=)

First stripy outfit:

 Pants and shirt Zara

Then saturday dress:
 Dress from Paul & Joe Sister

Shoes from Chloé

And then yesterday:

 Shirt and pants Zara

 Bag LV

Boots Whyred

And then today: 
 Dress/tunic from Odd Molly and leggings Gucci

 Boots Acne

Ear rings from Accessorize

Old ring from Topshop

ENJOY this day;=)


Lina said...

Hi Anette! The outfits look great! I am only one month away from my trip to Finland! I've got a place to stay in Helsinki, my passport, my suitcase... And I will be staying there for a while so maybe I will make it over to Sweden!


Unknown said...

perfect dress, dear! love your style!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nettie,

I dreamed of you last night.

I was organizing a massive show to celebrate something, I didn't quite get what the fuss was about. And in the end of the show you and Nw sang Storytime. And I was so confused: HOW??? I mean, it was the greatest touch to my show, but I was the organizer and I had no clue that something like that was in the program, and after all you and Nw had parted ways. Then it followed some kind of labyrinth maze when I was desperately trying to find out whether you were really there or it was just some sort of holograme. I was walking long corridors in the backstage of the venue that held my show. The running-from-something and trying-to-find-something dreams are very challenging. They are proper work-outs, haha. And then I finally found a door, some kind of dressing room! And there you were eating an amazing strawberry cake with Emppu (who had black hair... and looked... ah, let's just say black hair wouldn't suit him). And I went and gave you a BIG hug.

I suppose that the dream shows my regret in not being able to meet you, although I saw you live... But back then I was too young to have the courage and freedom to wander alone around a big festival in search of my idols. I met Tuomas and Marco, but secretly you and Emppu were the ones I really wanted to meet. Maybe that's what the dream is about... teenage memories.

I just felt like sharing. Have an amazing day and maybe, one day, I will get the chance to meet you somehow.

Lots of love,

eskoplja said...

I absolutely LOVE to combine boots with dresses. I like the first and the last outfit the best.First is so Beetlejuice style, second is very romatnic (are those horses on the dress?), third very casual and the last is rocky&hippie.
Wish you a lovely day



† Lαdy Drárfαn † said...

You're so beautiful, I love you ♥

Océane said...

Hi Dearie!

I really love your stripped pants! And it dont suit everyone! =)

Today I went to the seamstress to get a skirt (I bought 2years ago and never worn) resized =) and I alsoasked her to "create" a skirt for me and I should have it next week =)

And talking about clothes, I cant wait to buy yours! =)

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

i'm not a big fan of wearing prints myself but i do have a light green, light grey/gray and white summer shirt. think it's time for it to come out now that's it's 19C here in east yorkshire. ;)
but me and Bailey have been for our long walk in the woods and found 2 roe deer (looked like both where girls). unfortunately we couldn't get too close before they ran off. i'm still trying to get as close as i can to take good photos. maybe when i get more camouflage lol.

Anonymous said...

I like your stripy pants and owl ear-ring :-)

I presently feel like an owl as I'm working nights this month :-) Which is actually very good as I can avoid all the nonsense that's occuring on days at the moment. I'm surrounded by absurdity.

Dalma said...

That's cute. I have dreams like yours quite often. I love anlysing my dreams because they show what bugs me in real life, even if I'm not aware of those things. As if they'd like to warn me. Sometimes it's not so obvious and I have to think a lot about a certain dream to find out its meaning. And sometimes I discover an analogy between the dream and the things that happen to me not just before but after the dream. :D

Gemi said...

Hi Anette! I love your blog!!!!!! I´m watching videos and i found this in my favourite list:

I love this show! How did you feel? How was your best experience on a stage?

Best wishes! I wait your answer **

Anonymous said...

I loved your Sunday outfit the most! So casual and nice at the same time. I loved the brown boots too! I was trying to figure out what the print was on the dress, I kept thinking, "well it looks like a cheetah" but that last picture, I said, "it's a horse!" So different! I also love the beetlejuice pants too! :D

DaAlex01 said...

Hi Anette!!
Do you receive all Emails from your management?
Best regards!!!

Unknown said...

Hi, Anette!
I love the stripped pants. I have been looking for a pair but I still haven't found once that look nice.
Enjoy your day!

Veralidaine said...

I love the dress from today! The other outfits are great too and you look fantastic, but today's dress was superb!

Serafim said...

Like your pants and dresses, dear Anette, especially pants from Zara =)
You're lucky that have summer and sun in Sweden. Yesterday in my town the rain poured for the whole day. Today it's cloudy and really windy, hope it won't rain )

Have a nice day!
With love,

Katka said...

Hello Anette, you look simply gorgeous, with figure of 20 years old woman :) If I hadn't known you gave birth to three beautiful children I would have never guessed !! :) BTW the idea with selling your clothes is great :)

Greetings from rainy Slovakia.

Katka said...
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