Thursday, June 27, 2013

If I were 12 today... my younger life in this time of age, the internet age and with all the possibilites, I would just sit by the computer and play around with videos like this one:

BUT since I am old, wise and boring, I don´t do that! Oh no....;=)

Sleep well!!


migi said...

hahahahahaha thank youuu so much! this is definitely my new favourite Video ;) i could give you dozens of hugs. you are so funny and cute. if i were 12 today, i would like to do Videos like this one with you together=) haha. i guess we would never run out of ideas.

i wish you a good night (without any nightmares). big hugs as always :D

Océane said...

Ok, you're crazy! hahah

And I wish I'll be old, wise & boring like you! héhé!

Thanks for that, it feel so good to see you in such a great shape (if its means something in english ahah!)! And Im glad your blood pressure is perfect! Great news!

Have a nice night dearie,
Love you,

July said...

hahahahahahaah you killed me Nettie!!

You're so fun, and yes, sometimes we don't have free time and fun, and we have attention another things, but I think sometimes we can be little kids again!

P.S: I loved the hearts flying across the video!

Júlia Cavagnolli said...


You always make me smile. :)

That made my day. :P

Júlia Cavagnolli said...


You always make me smile. :)

This video made my day. xxx <3

Duskclaw said...

Oh, Anette... Always making me smile!

Anonymous said...

You seemed to be having fun. Taping random videos is fine and innocent. You can never be too "old" to have a little fun. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so lovely and always look happy! Stay humbled, beautiful and happy Nettie! Cheers from the Philippines!

Anonymous said...

You're so lovely and always look happy! Stay humbled, beautiful and happy Nettie! Cheers from the Philippines!

Anonymous said...

You look cool, funny and very happy, Nettie. Stay sweet, humble and happy. Cheers from the Philippines! ;)

Unknown said...

Kind of..... who am I fooling, that is aweet. Sweeeeeeetttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAQing Amazing said...

HAHA I just love you :)

Dark Queen said...

Hahahahah cute video :-) you look happy and a little crazy.i just love people like you are:-)
Have a nice day <3

DreamerGirl131 said...

oh my god XDXD you're amazing XD

eskoplja said...

You are such a cutie :) are never too old to have fun :) That video really made my day!
Always stay like that. ♥
Big hugs to you

Ena :*

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Jag är helt kär i den videon! Jag har haft några jobbiga dagar, och den videon var precis vad jag behövde för att få mig att le igen :)

Idag fick jag den boken som du skickade till mig! Jag blev lite tårögd och just nu försöker jag lugna ner min andning.

Tack, tack, tack så jättemycket. Både för boken, och för armbandet och ringen som jag vann under ett tidigare tillfälle :)

Många kramar från mig!


Unknown said...

Old and boring no. Wise yes. Have a good day

Farandra said...

You're so crazy ^^ Funny video :)

Unknown said...

*falls off chair laughing*
we have a saying: it's not the years in the life; it's the life in the years. we're never too old to be silly and have a laugh. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha i love you nettie ^^

Gary said...

LOL! ...silly wabbit.
Love u 2.

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

I repeated this video so many times. It's really fun !! =)
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Hugs ♥
and oh, i love the blue of your eyes.

rainy said...

So sweet and funny!
I LOVE IT <3 ! :D
You made me laugh, a lot :D

streame said...

With this mood you'll live forever)

Mary said...

Hahahhaa thank you for this video! I love it! :) It makes me feel happy now.. haha
You are so sweet person Anette. Why are you my favorite singer and celebrity? It is not only because of your singing. It is because you are a good, nice and so sweet person who shares almost everything with their fans. You want to read all our comments and our problems. You are dedicated to your fans. And who would not love you?

My wish is to meet you one day and spend at least one day with you, so we can chat and have this kind of fun :)
Big hug from Croatia ;) <3

Magia Gelada said...

Funny vídeo. Loved it.

AlessandraWilderness said...

ahahahhah Aneeeette is the best!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes ahahhah fantastic!!! :D :D good for your children to have a mum like this!!!! ;)