Monday, June 24, 2013

Home baked;=)

So, I´ve done some baking now with my new lovely Kitchen aid and I first baked a lovely bread for us that we love! Then yesterday I did my own protein bars. Good and much cheaper than buying them and best part is that I know exactly what I put into them;=) Good for the body and good to not find any weird E-numbers in them!

Here´s the recipe for the protein bars:

200 gram protein powder (I used strawberry flavour)
100 gram extra high fiber oat meal
Appr. 1 dl of low fat milk
50 gram of natural non sugar peanut butter
50 gram of honey
1 dl of chopped natural walnuts
1dl of chopped dried dates
30 gram of cacao
+ 30 gram of dark 70% chocolate (optional)

Do like this:
Blend together all the dry ingredients, the chopped walnuts and dates and honey. Then add some milk (not all) and mix together with your hands until it holds together but aren´t to wet. Like my photo above, a quite firm paste. Then put a baking paper in a form and spread out on top of the paper like mine above. Melt the chocolate in a hot water bath and then put it on top of the paste. Put the form into the fridge for about half and hour and then cut the paste into bars that you then fold with plastic foil and keep them all in the fridge. 
Very tasty and delicious and perfect as an in-between meal or straight after your exercise;=)


Anette Olzon Brasil said...

looks very delicious.
I just buy a cereal bar and drink yogurt with oats, haha
I'll try it now =)
god natt♥


Océane said...

Thanks a lot for writting it in grams :)
Ill try it for sure! I just hope i can fin all the ingredients... I have a doubt about high fiber oat meal :/
Do you buy all those ingredients in a bio shop?!

And it looks sooo good! Better than bars we find in shop! :)

Lots of love & Hugs

And thanks again! :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hey, if you want photos of this.
and this
I can send =)

SuperCherie said...

Hello Annette! This is unrelated to your post but inspired by your recent Instagram pictures and the bloppis I've been browsing through pictures of your stage outfits and I want to mention few of my favourites:
They are all kind of casual, still very rocky and cool and girly.
Also these pants are awesome (still have them?):
And this dress and the colour really suits you:
By the way do you still have that lace dress from gig at Seinäjoki, Finland in 2009? That was the first time when I saw you live with NW.

Niwi said...

Look, Anette

This video made my life 102% better ♥
Have a nice day!


Océane said...
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Unknown said...

Hmmm. Looks delicious! It is my impression or love chocolate? Kisses!

vesna said...

this looks great, especially as a snack for energy for exercise, or carrying in a handbag when being out for a long time.will try to make something simmilar to it.
also wanted to say i tried the high intensity training from the video you posted, with burpees and jumping, i just died and i feel my leg muscles hurt today, so it was definitely a good one! although i had to take pauses, which i'm sure you didn't.
i wanted to ask you are you still running or just exercising indoors?

Frida said...

Wow, looks delicious! :) But as a nitpicker I have to point out that the ingredients you use do have some e-numbers in them ;) For example, E101 occurs naturally in milk...but I get what you mean, and the recipe seems really good! I'll have to try it out myself.