Saturday, June 15, 2013

Thunder and lightning - todays music!

Well, a heavy thunderstorm is all over us here in Helsingborg at the moment and if you didn´t know I am having a phobia when it comes to thunder and any kind of boom-sounds. Thunder is the worst so when there´s a thunder storm I sit with my Dr Dre´s on in the closet and listen to music loud!

Now at this moment here in the darkness here´s my playlist:

A thunder list! ;=)

Enjoy your saturday evening!


Micha said...

I like thunder.
Don´t know why but it I love the vast booms. It just fascinates me. I open my windows to hear it more clearly.

But if you´re afraid of it it´s terrible. It´s the same as my fear of spiders.
The less can understand that you fear something that they don´t fear

Vicky ♡ said...

Oooh, Rammstein, Delain and Evanescence! Hehe, awesome playlist! ;) <3

Karin said...

Oh dear Anette! Do you really sit there in the closet !
Ok, I do understand you... I have had my share of really scaring thunderstorms. And now my children also get quite hysterical during thunder, especially when we are at our summerhouse. Not nice , no... But hope it will be ok , soon . Take care !

Betty Blue said...

Oh yes, thunderstorms... I was so afraid of them when I was younger, now fortunately this fear has vanished and I can enjoy it. But I remember how terrible it feels.
You might try music by Laibach to chase the fear away. It´s very thought-provoking and at the same time so very strong and brave... I´m not sure whether this is exactly your type of music but whenever I feel weak or afraid or so I listen to Laibach and it really helps <3
May the thunderstorm pass soon!

eskoplja said...

I'm loving the list, awesome choice
Try to ignore the thunder, don't think about it, just think on a bright blue sky,singing birds and the sun :)
Wish you a lovely day


Ena :*

Gary said...

That could be a big thumbs up Anette. Digging the playlist for your retreat.
Take care, and stay safe.
Lots of lobe

Beatrix said...

Oh Dear, I hope it has passed quickly.
I am afraid of thunderstorms, too, but for me it is ok, when I am safe at home. Otherwise I feel paralyzed and with years it's just getting worse. All begun some 10 years ago when we were out canoeing in a river in the middle of a thunderstorm with no possibility to dock for a while... Brrrr :-/
OK, let's switch to a more pleasant topic.. It is 23:15 here, my son is in the bed sleeping and I am having an apple cider on the balcony, listening to the frogs singing their nightsong. This is one of the rare occasions when I feel total peace and harmony. I wish you the same! :)
Sleep well!

Black Crow said...

Rammstein! I love them so much! Very good playlist, dear Anette!
In my country also is stormy weather and I really want sun back :(
Have a great evening!

Simona said...

Hey Anette!

In that case, you should listen "Control the storm" from Delain!

Hope that the thunder is gone now and you're out of the closet! ;)

Take care pretty girl!

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie.
Here in São Paulo is raining too, but without thunders and I apologize that because I love thunder's sound and the sound of rain falling down on my window, it's when I know from the deepest of my heart how nature is beautiful and perfect.
Right now I'm listening to Lara Fabian, very sad and romantic and I love it, perfect for a rainy night =).

I hope you sleep with angels.

Love, Carol

Vampi said...

really anette it wasnt that bad of a thunderstorm ;) a few bad bangs and flashes but mostly over denmark...ok so i did jump up from my seat and was ready to turn off computer but it went away quickly ...the rain didnt tho and that i thought was much worse than the thunder...but hey i shouldnt say anything i go hide in the bathroom when we have a bad thunderstorm and im alone :)

Unknown said...

we've had thunder here for the past two days. we don't get much lightning though. they're like natures fireworks. i love fireworks..or fire for that matter lol. but afterwards is better. i love going on the beach after a storm. the view is wonderful. the sea a bright turquoise, the beach a warm ochre and the sky filled with dramatic clouds.
i once had a friend who hated thunder too. she was in florida and they have huge storms there. she was also an insomniac and has been since childhood (she suffered greatly at the hands of her so-called-father). i used to sit up late or get up very early just to talk to her on facebook. she often wanted to crawl into a corner, curl up and cry. i'd always tell her i'd be next to her cuddling her. other times we'd have hot chocolate and stare at the stars.
i remeber one time i was walking home when a thunderstorm came over. i had nightwish, guns n roses and pain playing. it was like having an extra bass drum in there.

TheDeadUnicorn said...

This is so adorable ; nnn ; I'm sorry you feel so scared (and I really just want to hug you,ugh),but,as always,I'm glad you're strong enough to share such personal phobias with us.It's always amazing,and it'll never stop being so,to see an adult that accepts,embraces and talks about fear.It's not something I'm used to.So,yes,thank you for making me feel less stupid about my fears.
I hope you're doing better now!And if you really want to,just come and visit Italy:we're having some hotass days here!

Unknown said...

Nice Playlist!

Now I Have An Obssesion With Otep, ''Apex Predator'', And With Amaranth New Album!!

Oh God, I Can't Stop Crying With ''Burn With Me'' Video :

I Can Swear That Elize Sounds Like You On ''Electroheart'' [My Fav]

P.D. Have You Listened To THe New Tristania´s Album?? Pretty Cool!!
And Can't Wait To The New Sirenia's Album Too! ''Perils Of The Deep Blue''

Dark Heart said...

You have great taste in music Anette :)

kiryuuki said...

Wow Never Go Back by Evanescence. I have some hope that you and Amy Lee do a duet in a song *-*

kiryuuki said...

Wow Never Go Back by Evanescence <3
I still have some hope to see you and Amy Lee doing a duet in a song, it will be a dream for me *-*