Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pants that will be in the bloppis

These pants from Download festival will be in the bloppis. Size small and straps hanging down in the back. Comfy and cool;=)

If you want to place a bid before I put them up, send it to


Dalma said...

Anette, I have a question. I'm afarid to buy clothes without trying them on, so propably I won't buy any clothes from you. But I'd be really interested in some other stuffs. And I think of your Swedish books that you've read or that you're not interested in anymore. Maybe it sounds stupid but as you might know, I learn Swedish and it'd be really encouraging to me. Improving my Swedish with your old books is just perfect. =)

And I honestly don't wanna interfere but I think you should create a menu on the other blog where you can clarify your terms and conditions. Then you don't have to write those things into your profile.
Oh, I've just found one with random blog searching. I meant something like this:
Smudges and blips

Have a lot of fun today,

Unknown said...

How can I participate in this purchase il live in Brazil?
It would be a dream for me to have these pants because I feel happy just thin king... ours'm silly thing a fan!
Record this show and I love when he enters the stage and sings Storytime!

Unknown said...

Anette... I live so far from you!
Forgive me for insisting, but is there any chance I make a purchase?
Imagine... I here in my simple home, holding in my hands a pice of clothing from Anette Olzon... my God!!
Just thinking I'm delighted!
Appreciate the attention, hugs!

Haileigh R. said...

Thinking about it! I was at that gig, can't believe it was a year ago. Pouring rain, but easily one of the best sets of the weekend! Can you tell me what currency you would want offers to be in? (i.e. euros or swedish krona?)

Unknown said...

Halleigh; I have just emailed you;=)

Cylene: I´ll check up how it is to send to your country and costs, customs so on. I´ll get back to you;=)

Unknown said...

Dalma: Hi! I* mostly only read in english but let me see if I have some swedish books for you;=)

Seer said...

Hi Nettie, you helped me once before, now I need your help again...

I know you like tattoos and you'll understand.

Can you please SHARE this link on your blog so people can LIKE photo and help Nightwish fan (admin of Official Croatian Nightwish Fan Club) win this tattoo --->

Thanks in advance,
Bruno (Admin)

eskoplja said...

Are you goint to sell anything from the DPP tour? I would like to buy the black top with long sleeves if you are going to sell it :)


Ena :*

eva fliesaway said...

Hi Anette!
Do you only sell clothes or also jewellery and stuff? And oh, if you have some English books you don't wanna read anymore, maybe you can put them up, too? Just an idea :) I'd love to read in swedish too but Dalma was the first one here :=) will we have to pay in euro?
Love Eva

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,

What is the size and the price ?

KEEP IT NWOBHM!!! said...

Hi Anette, and may have some records (lps or cds) that you want to get rid... or promos of his bands. Thank you. I would like to.

Svanhildr said...

I like this bloppis/vintage store idea even more, now that I see the first clothes you've got the intention to put on sale there. I think I'll wait until you put the clothes and other stuff there with your own price, as I'm not that good at making offers :)

I hope you've spent a nice day at the studio, can't wait to hear the results! Take care :)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I'm happy to see the first clothes.. I'm waiting for it since a long time ;-)
I wait to see more outfits on your "vintage store blog" before bidding.
Oh and I want to share with you my exam success, I'm so happy ! One more year and I'll be a neuropsychologist !

Haileigh R. said...

Hi again! Unfortunately I have not yet received the email :( would you please re send it if it isn't to much trouble? Thanks!

Courtney said...

Is there a link to where you're putting these things up?