Monday, June 17, 2013

Weird ears?

Hi all,

Had a great session in the studio yesterday and did 3 very fast and rough demos with only lead vocals. We do this to save time and listen to what is something to keep or to let go off directly. 

What´s weird with a process when making music is that one day I can dislike a song I´ve made but next day with "fresh ears" I like it again;=) haha!

So today I actually LIKE the song we did some days ago. So let´s see what comes out of it in the end.

ENJOY this day!


eskoplja said...

I am sure the songs will be awesome as always. I really can not wait to hear your beautiful voice again! Can you give a little hint about the song you are talking about? :)
And here's the link of the full painting I posted on instagram. I hope this one works :)

Big hugs to you and the boys


Ena :*

Océane said...

Hi dear! You may have weird ears but i have a weird face since yeterday morning :(
On saturday night I ate chinese noodles, when i woke up my face was a little bit blow up but it was in the morning and my friends thought it was just bacause I was sooo tired. Then I put my sunglasses and when I took them off at 2:00 in the afternoom... OH MY GOD! I was completely disfigured! Couldnt recognized myself... And it was getting worst and worst. So when we arrived in Italy, i went to the emergency and I had cortisona, its was a bit better after few hours and i drove 4hours in the night to go back home. This morning i was hoping to get my normal face again... But nop! So hospital again now! Dammit :(
Lets see what they'll say!
So thank you chinese food!!! :(

Love & Hugs! And I cant waiiiiit to hear your demos!

July said...

Hey Anette!!

That is amazing!!! I want to hear that song, ibet that is an a perfect song!

Have a very nice nice day!! =)

migi said...

hi anette, great to hear that. i can`t wait to hear your voice again. :D

how are you?

last week my friend and me visited the greenfield Festival in Interlaken here in switzerland. we saw within temptation and rammstein in the front row. it was amazing! i really love sharon`s Dresses. and the german band mono inc was really great too. do you know them? but the main reason to visit the Festival was nightwish. i had mixed Feelings because of you. even if i knew that you are happy now with your sweet Little mio. so i Really tried to enjoy the concert. now i have to say, the Songs sounded great and it was a very beautiful concert. i was really happy to see the Boys again live... but in spite of everything i missed you, your kindness, your smile and the "hep heps :)" so i`m really thankful that i (and all your other fans) to communicate here with you.

today we have here 32 decrees, so i`m glad the Festival is over. haha. otherwise, i think we would look like grilled chicken ;D.

i wish you a very nice day. big hugs as always.

Unknown said...

It's great that you're making music again :-). Looking forward to hearing more from you!

Have a nice day X

LindaS said...

I really miss hearing you sing! Can't wait for your songs. Please make an album!!

Have a wonderful day Nettie.


Svanhildr said...

Hej Anette! It's so nice to read your updates about the studio, and that you're working with such a passion as usual. Like many others have written before me, I'm looking forward to hearing your voice with something new and completely 'yours'. Let's see what comes out with that particular song as well. Take care and enjoy this evening!

And hey, Océane, sorry for the intrusion, my eye fell on your comment :) I hope you're feeling a bit better at the moment. I had the same thing, but with spots, last year. Unfortunately even with cortisone injections it may take some days to recover, so it might be normal if you're still having some leftovers today. I hope everything will be better soon. I'm just a random person, but I hope this is a bit useful :) take care!

Matias D Andrea said...

hi anette, great to hear that.
i really can not wait to hear your beautiful voice,so,
my album is almost finished, the lyrics and music is inspired by you, im so happy, is a dream come true for me, de titel is "ETTENA" (i hope you like it) well, i send you some material soon, a big kiss from argentina!!!

Lost Hope said...

Hello Anette
I'm so happy and excited to hear that. I am a fan of your voice and style, we look forward to your return a lot of music, we hope that you have always deserved personal success. Greetings from Costa Rica.


^^ Claudia ^^ said...

Hi Anette! I'm really looking forward to listen to your album...
Hope it will be released soon :)
Love from Italy,

Océane said...

Thank you so much Svanhildr!
I have to take cortisone and antihistaminic for the whole week. Thanks I dont have to work until monday. My face is a bit better but still bigger and eyes smaller than normal. But at least I recognize myself in the mirror! :)

Thanks again for your kind words!

Unknown said...

when doing my music GCSE i'd write something and like it. then the next day i thought it was sound crap...i'd then start to doubt myself and my abilities but i didn't have anyone to give me constructive feedback.
i'm glad to hear that pros have this to deal with as well. i'm also glad that you're giving us this insight into how music is produced. such a rare thing to see. can we see how songs are created/put together? thank you Anette <3

Svanhildr said...

Océane: no problem, it's nice to read that it's "just" a matter of time and nothing more serious. Try to keep the mood up and take care :)