Monday, December 03, 2012

Advent sunday

Hi all and happy monday to you;=)

Here´s the photos I took yesterday and also my outfit from yesterday. Colder here now so then I need warmer clothes on;=)

They have placed a big red Santa´s hat on top of our high building "Kärnan"

 Nice x-mas decorations all over the walking street

The big x-mas tree was nicely decorated with lots of lights;=)

Nice lights on Hotel Mollberg

And some snow, not much but giving a good x-mas feeling

Enjoy this day!


Océane said...

Oh I love your jacket !! And also your beanie!
By the way I try to find your "bad hair day" on the internet! But cant find it :(

And I love the idea of the santa hat at the top of the building, nice and funny! Helsinborg seems to be a really nice city! Im planning to come and visit the city ;)

Love and Hugs

And very good day!

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hello my dear. These photos are beautiful. =)
Your city is so beautiful. I love European cities for Christmas season
I love the cold too and this is one reason haha
I'm also very excited for Christmas, I think a very beautiful day.
You buy Christmas trees? My mother bought a very large, and I can not wait to see it decorated.
See you later
I Love You =)

The Dreamer said...

Hi Anette!
I loved the first outfit so much, I think black suits you the best, but it's my favorite color so I can't say much.
Christmas decorations are sooo beautiful.

Have a Nice DAY ;)

Unknown said...

Oh snow. I love snow. Do you love it too? Here snow it also but it is not to much,so it goes back. Do you have christmas market in sweden? I was at this weekend at two market and it was great. All over the market was lights and it smell at christmas. It give a good feeling :-) I have at home all decoradet with candels and I have a nice christmas tree, a smal tree for the tabel with stars in it. I'm sure you would love it.

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

Hello Anette! So nice outfits! Saturday I bought finaly a navy sweatshirt (white with dark blue stripes). I was looking from this from MONTHS! But now that i fund it, here in Brazil is Summer, and 30°C!!! So sad that I'll not use it now :/

Anette, I created a International Fanpage of you in facebook! Its called Anette olzon International FAns, from fans from all around teh world! because I saw that in facebook had a lot of fanpages, but more regional, you now, fan pages from Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Croatia.... The link is And hope that some people that coment this blog join us!

have a wonderfull week Anette! :) We love you! And I can't stop listering to your new songs!

Panteleia Nyr said...

I really like this look! Very stylish and, I hope, warm.

It finally started snowing here in southern Europe! Looks like this year we are all going to enjoy Christmas with a proper snowy spirit.

Best of wishes!

Serafim said...

I really like your yesterday's outfit, especially wintery cap! You are so cute in it ;=)
Wonderful photos of your town! I'm sure to visit Helsinborg one day =)
And you have already had snow..I want it in my city too)) I know that the first snow fell in Kyiv today's morning ))

If you remember, I said that I had terrible headache for last days. Unfortunately, I became ill..oh It's terrible! =( So tonight I'm going to make hot wine to warm myself inside and at once go to bed. For me it really help!=)

Have a great day, dear!

Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Nettan.

Beautiful Christmas decorations as it is, we are approaching a season of gatherings between families, very beautiful this season.

I liked his hat.

God bless and best wishes to you and your family.

Raffaella Brazil

Robermifernes said...

Great photos of you :D and these decorations in the city are great :)
here you have an youtube link where you can see the decorations in Warsaw :) I hope you like it:

maybe you would like to come there and see it live? :)

have a nice afternoon and evening :)

Unknown said...

U look really pretty. I like the hat and jacket. Have a good day

Anonymous said...

Hey nettie good day! as beautiful as ever! Christmas is approaching and it is a family reunion which I always like to spend! you will be available on the blog at Christmas? I would like to greet you that day! : D
  Here in Argentina soon will be summer, but this days are very hot! I see there is snow in sweden, beautiful! your country is very very magic . One more thing, I loved the songs, beautiful music, beautiful melody, beautiful lyrics and your voice is radiant ,your album will be a success! You will use some orchestra in your album? That melody fits well with your voice, and symphonic music is one of the many genres in which You excel (:
And beautiful photos that night! I love your hair and your outfit! Haha, I was so excited listening to your songs, I hope You continue creating wonders how those melodies! Enjoy this day Dear angel! -martin

July said...

Hi Anette!

I really liked your jacket is very rocker and it looks very warm! The decorations on the street are very cute, the x-mas tree is enormous!

The wind smells of X-mas!

Have a nice afternoon!

James Oakes said...

Heyy Anette! Happy Monday to you! Hope everything is fine :)

I woke up this morning with the flu and I really feel like S**t today. I keep falling asleep and wake up coughing, and forcing myself to drink those nasty flu drinks. Then I remembered "If Anette can go up on stage and sing with the flu, then I can definetly get through this day as well".

I watched your performance in Austrailia with the DPP tour and you were really giving it 100% even though you looked like you were in so much pain :( How did you manage it? Also, do you have any tips on how to deal with flu. I think you've become sort of an expert since you're unlucky enough to get it so many times haha ;)

Have a lovely day! James x

IsaWolfheart said...

hi dear
really nice outfit thanks for the share ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette great oufit and your city
is very beutiful :) have a nice day

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! I loved your outfit! The black matched perfectly on you. And your city is beautiful!

Katy Marie said...

I know you order some of your clothes online, what are your favorite stores? I really like your style, and can't find much like that around here. I've ordered some clothing off of Amazon but am unsure where to go from there.

Lesly A. Rivera said...

I love your coat, Anette! It looks wonderful on you!!
I have a question. When you write on your blog, do you write in English or Swedish? I've always found your language skills (Along with so many others') just amazing!!

I speak mainly English, but I do know spanish and I speak Latin and just a little ASL (American Sign Language) And I'm facinated by all linguistics!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette!
Your winter outfit is gorgeous, you have such a good feeling for combining clothes and accessories, it just always looks great, no matter what you're wearing! ;=)
I really love the time before X-mas, especially here in Vienna since this is a town that goes X-mas crazy with all the beautiful lights and decorations and X-mas fairs! X-mas spirit wherever you go! I strolled around the city centre last weekend and took some photos of the X-mas decorations - you can have a look at them if you like:
And today I will meet at my friend's place to bake some X-mas cookies together. Yumm!! ;=)
Are you going to make X-mas cookies yourself too?
Anyway have a great day!
Hugs from Vienna, Sabine

Nick Rivera said...

The Santa hat on the Kärnan is very cute! :P It does look like the Santa hat is on top of a chimney?

Speaking of hats! ... Love the Winterey cap with fur ball! :)

Hugs and love!

~ Nick

Unknown said...

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