Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi all,

Damn, this week has been filled with just nightmares every single night. Not so fun but I use them to write more lyrics to record on sunday when I go to the studio again;=) So, yeah, I guess I should thank them instead of hating my bad dreams, hehe! Always see something "good" coming out of the darkness. 

It´s summer here in Sweden but well, it doesn´t feel like summer anymore. It´s a typical Swedish summer with rain, rain, rain and more rain and cooler temperatures. It´s kinda boring but at least it gives me and excuse to sit and write music and bake. Again, see something "good" in the "bad";=)

Today mum is coming to look after my little ones for a short time due to me going for a check up of my blood pressure at the nurse. Every pregnancy I´ve gotten a high blood pressure and this stays for some months and last time it was still high so then I need to check it a couple of times to see if I need some medicine for it. After Seth I had to eat medicine for 6 months, with Nemo none and now let´s hope it has gone down and is normal. Fingers crossed!

Now- weight exercise for the arms and then mum will be here;=) Nemo is longing for his "na-na";=)

ENJOY this day and see "good" things around you;=)


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
I'm sorry for you're Nightmares ! I wish you will last longer!
Your blood pressure, you just thought it be due to fatigue more sport?
I wish you a good ! I hope was better of you're night !!
With Love

Unknown said...

In my country is very hot weather, +35 degrees. I so want the rain!
I hope your blood pressure is normal now ;-)
And yes, I always try to see "good" thing around ;-)
Have a nice day!

Dark Queen said...

Good morning Anette :)
Even my night wasn't one of the best ones. My dreams were so strange and so now I'm thinking about many things. But you're right, we have to find something good in bad.
I'll keep my fingers crossed. Good luck dear!
Enjoy tjis day you too ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette :)
I envy to your weather in Sweden, 'cuz here, in Russia we have incredible heat which knocks down :-O Or it rains but then becomes even hotter. Well, but here we have our own Turkey or Egypt with such weather :D I found good thing in "bad" ;)
I'm glad to hear that you're in studio again. Hope, you've got a lot of inspiration and write amazing songs. Can't wait to hear them :)
Have a nice day :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette:
Wow, to me something similar happened.
I have had many nightmares this week too, and last night I woke up screaming (like in a horror movie) at 3am, my mother had thought something had happened to me.
And tonight I'm with insomnia for fear the same thing happens to me uu
I wish I could write songs and express myself like you, but I can not, not born with that talent.
Is it difficult to write a song so how are you doing you with something that happened to you?
Hope you are well and your family.
Greetings from the cold Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I adore you, sweetheart.

Unknown said...

Anette ... I believe that the gifts are tested all the time. Our good feelings need to be strengthened so that we can withstand the tough times. Transform situations, turn it up, overcome barriers, victories that are achieved with small daily exercises. God knew he was in good rhythm exercises and decided to include some more, hehehe! Enjoy your potential and good luck, may God continue to bless your entire family! Kisses!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettan.
As I said some days ago, this has been a hard week for me, maybe month I'd say.
I feel so happy that you can find light in the darkness, is so great when we can and I really hope and pray for you to stop having bad dreams.
I hate dreaming. When I fall asleep I just like to close my eyes and sleep a whole night, without anything to disturb me, no matter if the dream will be a dream or a nightmare. I see these things like if it's a dream when I wake up I'll feel sad for knowing it was just a dream and if it's a nightmare, a whole night is lost. But yeah, when we see bad things in dreams and in reality we can find inspiration to write songs, make some draws and whatever about art, so at a side it's great.
Now I'm living a nightmare, so many bad things happening, I miss someone, I don't know where I am and WHO I am and I don't know how can I deal with it, I'm too depressed and I'm gonna see the doctor next week, think he will change my medication, again...but that's alright, one day maybe everything will make sense, or not.

Now, have a beautiful day and write many songs for us =).

Love, Carol

Taaja said...

Use nightmares to write music? Interesting and probably helps a lot.. hope so, since you have them which normally isn't something nice.

Have a nice day,

Betty Blue said...

Sorry to hear you have nightmares. But so good that you use them for music! Very creative and helpful, I could imagine.
I don´t get much sleep at the moment. My Dad refuses to talk to me because I quit school to become a nurse, and I don´t like sleeping alone when I´m worried. But if I sleep over at my boyfriend´s place I don´t get much sleep either :D This man doesn´t need sleep or so - anyway, he keeps me awake the whole night and then has to go to university early in the morning. Not perfect, but hey, better than sleeping alone :D
Hope your blood pressure has gone down!
Have a great day!

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
How are you?
What is the cause of your nightmares, it's serious? I hope this is temporary, and finally restful sleep comes. With us this year, as summer is rainy and cold. I look forward to the sun. How do you go work in the studio? When can we hear the first single? :) I look forward to your solo album. My daughter really like the song you sang for Mio, even began to repeat in Swedish;)
Love and Kisses for you all :*

André Verwijs said...

also cold in the Nethelands.

and your health it the most important so a good thing you keep it in check...

I see recording are going well?
can't wait for album release :)


Marcio Evair said...

Hi, Anette. Glad to know that you're goin to studio! o/
Nightmare is fuel.
Have a nightmare, turn it into an art. ;)
I got ur e-mail adreess in the other post and wanna ask you if you received my e-mail, that with my tattoo?

With love, always - and always more,


Unknown said...

Marcio: Hi! Yes, I just read it and will answer you soon;=) Thanks so much, it was such a nice email and of course I´ll help you with the tattoo issue;=) Sleep well!

streame said...

And I never have dreams. NEVER. I only had one after listening to King Diamond's "The Graveyard". Creepy stuff, you know)

Yeah, and I'm jealous because of weather in Sweden! I also want rain, tired of this damn sunshine)

Marcio Evair said...

Hi, Anette. :)
I've waited for the answer of the e-mail that I sent ya last month, that about my tattoo. I'm gonna send you another with the meaning, grad to know you are gonna help me o/
Love ya! Xo <3