Friday, June 14, 2013

Studio yesterday

Good morning and a very HAPPY friday to you;=)

First of all: Thanks for all the bids! So many interested makes me so happy and I have sent emails to the highest bidder (within EU) so the dress will soon be sold. Thanks for that! The pants have some bids too so let´s see if we get a buyer today;=)

Yesterday I went to the studio and me and Niclas had 3 hours of working on a song to see if it´s something to use on my album. What we do now is recording lots of songs I´ve done to see if some of them is album material or not. I have many songs already but it´s always good to have lots to choose from. And I want some more up tempo songs so that´s what we record now in the coming weeks.

The song yesterday is a more metal song and quite weird so it needs lot of work before I feel it´s ok, but we continue in the coming days and then we´ll decide if it´s good enough or not;=) 

Niclas took these photos. Not the best camera so next time we´ll use my super camera;=) 

And here´s some I took for Instagram:

My dear super microphone from SHURE!!

And my BFF Niclas - da man;=)


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday Anette! :-)

I love creativity! :-) Sounds as though you might be doing well with the music :-) I must admit I do like your song Floating :-) It's good that one! :-)

Well, I'm about to be floating to bed :-) I'm on nights this month and I've just finished a night shift :-) I'm on again tonight and tomorrow night then that's it until next week :-)

I wish you a nice day Anette! :-)

Night night! :-)

Unknown said...

Glad to hear these news ;-) Can`t wait to buy album! And thanks a lot for photos in studio :)
Have a very happy Friday!
Love and hugs

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
that sound great!:D
I can not wait to hear it;)
And where we can listering it?
I hope not by Myspace. The page has changed again, and not for good. That's why I deleted my account. Reasons you findes in my blog. If you want to know;)

Enjoy this day! We have our Sun back in germany Too:D


Wall said...

Really nice this super microphone! Hugs

Laetitianne said...


How are you? And your little family?

I'm so longing to hear your new songs!

Have a nice afternoon!


TheDeadUnicorn said...

I am SO freaking excited!I might pee.You're working so hard already!It's incredible.You're my metal Wonderwoman <3 It must be the greatest of things to have you around,you seem always so full of energy.Ahhh.I'm glad you want a lot of material!That way you'll have the opportunity to get all your creativity out,and the album will be a mix of different styles,which is the best thing when it comes to music.Does this album have a theme?Like,is it a concept album?And..when will we get a title?:3
Wishing you the best of luck!
Have a nice day,

Taaja said...

Yay.. I'm happy to hear this! :D
Can't wait!


Philippa said...

Hej Anette :) I'm so excited that you've been in the studio already, and of course dying to hear your songs when they're ready. Can't wait for your album! Enjoy your evening :)

LastofAvari said...

Nice photos! BTW, what's model your shure mic? =)

Antimatter said...

"The song yesterday is a more metal song"


Antimatter said...

"The song yesterday is a more metal song"

HELL YES!!!! Bring us some metal, Nettie!

Niwi said...

Finally Nettie in studio!
We miss your voice very much! Seriously.

I wish you a beautiful experience in these recordings, I will be waiting for your projects!

Have a beautiful day! A big big hug!


Ka inpuanna said...

Go, go go, i love your voice