Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yesterdays outfit and todays music

Happy thursday my dear ones;=)

To wake me up today, here´s my playlist which also are great songs to sing along to;=)

Joss Stone (feat. Jeff Beck and Sheila E) - Parallel lines:

Emelie Sandé - Mountains:

Sting - Mad about you:

Masterplan - Enlighten me:

Pain - Eleanor Rigby:

And then my outfit yesterday, a lazy cosy one;=)

Enjoy your day!


Unknown said...

Hey Anette!
How are you?

This outfit is really cool! I would like to wear the same:)

Have a great day!


Unknown said...

U r so pretty:) Hope u enjoyed your day yesterday. I wasn't as bored as I usually am. It always seems like everyone else is doing stuff and having more fun than me, but it's probably not like that. I should probably stop complaining about stuff too. Everyone always thought I was annoying and I've been told that I make everyone miserable. Maybe I do... I don't think I'm a very fun person. I complain too much. But I have two friends that don't think I'm do they see me differently than other people. I'm a pretty difficult person to deal with. I'm surprised my friend Chelby hasn't gone insane! Anyway...too much venting and complaining...I've seen other people tell their problems on here so I thought it was okay.
Enjoy your day!
btw I've never said this b4 but I hope I can c u in person one day. I want to give u a big hug:)
U r such a nice person and I can't believe anyone would disrespect u in any way. U don't deserve that. But God will take care of them 4 u.
Have a good day:)

Anonymous said...

*O* i loved your outfit! this songs are great! great combination n_n
ohh can i ask you , from where is this dress?

I searched on the internet but I did not find any similar model
Have a nice day nettie!

Unknown said...

Enjoy your lazy day, Anette
Love your style thanks for posting where you get everything :)
Thanks for being my role model
- Kate

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello Dear Anette, how are you sweet heart?
I have had a fantastic bnight yesterday. I went to the cine with a nice friend and was perfect :)

I Loved all this songs... Sting - Mad about you:
is a nice song, I loved it! And Pain song was awesome too *___*' And I loved this outfit. Simple but nice.

Wish you a nice day Nettam :)

Océane said...

Oh I love the skull top! =)
Did you find the camera you were looking for yesterday?
I hope you now got all the gifts for you're loved ones =)

My playlist is : The Score, Imaginaerum, Pain discography, Invinsible, Floating, Angel and your Ever Dream demo =)

I'm planning every thing for the Pain UK Tour! We'll do to every gig but Glasgow as it represent more than 100€ and more than 10h (return included) drive. As I'll be again the only driver and there's a show everyday I think it's safe to skip that one! And we're going to sleep in the car and in Glasgow it's going wayyy to cold! =)
Do you now know of Johan will be with them? Please as soon as you know tell me, so I know what to do with the gift I'm preparing =)

Enjoy the day!
Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Anette =)
Great outfit and music choices! You might like Enya. She sang May It Be for the Lord of the Rings trilogy soundtrack and she has a really nice voice. Here's her own song called Listen to the Rain.

Have a nice day!

EADGBE said...

Jag lägger på en till låt i listan :)

EADGBE said...

Lägger till denna på din lista :)

EADGBE said...

Oj haha..
Såg inte "Dina kommentarer har sparats och kommer att visas efter bloggägarens godkännande"

Trodde inte det funkade så la upp flera stycken :/ Ursäkta

Anonymous said...

Hello Anette! Your outfit looks very comfortable ;) and I loved your top, very original.

I hadn't listened to Pain's version for Elenor Rigby until this moment, it is really good! I'm not a big Beatle-fan, but I usually don't like the covers of their songs since they made them perfect. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this one a lot! Pain is a great band ;)

Have a good day!

Daria Grishaeva said...

Hey, Anette!:-) thanks for the music, I needed some new songs to listen to.
I want to know your opinion about that: I know, thats a load of rubbish, but in many countries people realy believe that tomorrow (21.12.2012) will be...realy don't know the translation...end of the world? Apocalypse? For me it's fun and I think that nothing will happen, but okaaay, all people watched "2012" (crazy film:-) and now they buy lots of water, salt, food... Some people built special safe houses, and here in Moscow they sale tickets for the ark, it's realy fun, haha:-) and my parents said me to stay at home all day, but for me it's okay, I realy want to sleep longer and not to go to my study:-)
So, it seems like some people realy care about it, and what do YOU think?:-)

eskoplja said...

Hello dear Nettie, how are you? I hope all is well :)
You look lovely as always. Love the top :)
Great songs, especially Eleanor Rigby :)
Wish you a nice evening

Ena :*

XxBriannaxX said...

Hi Anette. I really like your outfit!
Its very cute! You always have the cutest clothes.
I send lots of love and hugs to you!
Have a great day.