Saturday, December 22, 2012

Busy little bees

Hi all!

Today me and Seth have been out in the city getting x-mas gifts for Nemo and my mum and husband and also a new pair of jeans for Seth and for me;=) We had a nice mum-son afternoon and we started it out at Grand Hotel with bagels with ham and "julmust" a traditional Swedish soft drink we drink around x-mas. Soooo yummie!

When we borrowed the hotel´s toilets I saw these wonderful ginger bread houses, that the head chefs in the kitchen had made. I asked if I could take some photos and they were so kind and let me do that so I can show you them here;=) I wish I could build so cute houses too! They even had windows and furnitures inside, like real doll houses!

Didn´t have so much time for outfit photos today and both boys wanted to be in the pictures but here´s two photos at least for you=)

 Now I need to sleep cause tomorrow it´s a busy day again - some more x-mas gifts to be bought and also some x-mas food to be cooked. 
Sleep well now and tomorrow it´s the day before the day!


Unknown said...

Hey Anette!

I am happy to hear that you had such a nice day with Seth.
Your outfit is very cool! As usual :)

I hope you have a nice Christmas time. Enjoy it with your family.



XxBriannaxX said...

Hi Nettie
So glad to hear you had such a good day x mas shopping and the little ginger bread houses are so cute! You look beautiful today! The photo with Nemo is cute hehe. Lots of love and hugs! Sleep well!

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Vilken underbar dag ni verkar ha haft :) Pepparkakshusen ser ju suveräna ut.
Min mor prövade att göra egna i några år, men antingen så sprang jag och åt av degen så att det inte blev något eller så tappade hon huset i golvet. Och det följdes av inte så trevliga ord :D
Sen slog jag in julklappar idag till familjen. Mina inslagningskunskaper är inte så höga, så paketen ser rätt så konstiga ut.
Jag tänker stanna i huset till efter nyår. Har fått nog av alla människor som ska handla samtidigt. Jag var ute på stan tre dagar den här veckan och då kändes det som att jag skulle kvävas. Och sen är det mellandagsrea... usch. Aldrig igen!

Ha det bra!


Wérleson Alexandre said...
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Wérleson Alexandre said...
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Meghan H. said...

Hi Anette, lovely pictures ;)

But wanted to ask, what program do you actually use to add the text and in the top picture sepia tone and black out around the edges?

Take care :)

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
It´s nice to spend time with Seth, too. So that Johan has finally time with Nemo.
This ginger bread houses look really yummie. In Germany there are gingerbread houses built for themselves. ^^
However, this has never before Christmas.

Of the cookies have just survived. On Sunday we also make us have a nice day and nice Christmas dinner and we look at the Finnish film Joulutarina: to (English title Christmas Story). This year we do not do gifts. First, because we do not know what to give to each other and to the other in Germany it is more stressful than fun.

Anette I think your sons want to with image because it just makes fun let himself photographed in great outfits.
It make some with me in my renaissance dresses.;)

A happy 4th advent and a warm and peaceful Holy Night:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Those ginger-bread houses with the little furniture inside them ( which is actually quite intricate ) look cool :-)

And until now I've never heard of Julmust drink before but now I really want to try it :-) I find it interesting to read on the link you provided to the Wikipedia page that in Sweden at xmas Julmust thrashes Ccoa-Coca in sales and consumption. Here in the UK Coca-Cola is massive at xmas time in this country.

It's nice that you had a very nice mum-son afternoon. I've said it before and I'll say it again you strike me as a very good mum :-)

I'm going to have a nice easy day today as from xmas eve I'm in work for 6 days where me and my colleagues will no doubt be on the recieving end of verbal and physical aggression from the confused elderly patients we look after on our ward.

You do look a bit tired in one of the pictures of yourself that you posted this evening. So I wish you a good nights sleep and a very good day with whatever you have planned. Happy Sunday to you Anette! :-)

Océane said...

Hej my dear!
Sounds like a great mom-son moment :) nice!
The bagel looks yummie! When my cousin come here during holidays we often cook bagels, we put so much in it that its hard to eat! Ahah! If I remember I'll put a photo here later in the day :)

Like the outfit, you looks smart in it:)
Is it a new polish I can see on your nails? :)
About the boys wanted to be in the photo, maybe you could hide their faces with a heart or something like that with your computer? Just an idea :)

Hope youll find what you want tomorrow, shops will be crowded for sure ! :/ I also have to buy some gifts too!

Now I'm going to try to sleep again, dont know why I woke up but now I cant sleep. Normally im a very "sleepy" (?) person, can sleep anytime, anywhere. But since 2 days I dont know whats wrong with me :/

Love and many Hugs
Wish you a very good day and hope you'll have again little miracles!

Unknown said...

These bread houses are cool! Masterpiece ;-) Your outfit is wonderful!
Have a nice day!

eskoplja said...

Good morning dear Anette :)
How are you? I hope all is well :)
Glad to hear you had a lovely time. You look lovely as always :)
Oh, and what a cute little hand I see in the corner ♥
Wish you a lovely day

Ena :*

Unknown said...

Hello Anette. Just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas! I wanted to be the first! LOL I wish the best for you and your family today and always, a lots of health, peace and love.
I'm a little sad because I probably have to spend this time working on my college projects, but it will soon come my vacation.
By the way, the second picture really made ​​my day. Were you washing your teeth? LOL
Well, I guess that was all. I send you a big hug from Mexico.
Happy holidays! Feliz navidad, in spanish!

Serafim said...

Hi, dear Anette!
I'm glad that you had such a wonderful and exciting day with your son. Can't wait to see your new jeans ;-) Also, Thanks for nice photos as always! Ginger bread houses are so yummie yummie =)

And of course, dear, Marry Christmas to you and your family! Wish all of you a fantastic day with lots of love, laughter and delicious food ;-)

With love and hugs,

Serafim said...

Oh dear...Sorry..I was mistaken in my previous comment... I thought that today it's 24th December...oh ;-( But today it's only 23th. Sorry!
We don't celebrate x-mas on 24th December, so I've confused the days I think I need a day off working ;-) But ANYWAY I wish you marry Christmas days =)

With love

Ever Dream said...

Hi Anette,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette! The Gingerbread houses are cute! Over her in the U.K. we have the most amazing chocolatier/cake maker called 'Choccywoccydoodah'. I am always amazed at their cakes!
I want to wish you every happiness and prosperity for the year ahead. I hope all your dreams come true! x
Happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family. Remember your fans love you mwwahh! xxxxxxxx

Rosana said...

Hi Nettie thank you for commitment to take pictures of the ginger bread house for us I really liked, and the boys wanting to appear too haha , so kind . Have a good day with the boys

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi dear Anette $
how are you ? me fine so I whish you a Merry Christmas !
I like your outfit great photos!


Unknown said...

Hi Nettan!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lots of health, peace and love.

I love your outfit, and always wanting Nemo appears in photos with the beautiful mommy he has.

Loved the cottage.

Well, congratulations to you and your family, Nemo, Johan, Seth, for their parents too.

Kisses, sleep well and good dreams.
Raffaella Brazil

Anonymous said...

hi princess :) thank you for share the pictures of the ginger bread houses are really cute.
hehe i like the last picture xD