Thursday, June 06, 2013

A great tutorial

This make up tutorial is great! Will try this today:)


eskoplja said...

Just saw the tutorial and it looks helpful. Show us the result when you try it :)

Ena :*

Unknown said...

:) It's Wayne! :)
I have been following his youtube make up channel and his vlog channel for about a year! He's really good also very funny! And most of all he is very honest when it comes to reviews! Definitely follow him! :)

Rebel said...

ilove to watch make up tutorials! but i love to watch sisters Pixiwoo on youtube. They can create artworks ;) i can recommend it to you

Baru said...

I´ve known Wayne for few months, he is amazing :-)

But my BESTOF beauty vloger is Carli Bybel
She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Those eyes..

linnea-maria said...

Whoa! Man tänker gud vad mycket makeup han har på och så blandar han ut det så att det blir så fint.

Leinikki said...

Hello dear Anette,

I'd like to show you a really great short animation film based on a poem about bullying. When I first saw the movie it was your aspiration against bullying that came into my mind first. Hope, you enjoy it.

Lots of hugs :X

Unknown said...

I watched the tutorial and when he applies the bronzer, it did look scary but the finished look turned out lovely.
About makeup, has great quality videos and tutorials.

Have a nice day! X