Saturday, June 15, 2013


Hi all and a very happy saturday;=)

We had to go up early birds as usual since little Mio loves to be up at 6 the latest;=) Well, more time to clean the house today before me and my dear mum are heading for a vernissage at Dunkers kulturhus, where our great designer Lars Wallin are opening his exhibition today. He has made lots of dresses for both singers, royals and other celebrities here in Sweden. 

Since I´ve gotten some questions about my bloppis clothes, here´s the deal:

Clothes that have been worn on stage and more expensive items will be sold here in auctions, where I sell to the highest bidder. Other clothes I sell that I have used in outfits here in the blog will be sold for the price I put up. For every sold item I give some money to charity and I have chosen the CHILDHOOD foundation. When you buy an item from me, you get a Childhood bracelet with your package;=)

And why I only ship within EU is due to customs and more expensive shipments. IF someone really wants to buy something we can always work something out, but mainly I ship only within EU.

When it´s cheaper items the buyer pays for shipment and when it´s more expensive things I pay for shipment. 

Any questions, please ask here or send me and email at;


LindaS said...

Can't wait to see some of the stuff! I would be very happy to pay shipping to the U.S. so I get we can talk later (when I buy everything)lol

Have a wonderful day with your family.


Micha said...

That´s really generous of you to spend some money to organisations :)

I would buy something, too...but I guess there won´t be any things for men :P

eskoplja said...

Can not wait to see what will be there :)
I will pay for the shipping for Croatia if it's too expensive
Have a lovely day


Ena :*

Farandra said...

It's a very generous action :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Have a great time today
for Bloppis!
I have some questions:
- How will pass regulations: by checks, bank transfer or other?
- When you say the highest bidder, the bidding can go how far?
- What currency do you use?
For your clothes fixed price, how do you decide who will be the buyer? This will be the first to send you an e-mail or something?

Have a wondefull day
With love <3

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

PS: For the association, I think it's great that part of the money to be remitted to an association for the kids! We need both ...