Thursday, June 20, 2013

A good bargain;=)

Hi all,

woke up this morning early and as usual it¨s been raining all night so to be prepared for this summer I invested in a pair of rubber boots today to a much cheaper price, 50% off! A good bargain and a pre-birthday present for myself;=)

Now I only need some rubber boots for Nemo too and then we can go out and jump in all the water puddles together this summer;=)

ENJOY this day! For me - time to exercise!


Unknown said...

Lucky you Sweden guys,in Croatia there haven"t been raining for a month and it is curently 35 degrees

Unknown said...
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Mary said...

Oh yes, you are lucky Anette.. In Croatia is so hoooot! I can't live. We need to be careful and be inside. I want to go to the seaside, Adriatic Sea, because I live in north :/
Come to our seaside, we have beautiful beaches ;)

Océane said...

I love hunter! I remember a pair of that brand I wanted so bad! But the price!! Wow!!

Its funny thats the kind of items you need in summer! Here its the least we would need! Ahah! Flip flop and sunglasses are on the top :)

Love & Hugs

July said...

Hey Anette!!

The boots are incredible!! I like them a lot! in Mexico city is raining and the weather it's so chilly :S

Betty Blue said...

Puddle jumping!!!! I loved it - still do =)
Today here the heatwave seems to have passed - after some days of 36° we now had a thunderstorm and everything cooled down a bit. I feel so much better now ^^
Enjoy your evening!

Philippa said...

I love Hunter boots! I really should get myself a pair of those as well. And 50% off is great :D